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  1. Actually this is a bit misleading. You can create a top-heavy formation with Very-Fluid shape and Attacking mentality, it depends on how you want to attack and how you balance the shape and the mentality with player's duty. In general what you want to do against a stubborn defenses is to stretch the pitch and creates overloads. Going full attack is not a good idea.
  2. What the..... How is it possible that a player with such attributes is worth only 500k£?? Any chance to check it CA/PA? The only thing that comes to my mind about its value is about the reputation.
  3. Yeah sure. This is the libraries that the game used that creates some problems: libavcodec.so.53 (libavcodec.so.57 installled on my system) libavformat.so.53 (libavformat.so.57 installled on my system) libavutil.so.51 (libavutil.so.55 installled on my system) libswscale.so.2 (libswscale.so.4 installled on my system) What I've done in order to use steam-native is to create a simlink of the libraries from the steam-runtime folder to my lib folder.
  4. Problem solved after linking up some libs form the steam-runtime. It seems that FM18 uses some older libraries.
  5. @Lucas Weatherby any hint? The problem persists even with the new update
  6. Running steam from command line it seems that when the game crashes there aren't crash dump. The game just close as it was a normal shutdown, not a crash.
  7. I'm running FM in Arch Linux, whenever I click on a player to see its attributes the game freezes and crashes after few second. The crash happens with and without add-ons. I'm using Arch Linux with the last Kernel using bumblebee (latest Nvidia driver).
  8. They won't occupy the same space. Probably it would be interesting. The AP will come inside the pitch with the MEZZ occupying the half-space creating good combinations and chances. I expect to see some killer ball from the AP to the MEZZ especially if the MEZ is in Attack mode.
  9. Sorry, but look at the description of the two roles. This is absolutely wrong, MEZ and IF will occupy the same space and do the same things. The MEZ does not go outside like a winger, he goes into the half space, the same space that will be occupied from the IF
  10. I think there are some problems with your duties. With the duties that you've chosen you are clearly exposed on the flanks, but while on the right side you have a BWM-D that hopefully will stay deep and cover the runs from the WB-A on the other flank you are asking too much on your DLP, he will need great mental and physical attribute to provide balls to your flanks, connect with the F9 and track back to cover the runs of your WB-A. Other problem, you said that " I want them to deliver lots of crosses in the penalty box "... yes, ok, but to which players? Your F9 (that you want to be your main goalscorer) will come deep and he will not stay too much on the penalty box and so I do not see how he will receive those crosses. On the otherside your IFs-A will probably be your main goalscorers (looking at your formation), as they Will occupy the space left from the F9, with the F9 and the WBs providing balls to them.
  11. I ain't got time to play the beta at the moment but I would like to know if the SV in Attack would play like a RPM when in possession or he will be more "goal oriented" due to higher mentality. For what I've understood it seems to me like a RPM "on steroid" that when out of possession stay deep to protect the defense while when in possession he acts like a RPM/CM-A.
  12. It depends, with an higher mentality you have higher tempo, higher closing down, higher mentality for your player. You will play a faster football and you will closing down opponents more often and your player will be more attacking minded than with standard mentality.
  13. Yes, a video explanation about Target Man and Wide Target Man would be great, I think these are two roles that are often discarded because you need some particular players around them. Another idea (this is not too much related to tactic) is to make some video explanation about what TIs/PIs does in game, I think it could be very very helpful to non expert players and also it can clarify some doubts about instruction like "Move into channels" which is often not understood by players.
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