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  1. Just starting a season with Wolves now. Surprised there isn't much activity in here? Did anybody sign Jimenez after a season?
  2. I just finished my first season with Liverpool. Will post an update when at my computer at home, but I won the treble (the league, carabou cup, fa cup final.) Lost the CL final on pens to Man Utd, too. What makes this season even more impressive is that Salah missed the majority of the season due to injury, Mane missed about half. Just signed Harry Kane for my second season as Firmino is not as prolific as I like.
  3. I restarted my game last night and signed Gunter (20m) and Gueye (40m or so) I've gone for a custom fluid, counter attack, 4-1-4-1 DM Wide. Ozil is advanced playmaker on right wing, Lacazette or Iwobi inside forward on left. Then a BWM and BBM in the center. I think it'll take some time to see if we can play this style of football, but I'm not sure how else to set up this team.
  4. Started my pre-season. I signed Ligt for £40m or so, but in hindsight, I probably should've signed someone who could immediately establish themselves in the first team. I have about 30m left, but I think I'll just stick with my team for the first season.
  5. Starting my save this weekend with Arsenal. Had a look at their squad last night and the first question is which formation to play. It seems they have a lot of playmakers this year.
  6. Only thing I normally change is mentality/shape. I would start on defensive/structured away or vs big teams. No PPI's apart from the odd 'fewer risky passes' etc.
  7. I'm in season three with West Ham. I won the league in my first season somehow and finished 2nd in the next. I'm in the third and these are my signings. Note: my board got taken over in the second season and I got like an extra 60m.
  8. Can't wait to read this series. Also wanted to say I'm a new subscriber to your Patreon and your book is so helpful.
  9. Thanks for the response. I'll go back to the drawing board over the weekend and watch some more games in-depth to work out why we're not scoring and how to change this.
  10. Just realised my Inside Forward and AM (A) should both be on attack. I expect to score through my Inside Forward, AM, and Deep Lying Forward.
  11. Hi Cleon/BustTheNet, Long time reader of both of your advice and guidance. I've also just subscribed to BustTheNet on Patreon and his book is brilliant for explaining Football Manager tactics and the match engine. I strongly urge anyone and everyone to check it out. I'm currently playing as Napoli and am unbeaten after 22 games, winning 18 and drawing 4. I've also been really solid at the back only conceding 7 goals, but my problem is my team don't score enough goals. Here is my formation and TI's, which only change if I go behind or am desperately chasing a game. I've recently changed the mentality of my fullbacks too after reading BustTheNet's book. Is it a case where the 4231 is really hard to set up correctly, or should I persevere if I want to play more exciting and goalscoring football? I've played around with different roles, but I think I'm going to have to watch a couple of full games again to really understand where I'm going wrong. Thank you for all your help over the years.
  12. Quite a few listed are in other leagues, so you need them loaded. The rest should be listed if you have all of the English leagues loaded and a large database size.
  13. Agreed. I switched him to right back in the second season.
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