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  1. In the first image I implemented split block by having my front three and BBM on close down more. I kept to distribute to my centre backs as I noticed my SK sometimes keeps kicking the ball higher up to pitch which results in me losing the ball (also Lloris' poor kicking doesn't help here). Results are not bad yes, but I am not making chances and opposition keeps dispossessing me. Most of my goals came from sheer luck. I tweak the tactic regarding the opposition, for instance if I am playing against a low-block team, I try to shorten my passes and play more narrow. Although if certain te
  2. Hi, sorry it took me a while to respond I was away during the holidays. Anyhow, I wanted to address what you said because I also wanted to test out the advices you've given me. I increased my passing and I keep finding myself struggling against 10th-20th teams. I also noticed they all mostly play 4-2-3-1 Wide and I didn't find an efficient way to counter that formation. I mostly draw matches, but I can't win. EDIT: To correct myself fully, I struggle to create chances. Out of last 3 domestic matches, only 1 goal came from open play. Others were mistakes from the opposition. An
  3. I understand, what should I opt out then when I play against top-sides and teams who play a low block? I am constantly drawing against mid-table teams because I can't push ahead of them. Sometimes I lower my LoE in hopes of drawing them further up the pitch and sometimes I tell my players to play wider and dribble more. Thanks for all the answers by the way and to everyone else you helped me a lot.
  4. This is a great advice, I always struggled with my In Transition instructions because I thought counter-press seemed logical if I had the players with right attributes for that. Do you have any advice how to combat conceeding goals from crosses? At the moment I set my wingers to tightly mark opposition fullbacks and I am doing better now, it's just I don't know how can Aguero jump higher than Dier or Alderweireld.
  5. I tried to achieve a counter attacking tactic because I am struggling against top sides. I lost against City, Liverpool, Chelsea and United (all away so far) mostly to crosses. I basically need something to handle big matches.
  6. Not really, I played a couple of games even after first couple of replies with small adjustments and found myself scoring more goals but conceding as well so I decided to use a more balanced formation (with a DM) which is also effective, but I kept the AMC formation in case I am chasing a result in the last 15ish mins.
  7. I played a couple of matches and went to compare my previous tactic and the one I made now. Results have been decent against mid-table sides, but I am lacking effeciency against better sides. I decided to drop the AMC role because I found the tactic with a DM more stable so I made this. 1st tactic: My aim is to stretch play on the flanks and have my front three alongside wingbacks to push ahead, while my back 5 (2 CM's, DM and 2 CB's) provides cover in case of a counter attack. I expect my CM's to pass to the flanks or Kane (who then holds the ball and passes to my wingers) and then
  8. - Regarding your 1st and last point, does adding "Get further forward" combined with "Cross from byline" on FBs increase the support effect and help with the defensive area or should I just use FBa? But then I have a direct partnership on the left side with two players sitting in the same area. Should I then put my DL also as WB(s)? - So if I understand I should set roles for the players behind my AMC (if he is AP or AM) to stay behind him? So I should change my roles behind my AMC into Car(s) as MCL and CM(d) as MCR? If I may ask also: If I would switch my AMC to SS for instance Mez
  9. I did not sell him I just didn't use him for my next match. I am in late December and I found myself doing decent against top 4 away using 5-3-2 with three CB's and 2 WB's. Defensive direct counter-attacking football. Beaten Liverpool 1-0 but lost against City 2-0, but both goals from set-pieces.
  10. Well my original idea was to recreate Vertical Tiki-Taka. Basically to have a short passing game through the middle with aggressive pressing. I wanted Kane to be my main goalscorer and to have him provide assists. He assists here and then but usually not. Dribble less I added so players could focus on passing first instead of dribbling.
  11. Yes, I have Sissoko on "Tackle harder" and "Take more risks" and DL on "Cut inside" and "Cross more often".
  12. Hello fellow managers and merry Christmas! I would like if someone could explain to me why am I struggling to score? I have problems with especially Kane who in 11 appearances didn't score a single goal. I expected to play aggressive possession game with lower tempo so players could pass around the box and eventually either cross (I set my FB's to cross more often but seems like they are just rather passing to the player in the edge of the box). In general I considered this a well balanced tactic, but seems like it just doesn't work. I also had 7 draws and 5 of them were 0-0.
  13. If we select the V10 update, well, the latest update. Do we have to start using the Brazilian start date, so May of 2019 or can we normally start in June of 2018?
  14. How do I join your department regarding the update on players? For instance how can I contribute regarding player attributes etc. as I have in-depth knowledge of the Croatian National League.
  15. My best bet would be to try and bring a quality striker. Kenan Kodro has been banging for me. Keep Inaki Williams and try to develop Iker Munian. In my 2nd season he was Spanish Player of the year with 9 POM's, 20 goals and 13 assists. I sold Mikel San Jose and Oscar de Marcos and brought some decent players. One of them being Herrera. Focus on your academy is a must and do your best to put high release clauses on your amazing wonderkids.
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