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  1. I am currently managing in Norway, and are starting to get itchy feet after my second season. I have also started to get offers for interviews for jobs but so far I have rejected all of them after comparing the profile of the favourite for the job to mine. Are there a way to estimating my chances of getting a job? And what level of jobs could I realisticly get? I have the top 2 levels of Spanish, Italian, German and French + the top 4 levels of English football loaded. The Norwegian league are currently number ranked as 34. I have 2,5 star reputation but not all that great attributes.
  2. In my Everton save I made a second tactic where I changed the duty of my fullbacks to a more defensive duty and set up a match plan to change to that tactic when ahead. You could try something like that.
  3. I have holidayed into the future and the game crashes at the same date( 2 attempts, same save). Crash dump files attached, Please advice if more information is needed. FM 2018 v18.0.1.1030019 (2017.10.30 17.17.27).dmp FM 2018 v18.0.1.1030019 (2017.10.30 16.33.59).dmp
  4. What I really mean is that when the opposition defense gets compressed my attacking players get very isolated. I don't necessarily believe that but I struggle to set up a defensive structure on defensive mentalities so this is what I ended up with to win, but it is very much a counterattacking tactic.
  5. I added the play wider shout shout because I lacked penetration, it would probably slow down the match to remove it. Due to an combination of letting unhappy players go an injury crisis and the Africa championship taking me by surprise I am currently more or less without wide players for the moment and are using a narrow diamond formation. So I am not able to test these Ideas right now but I looked through some old matches a bit. For my DLP he seem to get a lot of attention by the opposition in the final third so the CM(at) is the main creator for the team, but by staying deep he creates a lot of space for him so I think i'm going to keep him on defense duty. He also seems to be playing a key role in playing out from the back. On the right I notice the winger and the wingback is sometimes getting in each others way and I concede most of my goals the right while creating about the same amount down both sides. But when I look a bit further this was worse in the beginning of the season when I used a less balanced central midfield set up. At the same time Feghuli is leading in assists and Cancelo in average rating.
  6. I am playing a save with Valencia and having some success, after 18 matches I am on the same points as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletic Madrid which is perfectly fine except I was planning to play possession football and have the lowest average possession in the league. I have tried a lot of different teams in a lot of different leagues and a lot of different formations but somehow I always end up with a team that concede very few goals, have a very clean disciplinary record, score somewhere between a decent amount of goals and a lot of goals and have very low average possession. And I don't really know why. I started the save at the beginning of the Norwegian 2016 season and took over Valencia after the 15/16 in the first season they qualified for the EURO cup. No mayor transfers. After some trial and error I came up with this tactic which I have used for the last 5-10 matches. 4-5-1 GK: SK(S) DR: WB(At) DCR: CD(St) DCL: CD(St) DL: WB(S) MR: W(S) Feghuli/ Robert MCR: DPL(D) Parejo/Gomes MCC: CM(A) Perez/Gomes MCL: CM(D) Danilo/Fuego ML: W(At) Cartabia/Piatti/Bakkali. on occasion WM(At) with cuts inside and dribble more. SC: DLF(S) Flexible TI: Play wider Approach to matches is mainly to go out in Standard or Control and drop back one step when ahead and counter. I have pretty much given up on the possession football for now but I would like to add a different approach to protecting a lead by slowing down th match and keeping the ball a bit more against weaker opposition. Also setup on the right doesn't seem optimal and the deep-lying playmaker doesn't seem to do much.
  7. Thanks that works to a certain degree. I'm not that worried about worried about the striker(s) since there role defensively in my teams is more to be available when I win the ball back. My main problems is: A: That central midfielders on support or attack roles tend to leave his position to man-mark a player behind the ball. B: That the wide midfielder on the opposite side to the ball stay wide, rather than tuck in as I want him to do to be more compact around the ball.
  8. How many players do you have in the box when the cross come, and are they moving? Are the defense facing there own goal when the cross come or just waiting for it? I'we had most luck with Lukaku as a deep lying forward attack in my Everton saves. But he is also fairly quick.
  9. Ignore the guy talking norwegian, the pictures should show the main principles. It should probably be possible to get quite close with a low block but can it be replicated wit a high block as well?
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