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  1. how would you rank this one compared to say Pilgrimage 4231 ?
  2. I can already feel Spurs is calling with this tactic
  3. To make sure the team has 100% tactical knowledge
  4. Im playing FMT so yeah
  5. I'll give it a spin on counter and see how it goes
  6. So i used the tactic for 3 games (used FMRTE to have 100% tactical knowledge) First match was the Man City match which you can see worked wonders Hoffenheim match they scored 3 goals in the last 15 minutes Chelsea match they just ran over my defenders/goal keeper. Im not sure why but its a returning event happening across tactics. Ive never had this issue in the previous FM years
  7. Sure but neither squad should be so weak they lost 4 out of 7 games If i keep go on the pace im going now i will end up conceeding more than 40 goals a season. For some reason they defenders keep getting out played/out runned
  8. Yes and no added players
  9. I must be doing something wrong in FMT this year. No matter what i do i lose and concede alot of goals with spurs and arsenal (lost 5-4 to west brom.......)
  10. Makes sense thanks! For some reason im getting way better results with the Blue Matter 343 than with this one. Spurs and Arsenal just happen to have very good AMC's so i like to use AMC Might just migrate to the BM 343 and use ARGUS 343 as the away tactic
  11. What would you say is the "ideal" away/hard game tactic (playing with arsenal and spurs over 2 savegames) while using this one as the home/easy/standard tactic?
  12. How would you rate/place this among the huge amount of tactics you've already made for top teams like Arsenal, Spurs etc?
  13. Makes sense. I just really like to use a AMC such as Eriksen, Alli or even Lamela etc. Might give WOF a try. Oh well thanks tho
  14. How tired are you of 343s at this point? If i were to try this 4231 with Spurs. Which 451/442 would you recommend as my away tactic? im playing FMT if that matters
  15. Its quite clear comparing this to your ARGUS tactic that 343 are the go-to tactics this year.. too bad really