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  1. Wernt these two already there? I mean yes the ability to play friendlies against very low profile national teams or "best of the league/all star" teams is new, but it is nothing better or different than playing against clubs right? Instead of playing against Juventus, i might be playing against Malaysian national team (of course playing against Juventus may be the better and more lucrative option) Was really looking forward to a slightly different Tour proposals with high profile clubs getting financially lucrative proposals to play in countries such as China, Korea, Japan or the United States...with extra money given to the clubs for playing the friendly and a rise in both the club profile and merchandising during that period. Just checked out on the tour business and found that playing three friendlies as Arsenal on tour to US against LA Galaxy, DC United and Columbus nets me just 425k (in pounds) We have had the board imposing money spinning tours to the far east and in the US and i dont think they did this just to get that extra 500k? Regarding loading players from a particular league...we have this too i believe...loading players from top divisions from that country?
  2. Does Anyone Else Feel

    I think if you want to join another club immediately, then yes (though this too would depend on the timing of your resignation) One think i noticed about this version compared to 09 and 10 is that your reputation does not shoot up on winning just one trophy and you have to hold on to your job for some time. Started as Sheffield Wednesday, took over Wigan Athletic 2 seasons later, was offered Fenerbahce job 3 seasons later...resigned and took over at Ajax 2 seasons later, resigned and took over Man Utd job 4 seasons later. Of course, between resigning at Sheffield Wednesday and at Fenerbahce, i had to wait at least one full season on a holiday before i was offered jobs at Wigan and Ajax. So i believe you will have to wait for some time before the right job comes (this of course is for managers with lower reputations at the start of the season..once you start winning trophies and go World Class, you can get any job you want)
  3. If my understanding of law is correct...i think there is a law saying that it is not allowed to run over someone with a car of ANY color. Now going by your responses and logic, you might say that they have said a car but not a red car. That means that you can run over someone with only red..but not a car
  4. First off, let me say that what i have written so far...i have nothing against the game...not saying that there is a bug nor saying that it is broken. Nor am i saying that the AI clubs never ever pay 200% of the transfer fee of the player that i had bought (milnerpoint..i had bought two guys in another save as Dortmund...a Brazilian FB for 2 million (18 years of age) and a 19 year old Uruguayan winger for 3.6 million from FC Zurich..sold them for 74 mllion and 57 million after 5-6 years though their value too had increased by that time...what was the age of your German midfielder that you had bought? And from which team..and what was his form in the last couple of seasons before you sold him) . That said...i believe it is a fact that when you buy a fairly older player (above 23-24 years of age) and unless you have bought him from some obscure leagues, his value will remain same(ish) if he is consistently playing in your team (will be first to say that i have not made any tests...just got this feeling from observation) My point here is...the insistence of the AI club to be a maximum of 200% for a player...regardless of the fact that the price in question is too low, regardless of the fact that a player has been one of the best in Europe over a period of time, regardless of the fact that i have not transfer listed, regardless of the fact that he is at his peak. I dont know how much the right winger was valued at Dynamo before he was bought for 12 million (he was bought before i came to the club) but it is a safe bet to say that he might have been valued at around 5-6 million (again i dont know..i am just assuming this) The left winger was valued at 5.5 million and i had bought him for 9.5 million. Yes his value increased to 6.75, yet he was 22 when i had bought him..so his value would have risen even if i had not bought him) To be frank, the main point of my post is not about value. I mentioned value because of the fact that that is what an AI club sees when bidding for a player...it will easily bid 80 million for a 40 million striker...who is in good form...but will refuse to bid more than 8 million for a great winger just because his value is 4 million?. My point here is the 200% cap seemingly set for most of the transfers regardless of the price. Now i would agree that if an AI club bids 80 million for a 40 million striker...may be that might be excessive...but are you trying to say that a bid of 8 million and 14 million for two of the best wingers in Europe over the last three seasons and who are at their peak is realistic?
