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  1. I've been playing lower, and used more opponent's instructions and it's been better. You still have some weird things sometimes but less (until you have that wimp of Luis Gustavo, not the Marseille one, with 8 in courage who runs away from any duel... great CB I got on loan!). Closing down is still quite weird though. Some tweaks made it slightly better too I think.
  2. Yeah I kind of agree on some stuff. Defenders are pretty bad in general. They often don't react (start moving very late for no reason), they very easily stop marking their opponents, they tend to leave their position to chase the ball around even if you specifically ask them not to You can make it better to a certain extend, but there are still things that don't really make sense. About attacking, the big issue I have in that game is shots going 10m away from the goal. How many times does a shot misses the target by 10+ IRL? Not that much. Yet in the game, you can can see it easily h
  3. I'll try lowering my defensive line, even though I quite often play with a lower line already. As a football fan, I can understand how players closing down a lot could create a lack of balance, but not how a player closing down decided to follow the ball for 30 seconds even though the teammates are already doing it.
  4. I'm on "control" so the bar is like 55% maybe? A bit after midway
  5. No close down more. I play the "Sometimes" level of pressure. I use the normal defensive line, a bit lower sometimes. My CBs weren't on mark tighter, but I put them on, hoping they would actually stick with the striker. My CBs have around 11/12 acceleration, and I got that issue with striker barely faster (12/13). It's more a problem of intelligence, of stopping instead of running, of leaving the striker alone, rather than a problem of pure speed.
  6. Hi I face an issue since my very first FM18 game. My players tend to follow the ball too much, especially on placed offensive from the opponent. Like, a player will get closer to the opponent facing him, the opponent gives the ball, and my player just follows the ball, even though there is a teamate already on the receiver. So you have 2vs1 on one side, 0vs1 on the other. I don't need to tell you who wins. An other precise situation wher eit happens: 2 CBs vs 2 strikers. A striker has the ball, the CB on his side gets closer. The striker gives the ball to the other striker. The other CB
  7. I think it's a good comprise. I have a defensive problem that I keep seeing no matter my tactic, my mentality, my defenders, their speed, the formation I face, the speed of their strikers,... So basically: how to stop over-the-top through ball that goes right onto their striker?! No matter what happens, what I ask, or how high/low I play, even on situation where there isn't much space behind my defense, the AI just has to launch the ball there and the striker will always get it. My defenders just let the striker free between them (or the 2 strikers). They act very very dumb, no matter w
  8. Haven't tried, always risky when you just arrive. I wonder if that's a bug or something that can happen normally though
  9. Yes I have no clue where that money is. It's in the financial report though. +6.9M€. But my transfer budget is still 44k€ and my wage budget is still 117k€/month. And it appears like we still lost 244k€ in the month he gave the money. Looked at the expenses: nothing in particular, biggest one is 86k€ for youth team and something like 80k€ for wages. Basically, he gave the money, medias said it was generous and we would be happy about it, but everything is like he never gave anything. Screens: Our finances - Money we get - Money we lose We don't have any debt or loan. I can't
  10. To my surprise Leira, in 3rd Portuguese division, is one of them (foreground too, so money for the fun of it). I started with them, and you don't have any money. Then after a month or two the president puts... 7M€ on the table! Put you still don't have money 7M€ would be insane for a club like that, but I haven't seen a cent of that money unfortunately
  11. By grow you mean as in "have potential" or that it could be better? The latter I guess, since if they had potential, it wouldn't be in the negatives. And I agree with that, but this could be said for anything. It's Marseille. The medical team isn't better. The scouts aren't better. The players aren't the best (although there are a few things about players in the negatives). The fact that it chose that, I thought it was for more reasons than that
  12. I'm trying support as we speak, and they don't go up enough. They really stop around 30m from the goal, even if the situation would ask them to go up (like if the IF in front of them has the ball and starts cutting inside).
