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  1. So many great ideas here, i make my vote for: - international manager contracts - ability to arrange international friendlies before tournaments - make effects of international training evident - ability to name club captain and for them to have more significant role in the club. - official media updates to be bundled with future pathes/data updates. These could refresh the media content of the game to make the game , well, fresher and increase the longevity. - My biggest wish is that the AI transfer activity is improved, in that it becomes more intelligent and consistant. I find that if i play the game to around 2015 it is too easy to dominate as the other teams haven't signed enough top players or are full of ageing stars. - With all these things i appreciate it must be difficult for the developers to include everything whilst making the major changes they have for FM2007. Keep up the good work. Thanks for listening!!
  2. It would be good to be able to offer players to specific clubs, for loan or transfer. Say i have a good young player i think would benefit from 1st team experience i would like to offer him on loan to teams in lower leagues. Too often the only loan offers you get for good young players are from the same league and sometimes they hardly play. Also to offer players on transfer to certain clubs would be helpful for example if you have a good relationship with another club. I really don't like the fact that when you offer players thay get ofered to every club. I doubt this happens irl. Another tweak to the loaning players. If i have signed a player on a free in January at present it isn't possible to make an offer to loan the same player, after he has agreed a contract. I have other ideas but don't have time at mo.
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