  5. Yes..i agree with you...value of a player lowering if he is transferred from a higher rep league to a lower rep league is realistic no doubt..but the fact is that Ajax (with rep of 7,181 playing in the Dutch league with a rep of 5966) bought a right winger from Dynamo Kiev (with rep of 7579 playing in the Ukrainian league with rep of 5562) for 12 million. This player went on to score 34 goals and make 34 assists in 99 games with an avg rating of 7.36 over three seasons. Yet his value fell to 3.9 million and major European clubs like Everton (taken over by tycoon and won 2 epl and 1 cl) Bayern and Real Sociedad (same situation as Everton) were willing to offer just 8 million. The same goes for the left winger...bought him from Lokomotiv Moscow (rep of 6730 and playing in the Russian league with rep of 5878) for 9.5 million. He scored 39 goals and made 72 assists in 111 games...yet his value fell to 6.75 before i had sold him off to Chelsea for 14 million (yes the 4.5 million represents a profit but he was one of the best left wingers in Europe over three seasons...i would have assumed getting at least 20 million for him) So in both the cases players came up from a lower division to a higher division. To be honest it wouldnt have matter what his value is but for the important fact being that clubs very rarely offer more than 200% of a value to a player...that meant that i was forced to sell two world class wingers on cheap as i already had introduced younger replacements (not too much of younger since the right winger was 27 when i sold him while the left winger was 26 which meant that both were at their peak)
  6. What qualifies a player to be a superstar though? His looks...or his love life? Here is a player who has consistently owned the Dutch league in the past three seasons. In 80 league games he has scored 32 goals and made 56 assists from a winger position. His Champions League record reads 24 games 7 goals, 12 assists and 3 MOMs...all against tough teams because i started the competition in the group stage in all the three seasons. I paid 9.5 million for this player so i dont think that i paid too much. Liverpool paid 20 million for Downing this season and the consensus is that they paid too much for him. But if he has that sort of record in the next three seasons do you think his value will be less than 20 million? Real Madrid paid 80 million for Ronaldo..again an amount that was thought to be too much...but he has been one of the two best players in the La Liga since he joined Madrid...do you think that they will be selling him for anything less than what they paid for? Let us leave the big teams...Charlie Adam was one of the top 10 central midfielders in the Premier League last season...he was with a team that was relegated back to the Championship and he was 25 years of age...yet his transfer value of 7 millions means that Liverpool got him on a bargain. I understand that FM being a game means that there are lot of limitations and it cannot apply human logic. But it seems that reputation plays too much of an important role in the game..be it league rep or player rep
  7. Had noticed this for some time but decided to make a note of it in my final save for the game. Started in League One and found that the value of a player constantly falls down regardless of the fact that he is one of the best players in the league (and the inverse is also true on some occasions) For example, playing as Sheffield Wednesday in the first season, i bought George Boyd for 2.5 million. Regardless of the fact that he was the best player in the league with 26 assists and 10 goals, his value fell to around 1.5 million before experiencing a slight bump when i was playing in the Championship the next season (and he was at his peak with 24-25 years of age) Found a similar story in my next two jobs...John Fleck was my best signing as a Wigan manager in Jan 2014 (he was 23) he experienced a dip in value that season as i was relegated to the Championship (understandable) and a slight bump when i was promoted back to the Premier League the next season before i was able to buy him for 6 million as the Fenerbahce manager in 2018. Had a good first season when i played him as a winger (11 assists and 5 goals in 24 games) and a better second season when i played him as a striker (21 goals and 9 assists in 30 games) yet Liverpool was able to purchase him for just 4.2 million in his third season. Another important signing was a striker named Nicolas Riquelme...bought him for 13.5 million (may be i did pay over the odds) but he has had three very good seasons and scoring at an avg of a goal every 2 games yet his value has plummeted to 1.6 million. A player in better form was a regen who i played sometimes on the wing and sometimes as a striker..scored 40 goals and 23 assists in 90 games yet his value is 2.6 million. This "situation" is really visible now when i am managing one of the best teams in Europe (Ajax) in one of the top six leagues on the continent. The club had bought a 23-year old winger for around 12 million before i was offered the job. He was the best player in the league