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  1. Not I checked nationality does not matter. And what with transfer window? It is not working? I signed Khl players in Septenber
  2. fm/game-save/beforeSignAzevedo fm/game-save/afterSignAzevedo
  3. This link for save game before, save game after and screenshots https://yadi.sk/d/CJbyziQnmdnbD Скачать - it is download
  4. He hop to NHL without Transfer window (in september) and without the end of his current Khl contract.
  5. If i play for NHL team i can sign khl players. Game write "Player can only complete the move at the end of his current contract". But it not working in all players. Some players Yes - waiting the end of his current contract, but some players don't do it and go immediately. Version of game - 1.02, roster 8.1 from TBL. example - Justin Azevedo. And if i play for KHL team i can not sign nhl players. Why? if they respect contracts each other then why Nhl - can offer to KHL, KHL cant offer to NHL? And what with Transfer window? Now you can at any time make deals.
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