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  1. Actually this is a bit misleading. You can create a top-heavy formation with Very-Fluid shape and Attacking mentality, it depends on how you want to attack and how you balance the shape and the mentality with player's duty. In general what you want to do against a stubborn defenses is to stretch the pitch and creates overloads. Going full attack is not a good idea.
  2. What the..... How is it possible that a player with such attributes is worth only 500k£?? Any chance to check it CA/PA? The only thing that comes to my mind about its value is about the reputation.
  3. They won't occupy the same space. Probably it would be interesting. The AP will come inside the pitch with the MEZZ occupying the half-space creating good combinations and chances. I expect to see some killer ball from the AP to the MEZZ especially if the MEZ is in Attack mode.
  4. Sorry, but look at the description of the two roles. This is absolutely wrong, MEZ and IF will occupy the same space and do the same things. The MEZ does not go outside like a winger, he goes into the half space, the same space that will be occupied from the IF
  5. I ain't got time to play the beta at the moment but I would like to know if the SV in Attack would play like a RPM when in possession or he will be more "goal oriented" due to higher mentality. For what I've understood it seems to me like a RPM "on steroid" that when out of possession stay deep to protect the defense while when in possession he acts like a RPM/CM-A.
  6. Not more complicated in your point of view, but from the point of view of the programmers. It isn't a easy task. I know It isn't so good, but you can you man marking to let the striker to track back
  7. Be realistic, it is impossible to have a completely different game within a year. Moreover, the game will be much more complicated than before. I'm right with you about the pressing setting. You already have vertical settings using the team shape.
  8. In the previous games no central players have the possibility to run wide with the ball unless you teach him the "Run wide with the ball" PPM
  9. So basically a inverted winger is a Inside Forward into the ML/R spot. The mezzala is a kind of Box-To-Box with less defensive responsabilities but that will occupy the half space in the final third. I can not see the sense of having a Trequartista on the flanks, I've never seen one IRL. Giving the opportunity to underlap is quite intersting, especially when you use a winger and an IWB, the IWB will underlap the Winger dragging out a defender or offering a possible passing opportunity. Any news about some fixes on the role like the Half Back?
  10. The new report information about the opposition formation is absolute fantastic. Massive step forward in this section.
  11. In italy we refer to Mezz'ala (mezzala) the players that play outside in a three men midfield. It's similar to a box-to-box midfielder, he joins the advanced players in the attack phase and helps the defender in the defensive phase. The Conte's Claudio Marchisio is a classic example of a mezz'ala
  12. Interesting analysis, just one question, how do you cope with team that defend deep (aka park the bus)?
  13. I got some problems against team which park the bus. My player camping at the edge of the opposition area without space to make some run into the area to reach a killer pass. I'm playing with Control and Very Fluid setting. Will lower mentality or decrease fluidity help to create more space?
  14. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I got some problems, I'm playing with Ajax (I know they aren't brace so I can not expect much quality) and as I said my tactic is more or less the same as your. The point is that mainly of my goals came from crosses from the WBs, probably because the only available space is on the flanks as each team which I'm playing against simply park the bus and hit me on the counter. When I enter in the final third my IFs who are instructed to play wider in order to stretch the pitch cut inside in the "golden zone" with also my SS and my AP-DLP camping at the edge of the area, then
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