last season....scoring 10 goals and 21 assists in 38 games with an avg rating of 7.40 (including 3 assists and 4 goals in 8 Champions League game starting from group stage) yet his value was half of what he had been payed (around 6.25 million as i approached April) and now it is 3.9 million even though he has scored 9 goals and 7 assists in 17 games so far. I had also bought what i believe is one of the best left wingers in the game..a 22 year old Mexican who has started the season on fire with 21 assists and 6 goals in 22 games with avg rating of 7.89...yet his value fell from 9.5 million (the transfer fee) to 8.5 million and i believe that it will fall further. The crux of such a long post is that the value of the players continue to fall regardless of the fact that they have been some of the best players in their league. I could understand about the fact regarding lower leagues or when you get relegated (that is realistic) but playing in leagues outside the "top four" you will struggle to even recoup what you had payed unless you have gotten a bargain or you have bought a high potential youngster whose value increases over time (regardless of the fact that he might display an average form) I initially thought that it was to do with player CA/PA so i checked the players' value in Genie. The Mexican winger that i am talking about has a CA of 165 and a PA of 185...Riquelme has a CA of 150, the other Ajax winger has a CA of 169 and a PA of 190. This means that the main thing affecting the value of a player is league rep. However we have seen players who go to less glamorous leagues yet command big transfer fees (this is important because i find that usually AI clubs refuse to pay anything more than 200% value of a player) Suarez was bought for something around 6.5 million by Ajax, yet a couple of seasons later he was sold for 21 million. Twente had bought Bryan Ruiz for 5 million yet sold him 2 seasons later for 14 million. My point here is...shouldnt the value of a player be linked to the form he displays rather than the team/league he plays form?
  8. Help/Advice Needed...

    You are going to lose money every month no matter what you do...as Kenco said, the only thing to make sure is that you get a positive balance at the end of the season where in you will get prize money and TV revenue if you are in the Champions League (of course if i remember right teams in Italy get around 2-3 million as prize money right?) I said this a couple of times...maybe SI need to rework the Finance screen interface...doing away with the monthly reporting as well as the quarterly graphs because at the end of the day, it makes no difference whether you lose 5 million in December when you know that the bulk of the income will come at the start and at the end of the season On a side note...for me financially Spain in the worst league unless you are managing the Big Two (Real Madrid and Barcelona) while you can survive with Valencia, Sevilla and Atletico...unless you are a selling club..buying talent for low price and selling them for profit a couple of years down the line
  9. Going by the real life thing...would UEFA really keep a European fixture on an international date in real life? The fact that he released all his youth players does not have any bearing on this problem (not having a go at any one or the game )
  10. Paying off a transfer

    Frankly it makes no difference whether you continue to pay monthly or try to pay it off early in one lump sum. Whether you pay 62k for the next 42 months or pay 2.6 million in one go, the total amount going out of your funds will be 2.6 million. You will be making a profit of 2.5 million regardless of how you pay. The only way that it could be "beneficial" in paying off the whole amount early is the monthly profit/loss column. But everyone knows that this is of very little matter in football finances...people hardly see this as majority of the funds generated will either be at the start of the season (season tickets or player sales) or at the end of the season (prize money) The only thing that matters is whether you are making a profit at the end of the season. In fact you can argue that paying it on a monthly basis is more beneficial because you will be paying less than a million every year. Well it is not the manager's job to even purchase the player in the first place is it??? The chairman does all the financial deals regardless of what club you are
