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  1. Its happened again FM 2019 v19.1.5.1166322 (2018.11.25 15.38.16).dmp
  2. Crashed during a game twice since update, crash dumps below FM 2019 v19.1.5.1166322 (2018.11.20 22.53.30).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.5.1166322 (2018.11.21 20.12.59).dmp
  3. I'm getting the same crashes to the game i was getting a few weeks ago. I was told to turn my graphics down and to continue playing. This worked for a couple of weeks but now its started happening again. The game always crashes during a match and goes back to the desktop, there's no error logs or any sign the game was even open.
  4. I can echo what's been said on the above, only started happening recently but its happened 4 times this week
  5. As an added bonus due to no increase in the transfer and wage budge I now can't offer my first team players new contracts (due to yearly wage rises taking me over my wage budget). The game is now unplayable until this is resolved.
  6. Hi I'm quite a way through the game and have £234m in the bank. The board haven't given me a transfer budget this season. On the expectations screen an increase in expectations only results in a very slightly higher wage budget but no transfer funds. The game has been updated to the latest version during the season. I had pending transfers when the budget is normally announced (upon achieving qualification for the Champions League), obviously they haven't gone through now. Many thanks FM bugs.docx FM bugs 2.docx FM bugs 3.docx
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