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  1. Alexandru Matel is no longer GNK Dinamo Zagreb player after his contract was mutually terminated. https://gnkdinamo.hr/hr/Novosti/Clanak/sporazumni-raskid-ugovora
  2. @torcida-sb https://www.transfermarkt.com/1-hnl/letztetransfers/wettbewerb/KR1/plus/1 All transfers, please check it and update it.
  3. Appreciate the effort. Unlike the release database and the hotfix which followed and didn't satisfy anyone, I hope we can all enjoy ourselves in the winter update.
  4. Any update on the Croatian league from the moderators? What changes can we expect for the winter update?
  5. https://gol.dnevnik.hr/clanak/rubrika/nogomet/dinamo-odradio-posljednji-trening-filip-brekalo-potpisao-za-modre---537473.html Filip Brekalo (15) signed a 3-year youth contract. He is Josip Brekalo's younger brother and apparently a great talent who was on the radar of some European top clubs.
  6. Most probably winter update which comes in January
  7. This bothers me so much. Julen Lopetegui was sacked 3 days ago, yet Real Madrid start managerless, while Matjaž Kek resigned on the 6th of October yet he is still a manager in the game. I really despise the people who are in charge of the Croatian Database. Very poor choice and very poor job.
  8. Good job, really proud of you. It shows how dedicated and how much you care for your consumers. Also don't say, you had a deadline or you couldn't do it. Most of this stuff were reported a week ago, yet everything stays the same. Heavily disappointed.
  9. It is not that bad at all. It is just the state Croatian football is in. Cibalia almost bankrupted. The page amount doesn't mean anything as the researcher already said, they had to submit the database in late September. A lot of transfers between minor clubs and staff changes happened. They are going to update it for the full release like every time. Holland for instance has 7 pages, doesn't mean they were poorly done.
  10. http://m.sibenik.in/nogomet/celni-covjek-hnk-sibenika-josip-bulat-otvoreno-o-aktualnom-trenutku-kluba/92762.html It is weird because in the link, Sibenik's director told in 2017 they had 80k profit and how they recently got 2 new sponsors.
  11. Set it for the 2nd of Novemeber release then. Add Majer to be injured and Moro's to finish mid-October. I mean, Moro's injury in April was told it would last max 6 months. Also how come player cannot come from the injury earlier if they had for instance higher determination and certain player traits? Remember when Ibrahimovic had his knee injury and his projected injury was half a year and he came back after 1.5 months?
  12. Also, why Nikola Moro's injury lasts at least until December? He started playing matches almost 2 weeks ago in the 2nd squad. This hurts his development a lot. Nikola Moro's return
  13. What about players like Doumbia who were terminated before the Beta release? Will they be in the game until the winter update?
  14. Tongo Doumbia is not a Dinamo Zagreb player anymore after the club and player reached a mutual termination. https://gnkdinamo.hr/EN/News/Article/doumbia-left-dinamo-zagreb
  15. GNK Dinamo Zagreb doesn't have any sponsors, yet they have signed a new deal with Lana group d.o.o and Adidas for the pending season. I have a news arcticle, but it is on Croatian. Dinamo should have a main kit sponsor under the finance list. New players and sponsors
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