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  1. i have tried multiple tactics, players in preferred positions and roles. a tactic will work for a game or two then i get completely dominated. i can play controlling and dominate possession but not score. I play attacking a get beat on the counter.
  2. i have tried over 7 different tactics no success with any. i can play 3 at the back or 5, no luck. i managed to beat real madrid 3-1 with that tactic, but not a single team in the league. I have some success when playing a controlling tactic but lack the goals
  3. Playing an online save, im Celtic my friend is Rangers and we both cant find a tactic that works ive had success with Arsenal, Leeds and ajax with ease. but this scottish league is ten times harder for some reason, i can beat shakhtar 4-1 away in champions league but draw 1-1 with Inverness can dominate the games 20+ shots but not got any goals. any help? have the best team in the league by far too but cant compete
  4. I'm Carmarthen in the Welsh Premier League, struggling to get a tactic that works well, im not the best team in the league but have brought in some decent players but cant get a good tactic working
  5. Currently at westbrom, trying to bring in some young players under 21, who can turn into some of the best players in the game but they all come with stupid price tags? Anyone recommend cheap wonderkids?
  6. Game crashes,made it unplayable I have deleted my cache,preferences and verified my game files. reinstalled two no solution. Uploaded my game save and crash dump for you to see. game save: (thompsbc01)leedsunited Crash dump: (thompsbc01)FM 2016 v16.2.0.750467 (2015.12.18 20.07.08)
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