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  1. If we select the V10 update, well, the latest update. Do we have to start using the Brazilian start date, so May of 2019 or can we normally start in June of 2018?
  2. How do I join your department regarding the update on players? For instance how can I contribute regarding player attributes etc. as I have in-depth knowledge of the Croatian National League.
  3. Still laggy. I also forgot to mention, game is laggy when I am in main menu. Like my manager character has laggy movements.
  4. I run logo packs. But I ran them since I installed the game and this problem is relatively new. I can try and remove them, clear cache and reset it and give more additional info. Btw. I play on large database and my estimated speed is 3.5 out of 5
  5. This is the first time I have ever experienced an issue like this. Game was processing normally and somewhere when I updated my drivers, the game started to act all messy on me. In game player dots (2d mode) would be laggy. Game processing in inbox and, basically everything would be laggy. It is not only my current save, but every new save I create the problem is the same. I attached my Dxdiag.txt down below. DxDiag.txt
  6. My best bet would be to try and bring a quality striker. Kenan Kodro has been banging for me. Keep Inaki Williams and try to develop Iker Munian. In my 2nd season he was Spanish Player of the year with 9 POM's, 20 goals and 13 assists. I sold Mikel San Jose and Oscar de Marcos and brought some decent players. One of them being Herrera. Focus on your academy is a must and do your best to put high release clauses on your amazing wonderkids.
  7. I read quite a lot of articles and everything, but I am poor at finding where I am wrong. I'd like my team to play a pressing game in which I get the ball and dictate the tempo. Also, my fullbacks should stay around left and right midfielders. Basically, I don't want them to push up so I have someone to defend against long balls. I switched a bit my tactic to this, but I don't know if you get me:
  8. So I started my save with Bilbao and at first I played with 4 in the back, 1 as DM, 1 as MC and 3 wingers with 1 striker. It didn't satisfy me so I switched to 4-2-3-1. Issue is, when I play against smaller teams I can't score, and when I play against big teams, they score against me quite a lot. Smaller teams are scoring as well. I tried to tweak it out but I found myself in a loop hole. What do you suggest I should change? EDIT: I lose a lot of balls in the middle section.
  9. Draw to Juventus, 1-1. Hard match, had possesion like 60%, just struggled to get shots on target.
  10. So far so good. I made some good results, played Milan away, then they scored for 1-0, switched to this formation in the end I won 2-1. Against Napoli at home I played more control but after I scored, changed mentality to counter, FT 3-1 win. Next game is Juventus away.
  11. Alright, so I changed striker to complete forward(s) just because Icardi is injured, changed inside forward on RW to attack, changed from winger to raumdeuter on left wing, and DM is now regista and roaming playmaker is CM(a). But I kept lower tempo because I want to keep possession.
  12. I will try to move DM to CAM with attacking midfielder role and then either leave striker as terquarista or switch it to advanced forward
  13. Thing is, everything looks fine, I have poss, I am not leaving empty spaces after switching my defensive mid to DM role. Only thing I struggle with are away matches and getting more shots on target. In away I tried to switch mentality to counter, tempo was increased to high, width to narrow, unticked retain poss and more direct passes.
  14. Well, I played 2 league games, 2 at home vs Udinese and Fiorentina and 1 away to Bologna. Results were 1-0 win, 2-1 lose, 1-1 draw. What I struggle with are shots on target. In all matches ass man was telling me how we are not getting enough shots on target, I did not ticked work ball in the box tho. And 2nd, how do I adjust tactic for away matches?
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