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  1. I am managing Hillerod in the Danish third tier. This is a weak side with an expectation of a mid-table finish. After 17 games I am 11 points clear at the top of the table, but the board say I "should be performing better" in my role. This is with a 14-2-1 record. The only negative in my performance is that my top scorer does not feel supported by his manager after I said he was not ready for an international call-up (fair comment for a 22-year old in the third division!). Is this a bug or is my board just really hard to please?
  2. Some of my fixtures have an asterisk against the day - for instance today I’m playing Novara on “Sat*”. Can anyone tell me what that means?
  3. So, SIGames, it looks as though we've paid £8.99 for an editor which doesn't work as advertised?
  4. Hi I have bought the editor for FMM18. Although it will let me change colours, crowds etc, when I try and change player or team names, they don’t save, even when I press confirm. Am I doing something wrong or is this is a bug? Thanks
  5. Thanks for this! It's resolved the problem of why I couldn't get an LNC file to work when I'd been using it in the demo (I didn't realise the 'update' directory had its own databases). KUTGW!
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