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  1. How do you get forwards to track back?

    Look at there personal instructions and lower mentality,should see a change.
  2. Now that is something i would like to see. Do you use the new tc or the old sliders system.
  3. FM12: What Team Should I Be?

    Try Italy, I have a cracking Napoli game running.
  4. Moving in to newly-built stadiums

    Never heard this done, so i presume not.
  5. It will hold it's own defensively yes, but as a attacking unit will not be as effective, they out run you out wide and matched player for player inside, so in my opinion it lacks the offensive approach against a 451 ?
  6. Target Man Supply..

    You can set anyone as your target man, just imagine the different kind you have - carroll or surez both could do the job but for different reason's, it all depends what you want from it. Whether it is as you have it your faster striker running on to balls or if you change it for your actual target man to hold up the ball and bring others in or win flick on's,anyway it is basically a set of instructions for your players to aim for ?
  7. Like i said previously it does work, but it depends what tactic you come up against, you will always struggle against a 451, so have a secondary tactic ready.
  8. I would like to see the set piece overhaul,and like to see sliders gone, so ai and human controls are using the same system.
  9. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Is there anybody here that could help with info about a bob paisley tactic, a link or anything be great.
  10. Follow this it is an interesting insight to fm tactics,I recommend it.
  11. I am currently using a 3-6-1 formation, which is working great the only time, i change it is when i come against a team playing a 451 variant,then i go to my secondary formation which is a narrow 4321, but have not used it that often, the shouts come into there own as well,depending on the formation you have come up against.
  12. 5-3-2 and how to counter it effectively

    The 451 should do this well,with the right shout, attached as well.
  13. How should my 3 tactics differ?

    Think of what the normal tactics you will come across in the English premier league, you can also check this in game, then think what tactic you could use to counter them,I currently only use 2 formations, 1 I use most of the time,and the other when i come across the formation which i does mine in the players in midfield.
  14. Your main issue is not the wingers,but a 451 variant will always out play a 442. So you either adjust and match there 451 or have a different form of it, let me explain. I am currently playing a 3-6-1 but against a 451 becomes a non attacking formation, so to counter there formation, i have come up with a narrow 4321,but then it also depends on what shouts you use as well, different circumstances bring in different shouts.
  15. To become a genuine tactician, you need to understand the fundamentals of each formation you are trying to make, with the pro's and cons for it.