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  1. Graphics aren't really important to me anyway. And I mostly play french league I caved in and bought it. I'll see what happens! Thanks guys
  2. I was surprised moral wasn't really a thing too, it would be weird, but the more I learn about FMT the more I think it would be possible About staff, if I can hire them and do whatever I want, I think it's ok. FFP and squad registration, I just don't get why they would take that off. It's supposed to be an easier approach to FM, not a game that changes football's laws. So that's a downside, definitely. I don't know man... in the last like, 6-7 years, I've been trying to play FM or even the old CMs, and I've always found myself not having the patience anymore. Before playing I'm all excited, I want to play so bad, and when I'm in front of it, it's meh. But I ALWAYS have those urges to manage a team in a game. I always have those moments when I think about my fav team and think about what would be possible, the players in and out, the tactic,... and as I can't do it IRL I end up immediately looking toward FM. FM18 won't run on my computer, I'm pretty sure. I mean, it will, but it will be slow and my computer will be burning. FMT18 seems shallow, but at the same time, I found myself bored in the last and lacking of patience, so I wonder if that lighter version wouldn't suit me. But I don't really feel like paying 30€ to play an hour and drop it. Such a pain to always have those managing urges
  3. Thanks for your answer. But for the staff, you can change them right? You don't have to do with the staff in place? Doesn't look like something I would be too interested in honestly. I'm all for a simplified game, but that looks even shallower than the Championship Manager from early 2000s. Moral for example should be part of it. I like to edit stuff also, like adding youngsters from my fav into the game isn't they aren't in it (or changing stats and positions if wrong). I think I'll have to burry that urge to play a football managing game. Although if anybody has something else to say, I'm all ears
  4. Hi To my surprise, I never knew "Touch" was a lighter version of FM, and it piqued my interest. But I have a few questions. - what in the game and not in the game? Apparently it's mostly tactic and transfers that are in. Is there any type of interaction with the players? Any other stuff? (modify the staff,...) - I saw that in an update, they disabled the workshop. Is there any reason? Is it temporary? And without the workshop, is there any way to get editors, fan-made updates/tactics,...? - Does it run faster than full FM? I assume it does but I want to be sure because my computer was already fairly slow and heating up a lot on full FM16. Not even sure it would be enough for FM18 Touch to be honest. Thanks
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