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  1. Hi everyone. So many of us have tried it. Players (including during transfers) demanding higher and higher wages to the point where it seems unreasonable. How do you handle it? Any tips? Do you guys increase their wages but lower their bonuses? Increase bonuses but lower base salary?
  2. then its not the same because the one i was told still works perfectly fine thanks tho
  3. Can you explain how it works/the steps? Seems interesting.
  4. As someone who almost only plays with spurs in FM. you arent missing out. His stats is way better on paper than his performances.
  5. Ive never ever gotten Kane to perform as good as he should be if you take his stats into consideration. I would 100% sell for that amount of money
  6. Used the 424P101ECFA for half a season and switched to the new 424 when it released. Won all 5 tournaments in the 3rd season with Tottenham. Cant bother starting a new Spurs save but im 90% sure i would atleast win PL with ease with this tactic.
  7. Its my screenshots he posted. I won PL, CHL and FA cup with blackecho 4231. Regarding RNG it seems like it evolves throughout and theres clearly times where the game DONT want you to win a game or two in a row. Tea for one 4231 P107CC is another tactic ive had good success with at both spurs and arsenal
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