  11. Ok so one example wherein a manager deals with contract negotiations and that is held true for all the managers? What about the Wengers, the Mourinhos, the Mancinis who can only state their preferred transfer target and hope that the board brings in the players. Ohh and the bit about managers having more control over the contracts as you go lower down the league rungs..yes..the clubs are not rich enough to appoint a director of football..but that does not mean that the contract negotiations are held by the managers..United do not have a director of football but it is David Gill, the chairman, who negotiates the contract. Driving a player from an airport is completely different from negotiating how many pounds should the club pay to a player...ohh and btw Wenger had a say in the design of Emirates Stadium...seeing that you are pointing to one example and claiming that it is true for all and sundry ...then you should be saying that the game should include a stadium editor. Whether the idea is good or not..try to come up with logical explanations...just dont point out to the name saying that it is Football MANAGER because clearly you are allowed a lot of things that a manager usually does not do...and there are professional clubs outside England too...so just because directors of football are a rarity in UK does not mean that that is the case for all the other European clubs..infact the opposite is true
  12. Maybe i am having a go at SWaRFeGa and milnerpoint and maybe i will get flamed, but for all your chest thumping that this game is Football MANAGER and not Football Director etc etc...do you even know what a football manager does? He is in no way involved in the financial negotiations during transfer of a player, he is in no way involved in the financial negotiations with the player's agent during contract talks, he is in no way involved during the negotiations with another club..promising them this much money if they play a friendly at home (though this was corrected with 11.3) he is in no way involved in arranging friendlies with different clubs (even managerial legends such as Ferguson and Wenger have to accept the friendly fixture list that the club arranges in the pre-season) apart from a few English clubs, the managers at majority of European and World clubs can only hope that they are given the choice to name their own player that they want to buy, let along enter into financial negotiations and i am pretty sure that apart from some exceptions, a manager has no say in whether the club should get affiliated with another club or has a say in which particular club should the affiliation be. So you see, even though the game's name is Football Manager....we are able to do a lot of things that a manager does not do...technically the manager in Football MANAGER is the merging of a football manager and a director of football. This has been going on and on for the past few years...any new suggestions that might make the game more enjoyable for some (such as wanting to design their own stadiums)...people jump up and down claiming that this is Football MANAGER and not Football DIRECTOR or Football CHAIRMAN. Those who swear by this pseudo realism of the game...maybe they should petition SI to remove all those features that a manager realistically does not do (seeing that this is Football MANAGER)...remove the transfer negotiations, remove the contract negotiations, remove the request feeder club option and just pray that your board will add to the position that you want to strengthen (let alone a specific player) and then come here and say that the Director of Football thingy is boring and "less detailed". Some guys want to just buy or sell players/make financial decisions regarding the club rather than think whether they should increase creativity by 2 notches, some guys are only interested in what happens if they increase mentality by 1 notch while some guys want to do it all.....it depends on a particular person's interest. I remember back in 2003 playing the "other" manager game and in it there were options of what aspect of running the game would i like to control...a similar option here would make those guys wanting those other options happy. Now if SI says that adding this "optional" feature is too cumbersome and difficult...then no problem...we cannot demand something that they cannot do...but just claiming that this is Football MANAGER and not Football DIRECTOR..well those who do that look more foolish than others. Ohh and those who say that people "should stick exclusively to this "other game" if it's so good"...well they bought the game with their own money...and they are commenting on a forum that has been set up by the company from whom they bought the game...and they are not forcing you to read their comments or reply to it..so may be they should simply shut up?
  13. Didn't actually read your complete post since i play with a different formation (similar to the one used by Mourinho at Inter complete with a box to box midfielder à la Sneijder). Since the new patch i was really struggling with tactics (not that they were wrong...but the results were not consistent) However your little interpretation returned my enjoyment to the game Initially used to build tactics basing them on a similar theory (read it first in a thread by crouchaldinho if i remember correctly) but got confused with the various "theories and philosophies" thanks to TT&F and the tactics creator (not having a go at them) So it is back to the "basics" then
  14. Started posting in the thread with this...which (if i can read correctly) did not completely satisfy the OP before your elegant post
  15. wow...if your reply to OP's question is elegant...then i am afraid of what your inelegant replies will be. And yeah...loved the way you gave him a comforting hug in the end