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  1. how do you do it? i can download the fml files, where do they go on my tablet
  2. it can be fun MikaelS and its a learning experience.
  3. that would explain it, and you are right...every year i let my nephew and niece pick one of my team saves, trying to get them into soccer more. both are big baseball folks. nephew picked Austin FC, its his name and i knew nothing about the team, well then.............work for me lol
  4. Tried a save with them and it only shows 2 players,
  5. Can someone tell me the cost of the in app purchases? Money tight this year got to get my ducks in a row for when I buy tomorrow
  6. is 2020 on amazon this year? as a devoted FMM buyer since 16 or 17, I saw no announcement
  7. As a dedicated Amazon FMM player, I saw on your main page that Touch had an amazon thing this time, is it coming to the Amazon store? if so...whats the specs so I can see if my kindle can play
  8. After update. My purchases won't reload. Helppp
  9. I have tried it some with my PSG save Brick, it works ok...but I can't settle on a tactic, I'm currently 3rd in the league.
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