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  1. We can. Problem is: SiGames won't do anything about those issues we report.
  2. Meh I don't know, I played 16, a bit of 18, and I couldn't have fun on any of those.
  3. The striker issue was already true in FM16. And maybe before since I hadn't played since like 2005. Again, an issue that has been in the game for years. Some are here since the Championship Manager series.
  4. That's absolutely mind blowing to come in here and read the same problem that were already talked about in FM16 (and for some of them, it's the same issue since Championship Manager 02-03). I hesitated to buy the game, well now I know I won't buy it. There is no effort put into this game anymore. At least no effort to finally fix big problems.
  5. The more people asking, the more they'll be ok on implementing it
  6. Hi I have a suggestion for something that would be, in my opinion, very interesting: that you could be manager of U19, or reserve. Not manage them as you have the first team, but really be hired as U19 or reserve coach, and if you do a good job you can be promoted up until first team. With the reserve, you could select U19 players, but if first team's manager take some reserve players, you can do anything but play without them (basically how it works IRL, of course). I think it would be really fun.
  7. I've seen some posts where I say the update is terrible have been deleted. Proof that you just want to hear it's great and don't care about fixing. People have sent hundreds of saves about dozens of problems that ARE STILL IN THE GAME.
  8. So what? You've got a ton of saves from people before the update and you did nothing about it!
  9. Nice job SI, with the last update, I have one penalty and one red card per game. In over 150 games played before update, I've seen less red cards and penalties than in under 15 games since the update. Once again a job well done.
  10. Nice work SI, as usual. The update fixed absolutely nothing. All the old bugs are still here. There are just new ones. I really think you are just toying with people.
  11. Not sure that update will make me install the game again. There were too many flaws, definitely not sure that update will fix everything
  12. But it's not because I like offense that I don't want my players to developp their defensive stats. I'm not sure we're exactly talking about the same thing I would find it surpring that I'd need an assistant with a specific mentality to train all the players, even the keepers.
  13. How so? I understand that having an assistant who likes the same system as you is good, but I don't see how my style of playing will change how good he is to coach the players in offense, defense, ball control,...
  14. Hi In Touch what are the important attributes for each staff member? Especially the ones who really differs from full FM. Like for example, in full FM you can have 6-7 coaches, so you get one with the right attributes for offense, one with the right attributes for defense,... But in Touch, you have one guy. So I assume he doesn't need to have all coaching attributes at a nice rating? I guess a team of coaches is "built" (not physically built though) depending on his level? If so, what is important to have a nice team of coaches? I guess for scouts, physio, it's the usual but maybe there are differences?
  15. Got that kid in my academy during first season in 3rd portuguese division (he was 16): At first I noticed him but thought he still had to do quite some things before becoming the real deal, but he attracted a lot of offers from Porto, Sporting and Benfica, and now he is 17 and we just started the season but he is really performing. First game and a half of the season, 3 goals and an assist
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