  13. Is there a good compromise for full-backs to have them go up the pitch not too soon and recklessly, and still try to overlap when the team is in a good situation to do it? I have a 4-3-3 with 2 IF(a) and I tried 2 FB(a), and they were very high in the average position diagram, and one thing I noticed is that when the ball reached the bottom of the centre circle in the feet of my def mid, they launched themselves up to the mid point of the opposite half. I find it a bit soon and a bit too radical. I think they should go up to the central line for example. That way they would also offer soluti
  14. Disclaimer: I understand that this will be a controversial thread. But it's not how I want it. I neither have an extreme opinion on the subject nor do I intend to say the game is bad or anything. I want that to be clear before getting angry people telling to just get good and stop complaining, because this is not as much a complaint thread as it is a discussion thread. Hi. I've played CM/FM for years. Never been great at it, I just always enjoyed playing it, although I haven't played it much in the past 5-6 years. So I came back to FM16 and found a very complex, in-depth tactic syste
  15. Well, first friendly was definitely bad. 4-4 against a second division team, they looked better than us. Players seem dumb: sometimes they just follow the ball, no matter where it leads them. I feel like AI makes way better decisions. I felt like I was letting them do anything they'd want, when I was not even in Fluid. Got 51% possession, 13 shots with 8 on target. We scored 2 after my subs came in and I had to play with wingers and crosses (although it's not really the crosses that made us score). When I look at the overall positionning of the team, it seems ok. We're not too high, there isn'
  16. Hi I spent time setting up my set-pieces, defensively and offensively, and I saved them (and then I saved the tactic, thinking it would save the set pieces with it). But then I switched tactic, came back to the first, and I have every set-piece to reload. In Touch we don't have different tactic slots, so we have to load the away tactic (for example) over the home one. But if it reset the set-pieces to defaut every time, that not going to be enjoyable... at all... I noticed it when I went into my first friendly and went to see the set-pieces: everything back to defaut. Have I miss
  17. Sounds like you're doing good! Arsenal won't be easy though. On my side, I start my 4th save... I learned a bit more about tactic and I spent some time setting it up. On FMT I can't disable transfers, but I won't take anybody in the first summer. I've had a crazy offer for Bouna Sarr from Nantes (well, crazy considering it's Bouna Sarr): So I make 110k a month, and 1.8M if he plays 15 games. Hopefully AI won't play him 14 games
  18. Yeah when I see the formation the defense is a big concern too. That's why in my previous attempts I used either a lone CDM with 2 midfielders in front of him, or either 2 CDMs with a mid in front of them (like the current tactic but the 3 mids lower). For that one I started higher because I thought the striker could use the support, since he couldn't score in my other saves.
  19. How do you guys managed your use of tactics? I guess you don't use only one (or maybe you do). Do you change for away games? Or for games against bigger teams?
  20. Ok thanks! For the CAM, I wasn't sure between Attacking Mid and Advanced Playmaker. What made me lean towards AP is that Lopez is a bad finisher and long-shooter. AP seems more focused on passing the ball. The two CMs, even with a more defensive one, it's not a bit too offensive? Although looking at the description, I guess the main plus over the BWM is that it links defense and offense, which is important with 2 midfielders. I like the idea though! Might try that straight away! Gustavo has enough technical ability to not give it straight to "someone more technical" I'll uncheck
  21. Alright so I read a few stuff about tactics, and I think I might start with that: I think/hope everything is sort of coherent.
  22. Do you mean do they lack good rating in some important stats? Here are their stats: Assistant Youth manager So my youth manager isn't amazing, and my assistant is lacking some stuff (attacking, defending, fitnes, mental), but do my assistant need to be good everywhere? Because in full FM I can have like 6 guys to do it all. If I need one guy who can do everything in Touch, it gets impossible. I kind of assumed if I had a 4-star assistant, it would "build" a coaching team based that rating. Kind of the same with scout, where you have a head scout, and then you have
  23. Do you guys change the individual instructions a lot? Or is it ok to let the default ones, especially if you find the rights roles and duties?
  24. Hi I'm not too sure about creating a thread for such a small question but I can't really find a thread where I could ask it. So in the team report, it says that there is "room for improvement on the coaching team". But being on Touch, I can't change the coaches. Only the assistant, the head youth manager,... Does this simply mean my assistant isn't good enough? He has 4 stars though, so it's not bad at all. Or maybe it includes also the youth manager (which has 3.5 stars, less good)? Or maybe they just mean I could have a 5-star guy instead of a 4-star guy but that seems a bit weir
  25. I think the IFs need to stay like that, since they are keep players and are made for that role. I can change the CAM to something else, and the striker. Advanced playmaker is a bit lower than AM, isn't it? It would suit Lopez perfectly too. Maybe an advance playmaker support? Striker, I like the deep-lying forward idea since Germain can play that definitely. Overall, I'm not really closed on changing positions or roles. The ones I think are needed are the IFs, since Payet and Thauvin are some of the best players in the squad, and they are made to be IFs (well, Payet could be CAM but
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