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  1. What is this? A reason to buy a new goalkeeper, me thinks.
  2. Whenever I try and get a scout report for a player, my scout gets tied up in watching that player for a week, so I can't get scout reports of other players for 7 days. Is there a way to get just a scout report without having the scout tied up in the player for 7 days afterwards?
  3. I let my DoF renew the staff contracts, but I do all other contract negotiations myself.
  4. My landing page for players is the player attributes screen. Thing is, whenever I go to that screen of a player, all the attributes are highlighted like this: However, I prefer to look at the attributes without highlights, like this: I get the reason for the highlighting option, but is there a way to turn it off, so I don't have to keep unticking it everytime I go onto a player's screen? It's a minor detail, but a personal preference thing, and it's annoying I have to keep unticking it.
  5. Haha, I love this thread! Here's some of mine (some have already been said before): - When offering a contract to any young player (below 24ish) who doesn't demand extortionate wages, I always maximise the years on the contract, as well as adding the optional extension by club option for the maximum years (normally 3), making both non-negotiable. - When I find a young player I want to sign, but don't know how much to offer, I just go to his transfer offer screen, add "percentage of profit from next sale", then remove and exclude it from negotiation, before hitting "suggest terms", to find out if he's a player worth negotiating for. - Never a goalkeeper on my bench. - Three substitutions to my most tired players on 60 mins. - I do my absolute best to have left footed players as my left centre back, but can sometimes have right-footed players there if needed. However, I almost never play left-footed players as my right centre back. - I refuse to loan out young players until they get homegrown at the club status. - For the above reason, I only sign young players with a maximum age of 18. If he's 19 or above, he has to at least be good enough for my second string team. - My bench order always starts with my striker and all the way down to defender. For a 7-man bench, my order is generally: striker, winger, winger, centre mid, centre mid, full back, full back.
  6. Haha, literally came on these forums to report this, as it's really gotten annoying. Just had a player come to me asking for more first team football, and I'd actually planned on giving him some, but then the game continued before I could click the right response, so he thinks I've ignored him, and now the player has started a mutiny; my whole dressing room is complaining about my treatment of him For me, like the OP said, the continue timeout terminated as soon as I moved my mouse, but then it suddenly changed to timing out all the time. Glad it's being looked into and hope it's resolved soon.
  7. This has happened a couple times before, and I made a thread about it, but can't find it. This hadn't happened to me since the first day the full game was released. This is especially annoying as I just beat champions Liverpool as newly-promoted West Brom. Have to force crash the game and reload now, with my most recent auto-save five in-game days prior to the match The message came up as soon as I came onto the end of match team talk screen, but am not able to click on anything, and has just been stuck there. Used task manager to crash it.
  8. Small touch, but would help in identifying who your most loyal players are.
  9. In the preferences screen, it is possible to set the text size to either 100%, 95%, 85% and now 50%. I like to have as much as possible on my screen at any given time, so I generally use the 85% option. I do like the 50% option apart from the obvious fact that the text is really tiny. Ideally, I'd like something in-between, maybe a 70% option. Is it possible to do a slider for this option, so you can choose any % between 50% and 100%?
  10. Hi all, just want to bring attention to a tactic I've been using religiously for about 5 months now, and it's so good it will genuinely guarantee you success, whatever club/division you're managing in. I originally downloaded a similar tactic, which was great but had weaknesses, and I've touched it up to the point where it's unstoppable now. With this tactic, I took Barnet to Champions League glory by 2024 (dominating League 2, League 1 & Championship, gaining back-to-back-to-back promotions to the PL), no cheating whatsoever. I just did a season with Liverpool and won the title with 107 points! I have done a season with Huddersfield and finished 5th with this tactic. I have also won Europa League with Empoli in 2019, finishing 2nd in Serie A that same season. I walk most Fantasy Draft competitions, online or otherwise. This tactic scores goals, a lot of goals. It does concede a fair few goals, but you will expect a strong goal difference in general. Forget about possession, this tactic focuses on the crucial areas of the pitch - the goalmouth. The Formation It lines up as a 5-2-3 wing back system, as shown below with my Liverpool team: Team Instructions It's very much a back-to-front tactic, and I have set the mentality at "Attacking". However, with this mentality, it is not necessary to implement long balls, and shorter passing will work brilliantly, as the forward thinking passes will be quick and accurate. A lot of emphasis is placed on winning the ball back in the opposition half, hence the implementation of the high line and offside trap. Player Instructions In terms of the roles, I do amend some of them quite often, depending on the player playing there. The wing back roles I always keep as "Wing Back - Automatic" and this never changes. The back three I generally like to keep as BPDs, but it doesn't hurt to amend them to suit less technical defenders. The midfield two I change all the time. But the roles themselves aren't that important, but it's the actual individual instructions set to them. What I'll do is go through every position, and explain what's required in each: Goalkeeper It is very possible to use a keeper who isn't good with his feet, but it is ideal for this tactic, and you can see from the instructions above I do place a lot of stock in the keepers playing the ball out from the back. For Liverpool, Karius fit the bill perfectly, so didn't need to buy a new keeper. Wide