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  1. I'm not to sure whether to go abroad or have a stab at the Championship again!
  2. I have been at my beloved Nottingham Forest for 7 years now and am wondering whether it might be time to move on. I was just wondering what experiences you have had and what choices you have made in the past. For me, I have an attachment with Forest as 1. I support them and 2. I have been there for so long! I'm trying to ignore past achievements and future opportunities and focus on the "present times". What would you do? It would be great to see different opinions! Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I was wondering whether anyone has found/used/created any set piece tactics for both corners and free kicks. I’m hoping to improve my defence when it comes to defending set pieces and of course, score many more goals from them too! Thanks RobTheRed
  4. I'm in the same boat as you. My right back is supposedly one of the best in the league at Barrow but rarely gets more than a 6.0 rating. It's baffling. I hope you pick it up soon!
  5. Hi all, My players keep on getting injured on a regular basis and I haven't found a solution yet. I've tried decreasing the training intensity but haven't been successful as of yet. Do you have any tips which could help me out? Thanks a lot!
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