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  1. Yep, do the vacation thing, or wait a REALLY long time, too. I've had things lock up like this before on certain dates, and then I've sat and waited ~10-15 minutes and it's suddenly loaded back in, on reloads where the vacation skip doesn't help. This always happens end of June for me and at other dates that are data chugs where records need to be updated or players are released, etc. I save compressed and safely, too, and it seems to have helped a bit.
  2. I'm not actually sure I have yet had a player say they were retiring at the end of the season and actually do so. Almost every single one does this--retiring the day after the announcement. My favorites are the 'shock retirement' ones though. The first one I ever got was about a player unable to support his family playing hockey--guy was in his late 20's-early 30's and in real life, has no wife or kids.
  3. Asterisks are which players are most liked among the team, not necessarily which players are the most talented. So it's possible to get someone with abysmal stats who is really well liked by other players due to leadership qualities.
  4. Did you update to the latest update? I noticed match sims were slogging until I updated and now they blaze by. Computer shouldn't make a difference if it worked fine before--hardware demands didn't change as far as I know.
  5. Only able to not have this issue when I run it with my desktop resolution set to 1330 or whatever and the game set to 1280 borderless windowed. Extremely frustrating.
  6. Bugged save is uploaded as neuralhandshake-EHM-bugged-cleary it's after he's accepted the contract, however... I might be able to find one from before if needed. Added this line to the above post -- should I make a new topic or will Rizz catch it?
  7. I made him -1. He's now the youngest assistant coach ever to win a Stanley Cup and still refuse to be fired. Excellent, haha. How do I name my save when I upload it? I'm slightly confused by the FTP guide.
  8. (Sorry for the double post but not sure how to reply to more than one at once) EHM Assistant is a game editor--lets you edit attributes and contracts of players, etc. So Cleary is bugged when I can make him 113 years old and he still doesn't retire
  9. Ha, you followed me here! I will, if I can figure out how! I actually don't know how far back I need to go to be before the Cleary bug, reading the FTP rules. Crap. I kinda just kept chugging with the ghost of Red Wings past following me around.
  10. I signed Daniel Cleary on as an Assistant Coach while it was an option to do so. When I signed him and he became available on my personnel roster, his attributes were empty. The area where they would show up is completely empty, but the box showing his 'profile information' still has his details intact -- place of birth, etc. His status shows up as Assistant Coach. He was available to give suggestions during the draft, but I cannot fire him. He doesn't show up under the practice coach assignments either. I've tried hiring another coach but the game tells me his spot is full. When I click to check his attributes under the personnel screen, they're all listed as "#". His infomation under contract/salary/etc is all "-". I opened the game in EHM Assistant and Cleary does not show up in the player/non-player search. He only shows up when I select the Red Wings club and manually go under personnel. There it doesn't even let me view his contract (a search comes up empty on it even existing). I've tried editing his attributes and they just error out on the screen. My last ditch effort was to make his birthday a date that made him 113 years old. And yet, there he is, still phantom coaching. Is there anything I can do or am I stuck with Danny Cleary forever? Considering his real life equivalent, it's a little ironic. But man... I just want him gone! EDIT: Bugged save is uploaded as neuralhandshake-EHM-bugged-cleary it's after he's accepted the contract, however... I might be able to find one from before if needed.
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