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  1. It would be awesome if you could be more specific in scouting! I would love to get updates on my players out on loan. Also getting quick repports like in FM would be nice
  2. Hi all! So I've spend alot of time reading on the forum on EHM and here on Sigames. Unfortunatly I haven't found anything on the subject, so I'm writing this post. I play a save in the Danish Metal League with my home town team. As a franchise type of gamer, I focused on getting some good coaches to develop my young players and good scouts for some talent scooping, really looking forward to season two and some newgen players. I was left heart broken as non came into the game. Nor did they in either SHL or Allsvenskan. I play with TBL 8.0a as it has actual danish players - does it affect it somehow? Side question: Does the newgen appear during the season randomly or is like FM where they come into play at certain dates? HUGE THANKS to Sigames for re-launching this series Christian EDIT: Never mind - patience is a virtue! One thing though. 90% of all danish newgen, appeared in two clubs. Sweden is more balanced
  3. Same problem here + it crashes every time I quit the game... I noticed the EHM install was directly on C: Instead of in C: program...Steam. Don't know whether yours like that too?
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