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  1. Just got the file uploaded it went through as 'Falkirik.fm'
  2. Sorry for the delay, Scotland hasn't gone independent. I can still sign players from other clubs within Scotland under the age of 18. In the Ladbrokes premiership rules it states that nations treated as non-foreign are; All nations in Uk and Ireland All overseas territories act nations England Wales N. Ireland Gibraltar Ireland Did catch my eye that Scotland aren't on that list but its the rules for the Scottish league, checked the EPL and Scotland replace England in the list.
  3. Not sure if this is a bug or related to my brexit rules, I am in the middle of a save with Falkirk, I'm no longer able to sign player from other UK clubs until they are over 18, I read the brexit rules at the time but didn't think this was part of it, don't think that it's a realistic result of Brexit either way. Ps. Is there any way to look at the signing rules after brexit?
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