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  1. I am managing Hillerod in the Danish third tier. This is a weak side with an expectation of a mid-table finish. After 17 games I am 11 points clear at the top of the table, but the board say I "should be performing better" in my role. This is with a 14-2-1 record. The only negative in my performance is that my top scorer does not feel supported by his manager after I said he was not ready for an international call-up (fair comment for a 22-year old in the third division!). Is this a bug or is my board just really hard to please?
  2. Some of my fixtures have an asterisk against the day - for instance today I’m playing Novara on “Sat*”. Can anyone tell me what that means?
  3. So, SIGames, it looks as though we've paid £8.99 for an editor which doesn't work as advertised?
  4. Hi I have bought the editor for FMM18. Although it will let me change colours, crowds etc, when I try and change player or team names, they don’t save, even when I press confirm. Am I doing something wrong or is this is a bug? Thanks
  5. Am I right in thinking you can only run three leagues in FMT? Does the full version include the option to run FMT with more than three leagues? One of my most enjoyable saves was on FM14 Classic where I had a journeyman career in a dozen different countries, and I'd like to be able to do that again...
  6. Is there any way of downloading this tactic for the FMC ipad version of the game? If not, what are the player/team instructions necessary with this tactic? Thanks for any help.
  7. Does anyone still use this tactic? I'm seriously overachieving in the French 2nd division with Nimes using the counter version. (I play FMC so sometimes I change tactic in-game, but this is the base I've been using with a very poor side).
  8. Do you vary the mentality based on the match situation, i.e. take it off Attacking if you are looking vulnerable at the back, or use Standard/Counter against stronger oppostion? Or is Plug and Play literally that - same mentality the whole 90 mins regardless of opposition or match state?
  9. Still working for me - promotion and over 100 goals for Mallorca in Spanish 2nd division, followed by 5th in 1st division with a team predicted to finish 15th. Then on to Genk in Belgium where my unbeaten run stands at 32 games plus a cup final to come!
  10. Thanks for the advice. In the end it did upate as soon as I went online, but I'm happy enough with 14.2.2 now it's there, so no harm done!
  11. I am still playing 14.1.4 at the moment and don't want to update. Is there any way I can prevent Steam updating as soon as I go into online mode? I can't do anything else with Steam because I don't want FM to update without my permission!
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