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  1. I like to leave it to my staff members to manage friendly matches, but it would be nice if there were a few of these options: - Prioritise players in need of match fitness. Often, by the time I get to the first competitive match of the season, most of my first XI have 100% match fitness, whereas the rest are below 70%. The matches should be used to build all players' fitness levels. - Set number of substitutions at certain times. For example, substitute 1-11 players at HT, 1-11 players after 60 mins, 1-11 players on 75 mins, etc. - Ability to actually select the starting XI of each match beforehand, without having to play it. - Set a tactical switch at certain time to help build tactical familiarity. For example, setting your #2 tactic to be deployed from HT.
  2. Yeah, I agree to everything here. Got some further suggestions to add to the idea. Every so often the director of football shows you several targets that he could agree a deal with. You could then set a priority order for targets (e.g. if he can't agree terms with the first target, he'll move onto the next). Your relationship with him could determine whether he goes along with your suggestions, or decide he knows best and buy the player he wants, rather than who you want. Also, you could have a situation, which I hear does happen at some clubs, where the club or DoF just buys a player without your input, and then the board demand you play him all the time to satisfy sponsors, shirt sales, etc. You could also set the DoFs to deal directly with player's agents. Therefore, if an agent tries to get his player a better contract, he has to speak to the DoF instead of the manager. The DoF can then discuss with the manager about how highly he values the player in question, and if the ultimate decision is to not increase the player's wage, then the DoF will be the one to reject the new contract, meaning the agent/player isn't angry with the manager, but rather at the DoF and club. This will allow the manager to still be able to interact with the player on general football activities, though the player might still in the background be unhappy and try to seek a move away from the club. The DoF could also have a preferred style of play, and could only go for players that suit his particular style rather than the manager's style, thus it's important to have a DoF whose style fits with the manager's and vise versa. Maybe the manager has to amend his style to suit the DoF's.
  3. Played this database last year, was brilliant, look forward to playing it again!
  4. Went three games undefeated as Rotherham manager.
  5. As a game, FM07 was my favourite, and had a great save as manager of Blackburn. However, my favourite ever save was as manager of Vizela, making it to the year 3034 in FM16. I also really liked FM05, so strange it's not on the list.
  6. Would having two recovery sessions and a rest session after a match be more/less beneficial than one recovery session and two rest sessions? For example, if you're playing a game every three days, would two recovery sessions after a match help with being able to get through a congested fixture list?
  7. What is this? A reason to buy a new goalkeeper, me thinks.
  8. Whenever I try and get a scout report for a player, my scout gets tied up in watching that player for a week, so I can't get scout reports of other players for 7 days. Is there a way to get just a scout report without having the scout tied up in the player for 7 days afterwards?
  9. I let my DoF renew the staff contracts, but I do all other contract negotiations myself.
  10. My landing page for players is the player attributes screen. Thing is, whenever I go to that screen of a player, all the attributes are highlighted like this: However, I prefer to look at the attributes without highlights, like this: I get the reason for the highlighting option, but is there a way to turn it off, so I don't have to keep unticking it everytime I go onto a player's screen? It's a minor detail, but a personal preference thing, and it's annoying I have to keep unticking it.
  11. Haha, I love this thread! Here's some of mine (some have already been said before): - When offering a contract to any young player (below 24ish) who doesn't demand extortionate wages, I always maximise the years on the contract, as well as adding the optional extension by club option for the maximum years (normally 3), making both non-negotiable. - When I find a young player I want to sign, but don't know how much to offer, I just go to his transfer offer screen, add "percentage of profit from next sale", then remove and exclude it from negotiation, before hitting "suggest terms", to find out if he's a player worth negotiating for. - Never a goalkeeper on my bench. - Three substitutions to my most tired players on 60 mins. - I do my absolute best to have left footed players as my left centre back, but can sometimes have right-footed players there if needed. However, I almost never play left-footed players as my right centre back. - I refuse to loan out young players until they get homegrown at the club status. - For the above reason, I only sign young players with a maximum age of 18. If he's 19 or above, he has to at least be good enough for my second string team. - My bench order always starts with my striker and all the way down to defender. For a 7-man bench, my order is generally: striker, winger, winger, centre mid, centre mid, full back, full back.
  12. Haha, literally came on these forums to report this, as it's really gotten annoying. Just had a player come to me asking for more first team football, and I'd actually planned on giving him some, but then the game continued before I could click the right response, so he thinks I've ignored him, and now the player has started a mutiny; my whole dressing room is complaining about my treatment of him For me, like the OP said, the continue timeout terminated as soon as I moved my mouse, but then it suddenly changed to timing out all the time. Glad it's being looked into and hope it's resolved soon.
  13. This has happened a couple times before, and I made a thread about it, but can't find it. This hadn't happened to me since the first day the full game was released. This is especially annoying as I just beat champions Liverpool as newly-promoted West Brom. Have to force crash the game and reload now, with my most recent auto-save five in-game days prior to the match The message came up as soon as I came onto the end of match team talk screen, but am not able to click on anything, and has just been stuck there. Used task manager to crash it.
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