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  1. @knap These recent 19.3.4 tactics (4-4-2) that you created, you think they are better or more or less the same as the others you created before for the other versions ?
  2. I use this tactic more as a defensive tactic in away games or the most dificult ones. My main tactic is the 442 IWBWDLP. Thank you once again
  3. The players on my current team don´t have accomplished at Complete Foward.. but I think they are doing ok on the Complete Foward role. Just asking if there is another role in that position that doesn´t mess up the tactic Thank you!
  4. Hello Knap! Instead of using the Complete Foward role is there another role that I can use with good results? Thank you!
  5. I actually agree with 3runhomer but instead of doing it to humam-managed teams only I think the program does it with every team in the game. Sometimes your rivals start a losing-drawing form, then it happens to you or at the same time.
  6. I cry everytime someone says they want FM touch to be like FM full
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