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  1. is 2020 on amazon this year? as a devoted FMM buyer since 16 or 17, I saw no announcement
  2. As a dedicated Amazon FMM player, I saw on your main page that Touch had an amazon thing this time, is it coming to the Amazon store? if so...whats the specs so I can see if my kindle can play
  3. After update. My purchases won't reload. Helppp
  4. was looking in another forum found this tactic LOL so now I don't feel so crazy, plus had my defensive problems fixed
  5. yeah, it was crazy, i am still playing with it
  6. Really? I didn't realize it was a dated system, I'm 3rd in the league in January. Plus i'm just messing around with the concept
  7. you are very right, and thank you I am still working with it, the only thing I am totally happy with is Sane as shadow striker who I retrained him to the striker position, man..it is a glorious thing when it works LOL but it doesn't work consistently enough. tightening up defense is definitely first list
  8. apologies for the pic, phone to tablet LOL
  9. I found a 3 4 3 that a guy on a forum had made and tried to use it with Man City save and with the guys I had it never quite worked right. So I played around and ended up with a 3 2 3 2 wide most of the time, The only major problem I have so far is defense, it can leak like a sieve. I can post instructions if need be, I play mobile mostly but I have last years on pc, and will get this years as soon as I get my screen fixed. but any advice is welcome,
  10. thank you, i saw that almost immediately after i posted, just didnt delete (had turkey to fry)
  11. I have tried it some with my PSG save Brick, it works ok...but I can't settle on a tactic, I'm currently 3rd in the league.
  12. Napoli looks interesting thanks!! Just from looking them over that will probably be the best fit for how I like to play. Geordie who would you suggest in Portugal? Anybody got any views on the Spanish leagues?
  13. I am still what I consider a "new" fan of football and the sport, although I have been playing this game since 2015 or 16. What I want is to pick the brain of the forum, I generally stay in the wheelhouse of England and Germany as they are the leagues I follow the most. BUT, I want to branch out, I have started a PSG save as a foray into the French leagues. Who would you recommend in La Liga or Serie A for someone who doesn't have a deep knowledge of the leagues? I am open to lower leagues and I want to learn. I prefer pace and an attacking style of ball, and eve
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