Centre Backs (DCL/DCR) For my centre backs, I do like a left-footer on the left, and a right-footer on the right, but this is not always possible, and not even hugely necessary, but it's my preference. These wider defenders, from a defensive point of view, are prone to leaving their positions to win the ball back as quickly as possible, but the gaps they leave, in case they fail to win the ball, will be covered. You'll probably be confused as to why I'm asking them to dribble more. The reason is simply because when they do have the ball, they have so much time and space, that I'd like for them to bring the ball forward themselves, drawing opposition players closer to themselves, so it leaves gaps to pass forward to the attackers. The wide centre-backs should be quick and good on the ball. Central Defender (DC) The central of the three, this defender needs to hold his position, to cover for the gaps that will be left by the marauding wider centre backs. I like a tall player for this position, with good leadership skills. Wing Backs In any wing-back system, the wing backs themselves are of course incredibly important, as each of them are required to do both a defensive and attacking role. However, with this tactic, I also like to have the wing backs help out closer to the middle of the park, whilst maintaining our width. I have the roles set at automatic, so I'm able to give them very specific instructions, seven to be exact, which you can see above. When the ball is on one side, the wing back on that side will stay wide, maintaining the width going forward, and trusting the midfielders and defenders to cover them inside from a defensive standpoint. The wing back on the other side however, will move inside to make almost a third central midfielder, one who will get into both boxes, whether attacking or defending. There are many wing-back cross to wing-back finish goals in this system. Stamina is quite key for this position, but due to the energy expended from these positions, I almost always substitute both at the hour mark, meaning stamina isn't as important. General all-round attributes are useful for wing-backs here, pace not hugely important. However, due to the positioning requirements of both wing-backs, off-the-ball and positioning should both be at least decent. Central Midfielders Here is where the roles can be amended to suit the player you put out there, as long as the five above instructions are met and kept. These players aren't here to be glamorous, and the central midfielders will normally have the lowest average ratings of the team. If you're strapped for cash, these positions do not require a huge amount of investment. Teamwork, work-rate, positioning & stamina are required for this position, though good passing/vision does help in certain games. Wide Forwards (STL/STR) These will be your most important players, as they will get you the most goals and assists. You'll notice I had Salah on the left and Mane on the right. When I started off this tactic, I did try to get right-footed players on the left, and left-footed players on the right. However, I noticed that neither player, whichever players I'd choose, even if they had the "cuts inside..." PPM, or the "avoids using weaker foot" PPM, they'd never cut inside to have a shot, always running to the byline to cross or shoot across goal. Therefore, it's an idea to have left-footers out on the left and right-footers out on the right. I have the "Shoot Less Often" instruction, because with the "Attacking" mentality, players are prone to shooting from range more often. With this instruction, coupled with the "More Risky Passes" instruction, they'll play it closer to goal before having a shot. As I mentioned earlier, there's an emphasis on winning the ball high up the pitch, hence the closing down and harder tackling instructions. Marking tighter effectively cuts off players opposition can pass to. Pace is always great, but it's possible to change one of these positions to a deeper striking role, like a Trequartista, or a False Nine, and have a slightly slower player here. These guys will cross a lot, so a good crossing ability is highly recommended. First touch and Off the Ball are also really useful. Central Striker (STC) As you can see, the player instructions are the same as the wider players, and I even have the same role set. However, by default nature of playing centrally rather than out wide, this player will work differently to the wider forwards. This player is often slightly less involved in the goal-scoring threat as the wider strikers, as crosses often bypass him to the back post, and much of the attacking play comes from out wide. Not by much, but it is normally less if all three strikers are of similar quality. Just to give you an example of the season I had with Liverpool, with Firmino playing the central of the three (Appearances - Goals - Average Rating): It doesn't show the assists there, but Firmino only had 9, whereas Salah/Mane had 28/23 respectively. But what you can see is that the scoring rate itself is pretty similar, even if the overall contribution isn't as great. Although many crosses to go to the wider players, the central striker does get on the end of quite a few. And he often gets the rebounds, or subsequent pull-backs from the byline. The truth is, his primary role is to occupy the two centre backs, allowing the wider forwards to get into 1 v 1 situations with the full backs. If you happen to have someone who is pretty good at finishing, then he will also get chances and score goals. But from a general attacking point of view, he is there more to create chaos in the opposition defence, giving others the time and space to create chances, rather than to actually create the chances himself. Summary I have not had a single struggle with this tactic since I started using it, and all the suggestions I made are more of a guide, as I've tried many players that don't fit the above instructions at all and have still worked. Try it out, and let me know what you think. Link is at the bottom. 5-2-3 Overdog.fmf
  11. Sorry, but this actually shows he's the opposite of a one-dimensional manager.
  12. Just use Anchor Man. It's basically the same thing as Holding Midfielder. I think you should change your topic to simply changing the names of the roles, rather than adding a whole new role with the same instructions just with a different name.
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