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  1. Some of your screenshots are "messed up". you have the same screenshot for BEOWULF442IWKnapP111 and the 4240P112
  2. Yeah and i like 4231 tactics but they seem to leak "a lot" of goals compared to the 4411 etc. Even looking at your Spurs screenshots its clear that the 4231 leaks a bit more goals (5-10 more actually) and usually score quite a bit less.
  3. im seriously considering the 4411IW or the strikerless tactic for spurs. played your 4411P110 with great success but this seems interesting
  4. What are we doing for SUS on your 4231? Just slow down the mentality?
  5. Whats the difference between this and the P104 one on page 7?
  6. So untill the test league results come in. Which tactic would you say is the best from what you played with? top/subtop teams.
  7. Is this in the testing league?
  8. Thats too bad really. Gotta be the most boring formation in FM in years
  9. So is this another year of 343 tactics or is 4231/433 actually viable now? for subtop/top teams
  10. How much would it affect the tactic if i changed the roles so i have two AF's and one CF instead? I know you have a version with a DM with the DLP role but a regular 4-3-3 seems more effective (and easier to get players for)
  11. I'm using the PILGRIMAGE 41212 with spurs and im having great success. Alli plays as a midfielder in the MEZ role and it works out fine. The 433 above should work great aswell.
  12. You dont happen to use a specific SUS tactic for this do you?