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  1. Well, wy can't you game the game and buy a couple of Ballon d'Or winners with that money? Surely you can Raid Spai and brazil with the release clauses around?
  2. Bengali is the english name for bangla. (You can trust me on this, it is my mothertongue)
  3. Sorry to be off topic, but how exactly do the world cups work in FM19? Do they have the modified 48 team world cup?
  4. One of Amerigo's life goals was to discover a sea route to India, and Vasco da gama was the one who achieved that. And now Amerigo is managing Vasco da gama. World is such a small place.
  5. Could you do ISL for India? i know that India is already in FM, but I league, though officially the primary league competition in India, is not as glamourous as the ISL.
  6. Please share the file. will try to continue this on biweekly basis
  7. If no one pops up in the next 4 days, I will take up. But then you guys can only expect weekly updates, not daily.
  8. Can you atleast upload the save for someone else to take the lead?
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