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  1. How much would it affect the tactic if i changed the roles so i have two AF's and one CF instead? I know you have a version with a DM with the DLP role but a regular 4-3-3 seems more effective (and easier to get players for)
  2. I'm using the PILGRIMAGE 41212 with spurs and im having great success. Alli plays as a midfielder in the MEZ role and it works out fine. The 433 above should work great aswell.
  3. You dont happen to use a specific SUS tactic for this do you?
  4. @knap Used in what situation? pilgrimage home and Wof away or just switch it up once in a while?
  5. Is there specific PPMs i should aim for in general with a formation like this?
  6. whispers

    *Best Tactics*

    You might be right. Seem to get better results using pilgrimage 343.
  7. whispers

    *Best Tactics*

    Since it seems like 3 strikers is the part thats breaking the ME how would you rate your bluematter 4213? For me with arsenal it seems to perform better than the ARGUS tactics (or are those not the top performing 343s?) For some reason ARGUS aint doing it for me with arsenal nor tottenham.
  8. Can someone point me towards the SUS tactic in this thread?
  9. Yeah i might just switch to the ARGUS 343 tactic since its by far the best formation etc out there. Im just nostalgic about when 4231 were THE tactics in FM its strange not using atleast an AMC which is why im trying out your BM 4213 but its clear that the 343 is way better
  10. Im a sucker for 4-2-3-1 tactics. How terrible would it be if the wingers were changed to IF's? Would you say this is the best of your 4-2-3-1 tactics for a topteam/subtop?
  11. how would you rank this one compared to say Pilgrimage 4231 ?
  12. I can already feel Spurs is calling with this tactic
  13. To make sure the team has 100% tactical knowledge
  14. Im playing FMT so yeah