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  1. Thank god for Holidays and instant result End of Season 2025 In Brazil, The Year starts with the state league Both media and board expected us to win. Honestly, I do not get the structure of this state league, there are groups, but we seem to be playing everyone? Anyway, we won the final, so safe to say we won it. Now, onto the real League We were supposed to challenge for the title. Shoutout to Athletico Paraenese and Fluminense foor having nothing to the left of their name😉 Anyway, We won with quite a margin. Sad to
  2. End of Season 2024 As is obvious from the header icon, I got a Job in Brazil: This is how the table looked when I joined: Rather poor, considering Media predicted that the club would finish 2nd. The expectation was to finish 6th or better, which is rather steep from 16. Nevertheless, I guess that I would not have got the job if things were better. So, How did we do? It is easy to see that the bad results came in patches, and that was because very often, we were expected to play 2-3 matches with 7-8 first teamers on international duty. However,
  3. End of Season 2023 Firstly, I started my Continental pro course this year, but forgot to screen shot. Therefore, I start of with the league: Almost managed to go undefeated, but that was not to be. Obviously, this meant: We did way better than last year, but so did Beijing. Anyway, What was more important this year was the cup: We lost in the fifth round to Beijing, which is really unfortunate. Beijing did go on to the final, but just like the league, fell short here too. This Year, we also had the Champions League:
  4. End of Season 2022 First Things First, i got the board to get me on two more courses: This Year, the board still wanted me to avoid relegation , but the media had something Else in mind: As for me, I wanted to win it all. And come the end of the season: Unfortunately, the cup was not to be, with Shanghai knocking us out in the semi final. Here is the full set of fixtures: Finally, There is the youth: As usual, meh. Finally: Next year, we will be in the Champions League. We just won the number on
  5. Okay, I see Moving on from Hong Kong, I Enter China I was given a transfer budget of 50m and wage budget in excess of 600k. There is one problem however: Here is what we managed to do: Really expected to do better with Chongqing, but rest was great. Guangzhou, on the other hand: Which meant: Also, There was this: Our wage budget is somehow as high as the best in the league, so the Title Challenge is on next year!!! Season Team Position Notes and Achievements 2019/20 Lee Man FC 1st FA Cup and
  6. End of Season 2020-21 This year, I was able to take two steps towards becoming a certified manager, so that is an improvement from last year: Moving on to youth: Meh, and never mind. Now onto the real stuff. This year, media predicted us to be champions: Now, this is hard to beat, but still, I doubt they had expected this margin: And the fixtures: Kitchee, who had an otherwise unremarkable season, managed to beat us away and hold us to a draw at home, but otherwise, we were perfect. Now, the cups:
  7. End of Season 2019-20 First Things First, I started my journey towards becoming a certified manager: Next up, the youth: Poor, but honestly, I do not care, this is not that kind of save Moving over to the sapling cup, we drew against Fuli, but then won 6-1 against Eastern, to make the final table look like this: Thereafte, we won the semi-final 1-0 in extra time against Wofoo, but Eastern got their revenge in the Final, winning 1-0 Next up, the FA Cup: Short and sweet, my first trophy towards the challenge!!! Finally, w
  8. Kautilya is Back!!! Back with FM 15, he had completed this challenge. 5 versions later, he is back To be frank, this time I wanted to start off in the lower rungs of one of the big 5 countries, but failed to get a job in the first 2 years over 3 tries. Therefore, in my 4th try, I decided not to post here immediately. In reality,i am a year and half into the save, and this time, it looks much more possible. So here we go: And Here are the initial Manager Stats: It is basically just the standard youth development preset What really matters, however, is t
  9. End of Season 2023-24 Youth Intake Meh League We won the league with several games in hand, and then it became difficult to finish unbeaten. Nevertheless, we ended up with quite the margin: Copa del Rey: Once again, Levante defeated Barca in the semis to lose t to us in the finals. If Betis would have lost their quarters, we could hav had a repeat of last years matches from the semis. Champions League: We retained our title in a spain only final. Hopefully we can make a habit of it Squad Looks like I will hav
  10. New Year 2024 We started this season with odds of 9-2, our best so far, while the board wants us to retain the title. Pre-Season The pre season started before the season switch, so July is split into two. We did a mini League with some of the Best teams in Europe, and won it. I intend to keep doing this every season now. Would have been nice to win the European Super Cup, but a great Pre-Season nonetheless. League Perfection. Most surprising is Atletico trailing off at 9th. We have a game in hand and 8 points Champions League
  11. End of Season 2022-23 Youth Intake Meh. And again another set of upgrades have been approved. League Ended the season Undefended, Which obviously means: We Retain the Title!!! Cup: Barca Lost out to Levante, Real Lost to Celta, And Atletico met Real in the fifth rund, so this time we had a clean path. Champions League The last Group match was really dead rubber, but we won it anyway. And then we won the tournament too!!! The final was real sweet, since Angel was on PSG's starting 11, and
  12. New Year 2023 League Fewer matches due to the winter world cup, but unbeaten throughout!! No idea why Atletico got to play 3 extra matches. Champions League Again, Winter World Cup means that the CL group could not conclude before new year, although, the qulifications are sealed. Crazy to see Juventus miss out. Cup A single legged 5th Round, and we are through, fairly easily All seems well, except that neither of the strikers is turning out as good as I wanted them to be My full back is the top scorer, and my back
  13. End Of Pre-Season 2022-23 Expectations continue to rise as this time the media predict us to finish 5th with odds of 6-1 while the board wants qualification to the Champions League. I personally want to repeat last year's achievement of winning the legue. Transfers: To begin with, I purchased Rodrigues, whom I have already shown, for a whopping 60M. He is the second best striker at the club behind Romero, but Romero is needed in the left wing, so I decided to bring in some competition for Rodrigues, Just to keep him on his toes. Meet Edivaldo, who cost me 7.5 Million.
  14. End of Season 2021-22 Youth Intake Never mind. Another set of upgrades is happening by the way. League Let me start with the goal scorers: Fair to say that Angel's form dropped in the second half of the season, but still, he more than doubled our top-goal scorer count from last season. Admittedly, he had more matches to play though. However, that meant that our league performance looked somewhat like this: As to why we lost to Villarreal in the last match, We had already won the league!!! Champions League We went to the final
  15. New Year 2022 League: Osauna and and the two Madrid sides are the blips here, of which Osauna is just unlucky. Oh, and we continue our domination over Barcelona in the league. How did we get so much better from last season then? Here is the answer: Angel has scored more goals in the first half of the season than our top-goalscorer did in the entirety of the last season. Sadly, PSG wont let him go for even 75M, which is already way to high for our club, even if we have a very good run in europe. In the meanwhile, here is the League Table: If we win
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