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  1. don't know how to stop conceding so many ffs @knap please help. trying most tactics - playing as Palace 2nd season finished 6th first.
  2. @knap finished 6th in prem with Palace first season with tea for one 442 - conceded far too many. what are best tactics to concede very few goals?
  3. @knap playing with tea for one 442 on 20.4 as palace - doing unreal but yellow cards a problem. any suggestions to reduce without compromising results?
  4. can you point me to correct Sympathy vol 1 for FM20? and the correct Wulf too... cheers
  5. Knap - playing with C Palace. Having mixed results with FM20 Sympathy v2. But leaking quite a few goals. Tequila Sunrise not doing it for me and Sicillian, can't score. Any advice? Have signed some decent wonderkids.. Cheers
  6. Hi Neil, this is happening to me also now on FM16 and i have a new laptop with McAfee on it so it must be this. Does it mean my Save game (3rd season in) is now bugged and i will continue to happen even if i uninstall and re-install FM? its only happened twice to me in game and i have had to reload up the game from previous saved position. thanks, andy
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