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  1. Because maybe this year they may of got it right you know your 18 pace winger beating the 8 pace full back everytime which would be a tactic itself in any game of football but alas in fm the 8 pace AI fullback runs like usain bolt everytime just little things like that which pee me off after watching your team hammer them with pinball and rugby shot only to be beat by a defender stoping running/ pass the ball to the AI team or a clearance and they score everytime yes teams get beat in real life by smash n grab football but not week in week out needing 20 shots for you 50 million pound forward to score a wonder goal from 25 yards but can get it on target from 5 yards unless he likes pinball just fed up of buying top players creating a tactic etc when you mayaswell buy 50 year old joueneymen they perform the same on the ME ruins the game as a whole but when anyone questions this they just ban you great customer service i pay for game surely i should provide my feedback good or bad
  2. Do your flying wingers walk? Why do defenders win the ball then stop in amazement that they have won it? Why do forwards think there johny wilkinson? Why do all 50/50 favour the AI team 100/00? Why after 7 years cant you improve theME? Why do you ban people who say these things about the game? Why cant you answer them? Why do 35 year old confernce journery men play like ronaldo? Why cant a 20 million pound keeper hold the ball ? Why cant a forward stay on his feet but im still waiting after 20 full games to see an AI player fall over? Why do AI defenders grow 20 foot legs? Why do you market a game as new and improved when its all the same? And last question thanks for banning me as using alias when infact i hadnt its just yourway of banning people who have there say on thuth of the game so proves you admit the game is flawed but continue to rip off a loyal fanbase year on year i suggest you improve the ME for fm 17 so its equal though i wont be wasting nomore money on it...thanks for the ban buts its easy to keep getting past!
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