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  1. Used the 424P101ECFA for half a season and switched to the new 424 when it released. Won all 5 tournaments in the 3rd season with Tottenham. Cant bother starting a new Spurs save but im 90% sure i would atleast win PL with ease with this tactic.
  2. I'm guessing training is rather pointless in FMT since it has limited options?
  3. Any specific 3 striker tactic working better than the others for a subtop/top team?
  4. Its my screenshots he posted. I won PL, CHL and FA cup with blackecho 4231. Regarding RNG it seems like it evolves throughout and theres clearly times where the game DONT want you to win a game or two in a row. Tea for one 4231 P107CC is another tactic ive had good success with at both spurs and arsenal
  5. Do you have any "wingless" tactics? like 4-1-2-1-2 or something?
  6. Whats the difference between this one and the "old" Teafor One 451?
  7. Awesome formation. Leaking alotta goals according to the screenshot tho
  8. TFF - How much worse would you say your Predator V4 is compared to Raptor V4? I very much prefer Predator V4 formation
  9. Cherki has a -95 PA so the highest he can ever go is 190 PA. As far as i know Mbappe has a PA on 196? so its close. You dont decide where all the potential points go. Thats not how it works
  10. Who the **** are you to judge whats worth looking at. Gatekeeping how to measure tactics. Jesus christ.
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