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  1. We can. Problem is: SiGames won't do anything about those issues we report.
  2. Meh I don't know, I played 16, a bit of 18, and I couldn't have fun on any of those.
  3. The striker issue was already true in FM16. And maybe before since I hadn't played since like 2005. Again, an issue that has been in the game for years. Some are here since the Championship Manager series.
  4. That's absolutely mind blowing to come in here and read the same problem that were already talked about in FM16 (and for some of them, it's the same issue since Championship Manager 02-03). I hesitated to buy the game, well now I know I won't buy it. There is no effort put into this game anymore. At least no effort to finally fix big problems.
  5. The more people asking, the more they'll be ok on implementing it
  6. Hi I have a suggestion for something that would be, in my opinion, very interesting: that you could be manager of U19, or reserve. Not manage them as you have the first team, but really be hired as U19 or reserve coach, and if you do a good job you can be promoted up until first team. With the reserve, you could select U19 players, but if first team's manager take some reserve players, you can do anything but play without them (basically how it works IRL, of course). I think it would be really fun.
  7. Not sure that update will make me install the game again. There were too many flaws, definitely not sure that update will fix everything
  8. Got that kid in my academy during first season in 3rd portuguese division (he was 16): At first I noticed him but thought he still had to do quite some things before becoming the real deal, but he attracted a lot of offers from Porto, Sporting and Benfica, and now he is 17 and we just started the season but he is really performing. First game and a half of the season, 3 goals and an assist
  9. Well congrats. I could never get Germain and/or Mitroglou to score anything for me.
  10. Yeah Monaco always gets him for 5M too. I offered him more money twice, like WAY more money, but he always end up in Monaco! Pretty classic tactic for Marseille. I was hoping you weren't playing with it because it just confirms how bad I am With a target man too? Man... how did Mitro do? (or the striker who played TM)
  11. How were you playing during first season? 2 strikers? And wow, you got Dubois after 1 season from Nantes?! In my saves he always, always, always joins Monaco.
  12. I started with União de Leiria, in 3rd division. Got the promotion the first season. Now I'm preparing my recruitment for next season!
  13. I think it's a good comprise. I have a defensive problem that I keep seeing no matter my tactic, my mentality, my defenders, their speed, the formation I face, the speed of their strikers,... So basically: how to stop over-the-top through ball that goes right onto their striker?! No matter what happens, what I ask, or how high/low I play, even on situation where there isn't much space behind my defense, the AI just has to launch the ball there and the striker will always get it. My defenders just let the striker free between them (or the 2 strikers). They act very very dumb, no matter w
  14. I'm trying support as we speak, and they don't go up enough. They really stop around 30m from the goal, even if the situation would ask them to go up (like if the IF in front of them has the ball and starts cutting inside).
  15. Is there a good compromise for full-backs to have them go up the pitch not too soon and recklessly, and still try to overlap when the team is in a good situation to do it? I have a 4-3-3 with 2 IF(a) and I tried 2 FB(a), and they were very high in the average position diagram, and one thing I noticed is that when the ball reached the bottom of the centre circle in the feet of my def mid, they launched themselves up to the mid point of the opposite half. I find it a bit soon and a bit too radical. I think they should go up to the central line for example. That way they would also offer soluti
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