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  1. Whats the difference between this one and the "old" Teafor One 451?
  2. Awesome formation. Leaking alotta goals according to the screenshot tho
  3. TFF - How much worse would you say your Predator V4 is compared to Raptor V4? I very much prefer Predator V4 formation
  4. Cherki has a -95 PA so the highest he can ever go is 190 PA. As far as i know Mbappe has a PA on 196? so its close. You dont decide where all the potential points go. Thats not how it works
  5. Who the **** are you to judge whats worth looking at. Gatekeeping how to measure tactics. Jesus christ.
  6. So i formatted and "lost" your tactics. What is the overall best tactic for a top/right under top side?
  7. Still using the P109 ALL CUPS with great success. I wonder if its possible to change one of the forward roles to advanced forward?
  8. 6th. Timo werner scored 29 in 33 league games. 58 goals in 60 games overall.
  9. Cant complain really won the cup aswell. In the europa league final at the moment
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