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  1. Because you asked the team to play the ball through 3 playmakers rather than exploiting other opportunities. And you asked if there was an issue with 4-1-4-1 DM Wide formation, no there isn't any issue with it. Works even better than last year IMO.
  2. To be fair, this is just some ******** thread. You are winning your games, got one draw and still complain about an unlucky 1-0 defeat. But i'll give you some reasons for why anyway: 1. You got 3 playmakers, so much of your focus is to get all of these players involved in the play before/when you attack. 2. You got 0 attacking duties 3. What's going on out of possession? As you say you meet teams who sit back and park the bus, so why would you have 3 central playmakers that slow down the game? You also have "work ball into the box" so this will make your players more
  3. Yeah, I tried but I couldn't find what I was looking for without paying any wages. But I got some great loan signings in Lookman, Bielik and Jay Dasilva. The club is making money now so I just need to be patient and wait for the January window. Our weekly wage budget is £90k.. I'm doing the first team training myself based upon Control tactics. And I tweak it to fill in what I want pretty often. Make sure that the person in charge are good if you let your staff do it and have the same prefered playstyle as you do, or close. Edit; I must have been asleep, the club is definitely not making
  4. Thanks! We couldn't get all the help we needed. The very low wage budget is holding us back. The transfer window is just finished and we only got 2 CBs, 1 RB, couldn't afford a new striker and have a very thin squad. To loan players we need to pay wages I pray to god that we don't get injuries in our defense. And BTW I have no problem with developing players, so it might have something to do with your training(?). @XcilPersion Great job!
  5. I have no problem playing the way you say you want to play. I have the same formation and it works great! Upload a screenshot of your tactic and i'll help you and tell you what might be wrong etc.
  6. Make Coventry City great again - 2019/2020 season review We were so close last season and this season playoff was our target. With Sheff Wed, Bolton and Rotherham joining the league after getting relegated from Championship we knew it would be a tough task. I took a little chance this season, we only had four pre season games(one got cancelled) and an intensive training to get ready for the new season. I was in doubt about that strategy after the friendlies. Was it the right choice? Was it a stupid experiment? Transfers: We needed to strenghten the team significantly and we still h
  7. @Gunner 101 & @Jogo Bonito Thanks guys. The takeover is a reallity but our economy wasn't affected so we still need to be really smart on the market. We got £50k in transfer budget, but our wage budget got a little bumb. Some great signings are done and I will make a post tomorrow when the window is closed.
  8. Coventry City - 2018/2019 Season review & SISU out? When I took charge of Coventry my goal was a secure mid table finish the first season. The squad was to weak, no money and I only have a Sunday league excperience and no coaching badges. We started the season pretty good and Tom Bayliss was really great and had the best average rating in the leeague. I knew we couldn't afford to keep him if bigger clubs came but I got suckerpunched by SISU(the horrible owners) and they accepted without even giving me a possibility to express my opinion on the case. Even tho we sold Bayliss, we had no m
  9. Thanks The board just sold Bayliss behind my back for £800k in total, so that was a blowback but the club needed the money so it wasn't really a shock. Sure I could have got the double.. We have great facilities with a 32 609 all seats stadium built in 2005. We have an average attendence of 10 999, so hopefully it will increase with our success and positiv football. Got Brewster in on loan to be a inside forward at AML so i'm pretty happy with the squad even tho we lost our golden boy Bayliss.
  10. Thanks. As always i'm starting as a Sunday league player with no coaching badges, so it's always difficult at the start. My goal now is to secure a playoff spot. Great posts on your Boro save as well, can't wait to see what the future bring over there as well. @Jogo Bonito I really hope so. It's just a matter of time before Bayliss is going to a bigger club. Nottingham Forrest are lurking around and I won't be suprised if more clubs comes along. Hopefully we get a good youth intake because we need all the help we can get to keep or spendings as low as possible. Shpley have been injured for
  11. Coventry City - January 2019 report After half a season we are fighting for promotion. I didn't have that in mind when I took over. I really have to recommend the 19 year old midfelder Tom Bayliss. Playing as a Mezzala and is really the heart of this team. We play to control the game and averaging 64% possession so far this season. I just ended Luke Thomas loan spell and is going to try to upgrade the AML position now. Even tho we started this season really good, I don't think we will fight for direct promotion because the squad is really voulnerable for injuries and the defense doesn't hav
  12. After some time going back and forth about what team I want I finally landed on Coventry City. I remember the old days with Gary McAllister, Bellamy, Keane, Hadji ++. It's sad to see what state the club is in now and it will be a great challenge to get them back again. They have some decent young players to build around so I really look forward to this challenge.
  13. Yeah you are absolutely right. Would never get a job in the top leagues without any "coaching badges" in real life. I just do it because I've always done it, but I really feel the struggle when I try to develop some complex tactics etc and don't get results right from the beginning.
  14. Hi, I have always started CM/FM saves with no badges and lowest reputation. On FM18 it seems like they made it more difficult and easier to lose patience within the squad when your playing in leagues like PL or Championship. Is it just me or is that a fact? When you play in PL/Championship do you play with no reputation and badges, or do u adjust a bit?
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