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  1. Just so you know. Nobody gets as good results as the maker of the tactics. Knap, TFF etc gets way better results than the users of said tactics.
  2. I seem to be losing pretty hard with quickhands with spurs. It seems like crosses are an insane weak point with this tactic. Or my defenders
  3. With the amount of shots taken from outside the box, shouldnt we focus more on how good our players actually are in the long shot category?
  4. What positions do you pick to take corners and throw ins?
  5. Can anyone force a tycoon takeover on Hertha BSC or OGC Nice?
  6. Knap what would you say was your strongest overall tactic for a subtop team?
  7. Yeah i found that the only really good thing is their offensive players like eriksen, alli, kane, Son etc. The midfield and the defense/GK is not something to be proud of in this years FM Where can i take at look at it?
  8. Haha yeah i guess youre right Yeah i do well My plan was to start over using either your 4231 or your 424 with Spurs and upload a screen after the first season. You are a Spurs fan right?
  9. Yeah alright. I usually play with Spurs, Hertha BSC etc so middle/top teams. I love 4231s aswell. Just annoying that the 424 is performing so much better
  10. I was determined to use your BEOWOLF 424 since its a beast but im a sucker for 4231s. Damn
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