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  1. the accuracy of the majority of the database is astounding for one guy to have achieved. thanks again
  2. thanks again for this, the best database by far. I hope you continue this for decades and i'm playing it in an old folks home one issue spotted: English players don't speak English, instead they speak Spanish. I'm currently teaching Glenn Hoddle how to speak English one question: why do you give so many strikers 20 for aggression? Gary Lineker for example has 20 for aggression yet he was never booked in his career and barely even put in a tackle. This doesn't seem to add up, even if he has 1 for dirtiness, Surely 20 for aggression translates as 'makes many tackles'? it's onl
  3. every fm is too easy when you find the right tactic. maybe i should try a wrong tactic. ground myself in reality a bit
  4. In 4 years I have got Middlesborough promoted and won 3 consecutive Premierships. In the latest season I won the quintuple. I am the greatest legend Middlesborough have ever known, and lest we forget Wendy Richards was born in 'borough. My first team average about 110k a week, there is 300mill in the bank and I'm well under my wage budget, so why does Steve Gibson refuse to pay me more than 30k a week? Did i give his wife the eye or something? Every time the press ask me about out relationship 'fantastic!' i say as i drop to my knees and bow before the Gibson. For 4 years I have told the press
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