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  1. Thanks. Very annoying that. I'm away for a few days, was hoping to play on the train etc - now I've got to download it again at hotel speeds. I'll still make a fuss when GMG get back to me - it's not clear that I have to hunt for the retail code myself.
  2. I bought through GMG too and they didn't send me a second code. Just chased them up. Pretty annoying.
  3. If it's meant to be the same game but requiring less user time/input (which is a great idea), then why take out international management from the start? (unless people want to pay or are talented enough to earn it)
  4. Still appalled that SI are charging extra for an existing game feature. Love the idea of FMC, don't care about the other microtransactions because they're new features / cheats, but being able to manage a national team at the start of the game is a key feature of FM for me as it stands. Now I won't be able to unless I pay extra for enjoying the game the way I want to. Just the principles of it seem off.
  5. Yes they are - the ability to start as manager of an international team (in FMC)
  6. I love the idea of FMC. I enjoy international management. Can't do both it seems, without either winning manager of the year three times in a row (which I'm in no way good enough to do!) or pay extra. Fine with the rest of the microtransactions - they won't affect me in the slightest. But this is removing an existing game feature and charging people to put it back in. Which is a bit rubbish.
  7. Then save every time you hit continue and if you encounter a bug, go back and reproduce it. Yes it's a bit tedious, but you're meant to be doing a job.
  8. Alt-F9, then check your user/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/Screenshots directory
  9. Drogba £0

    Teams wouldn't sell Messi, Iniesta, Ronaldo or Dzeko for the amounts they're offering on the basis of team morale. Ronaldo - £80m odd, then sold a year later for less than half of that to rivals (after an excellent season for Real). There's no arguement for that one.
  10. Drogba £0

    Here's another one:
  11. Drogba £0

    The issue isn't that these players want to leave, it's the money the clubs are asking for. Dzeko for example - yes it's possible he might want to leave, for example to go to a bigger club. But £7.75m? Rumours in the summer were that bids of up to £40m were being made. The AI should recognise that selling a player of his calibre for £7.75 is extremely poor value. And even more so, because he is considered as indispensible to the club. Iniesta and Messi - again indispensible to the club, available for their value. Given how much Ronaldo went for, these players are seriously undervalued. Should say as well that these screenies are taken on the same day. Seems astonishing that Barca would have such a firesale. Wiki says Ozil went for €15m (which is about £12.7m). He's an important player for Real and they're selling him at a £4m (+ wages, signing on) loss. Saying "then go buy them for your team" completely misses the point. I don't want a cheap player so I can (in my opinion) cheat to win the Champions League year after year. And I don't want rivals snapping up these cheap players either. The whole balance of the game is destroyed and I feel it's unplayable until this is fixed.
  12. Drogba £0

    Some sample screenshots - found in here
  13. Drogba £0

    Tevez available for £10m in January. Balotelli £24m in January. Man United giving away Darren Gibson (mid season) rather than looking for a fee. These are realistic? Happens to players in Italy and Spain too. Messi for £29m, Hamsik for £12m. I've also seen pretty much the entire Spurs team go for cost at the end of year 1. Modric, cost £21m, great season, sold for £7m. Bale £6m. I'm astonished anyone could describe these as realistic. Edit: Sorry, you were referring to Drogba
  14. I'm waiting. Both the immersion factor and the balance of the game are completely wrecked for me. Might not be an issue now in the Championship, but wait until you break the canaries into Europe and you can build a top class team just out of free transfers - not as much fun as it sounds.
  15. Drogba £0

    I don't think this issue is by design dafuge. There's a thread in the bugs forum where it's described well. Basically players are getting unhappy (for different reasons) and are transfer listed with an asking price equal to their value. This leads to the likes of Tevez available for £10m, Ronaldo for £30m etc. For some players, instead they're valued at £0. Someone posted a screenie in 2012 and it was possible to assemble an excellent squad just from free transfers. In the save I uploaded, Tevez was £10, Balotelli £24.5m and £5.25m rated Darren Gibson was available for free - this was in January 2011. So while the game is not unplayable in the sense that you can still play the game for as long as you want, the transfer dynamic is completely ruined. Top players are moving around for unrealistic peanuts and both the immersion and balance of the game are ruined. As far as I'm concerned, the game is unplayable past the first transfer window. A lot of the anger towards SI stems from the fact that this phenomenon appears to be quite obvious to anyone who plays the game for one season - hence it's felt that either the Q&A was sorely lacking and this issue was missed, or else the game was released in an unfinished state. Either way, when you're paying €50 at the start of November, for a game that you feel is unplayable until Christmas, you're not going to be happy about it.