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  1. WB on right and CWB on left and Winger on Right and IF on left with me. Although playing with 2 CWB's or 2 WB's would probable not make much difference results wise. I played with 2 IF before as well although due to some transfers and new players coming in I switched the AMR to winger. on AMC it's AM(A)
  2. Tactic I'm using is just a 4-5-1: GK WB (Support) CD (Defend) CD (Defend) CWB (Support) BWM (Support) DLP (Defend) IF (Support) AMC (attack) Winger (Support) CF (Attack) Playing on high Tempo, control or attacking depending on opponent, Get stuck in, Use offside trap and higher defencive line, pass into space, mixed passing, be more expressive, Look for overlap and exploit left and right flank, clear to flanks. Seems to work with the team I have at least.
  3. Couldn't make it 3 champions league victories in a row unfortunatly, lost 1-0 to Bayern in the finals this time, had a pretty easy way getting there with the only hard opponent being barca (can't really count Lazio after I beat them 9-1 in the quarterfinals). Was one of only 4 losses I had throughout the entire season. Lost the community shield 1-4 after a stupid red card from Phil Jones, Lost to West-Ham after a red card from Marquinhos and for some unexplainable reason my squad managed to lose against Nothingham Forest Had my most dominating season so far though in the league and finished first again with only 1 loss. Plus I finally won my first FA cup.... about time too but it seems the gap between my squad and the rest of the league has widened by quite a lot. Although after this season I did sell Maximilian Meyer to Chelsea, found the offer just to good to refuse (69m upfront+15 mil over 12 months and another 15 mil after 50 games) concidering he was a rotation player for me. Hopefully next season will be a bit closer in the league since this just turned out to be plain boring.... gonna be playing with 2 new regen midfielders and 3 regen defenders next season I guess so will probable have a slightly weaker team then I did last season, although I will have Neymar available for the CL unlike this season.... Dybala has been very impressive so far though for me in this game, definatly worth the money, doubt I'll sell him before he retires at this rate. Scored 5 goals in a single CL game as well:
  4. Dybala > Messi confirmed Since my transfer budget got upped by so much I decided to make a splash and spend 129m on Neymar. Mostly because I was happy with my team and couldn't really think of anyone I really wanted to get (besides John Stones and Romagnoli who are at City and AC Milan respectively who don't want to sell them). I still have about 150m transfer budget left after selling James Wilson (haden't developed very well and only played as a sub in 3 games this entire season). Getting a lot of offers now for Memphis as well but at this point in the season I'm not gonna let him go for less then 80 mil. Only brought in a total of 6 players this season of wich 5 of them are sort of projects (regens). Zagli who I got from Besiktas is probable the most promising of the bunch concidering his current ability is already pretty decent and a lot of room to improve. The others have half a star more star rating though but need to develop a lot more. Transfers: GK - David de Gea (Backup: Bartlomiej Dragowski) DR - Eric Dier (Backup: Matteo Darmian) CB - Chris Smalling (Backup: Emanuel Mammana and Phil Jones) CB - Marquinhos (Backup: Eric Traore and Marco Franco both regens, Franco can play DR too) LB - Jorge (Backup: Luke Shaw) CM - Paul Pogba (Backup: Andres Cubas) CM - Youri Tielemans (Backup: Bastian Schweinsteiger) AMR: Gabriel Barbosa (Backup: Andrija Zivkovic) AMC: Christian Eriksen (Backup: Oliver and Maximilian Meyer) AML: Neymar (Backup: Memphis Depay) ST - Paulo Dybala (Backup: Anthony Martial) So far this squid is working fine as well due to a lot of positions being interchangeable. Meyer for example can play any of the AM positions and can function as a CM as well if necesairy. Then there's Memphis who can play as a striker as well just as Barbosa. I think the main weakness of this team is currently the central defenders and I probable need a better backup for DR. Marquinhos has been doing great for me this season, Smalling has been so-so. Phil Jones has been absolutely dreadfull so far this season, gets disciplined way to much and already recieved 3 red cards wich is unacceptable. Mammana has proven to be a sollid backup though and the 2 regens are performing better then expected concidering they still aren't completely at the point where they should be to be sollid premier league defenders in my opinion Franco: Traore: (coming back from an injury)
  5. I'm starting to love the board just got this msg: and after that talk this was the result: seems the board comes a lot more to me with proposals then before, I've had the board come to me for expansion to the stadium, facilities (Haden't notice one of them had deteriorated but they came to me about it and improved it) and wage budget for assistant manager. @Sikanderkhan that's very close to what I use as well, the only difference is I guess my CM's since I always play with at least 1 Ball winning midfielder and I play only 1 complete wingback and 1 normal wingback. Seems to work fine at least.
  6. Anyone got any advice on how to get rid of Rooney. He got disgruntled after he was no longer my first choice at ST or AMC, so I tried to sell him. But he keeps refusing everyone and says he wants to stay with Man U, even though he skips practice every week (I'm fining him 2 weeks wages every week so far because of that). I demoted him to the under 18's , removed him from the match registration and removed his captaincy as well. I'm willing to even let him go for nothing the thing is he keeps rejecting every other team, Everton, PSG, Arsenal, Chelsea, Juventus and Athletico Madrid for example. Mutual release on his contract also failed and if I normally release him it's gonna cost me 31 mil.....
  7. Just managed to sell Schneiderlin for 75m in the 3rd season.... to PSG ofcourse. And on top of that Also sold Mata for 62m to PSG as well in my 3rd season (prices for players are kind of inflated after winning the CL still it seems) Got Tielemans on nearly the same level as Schneiderlin already so he can step in there, and Eriksen with a little room still to grow already replaced Mata in my starting 11 now. so my team now looks like this: ---------------------De Gea------------------------ ---Darmian----Marquinhos-----Dier------Jorge--------- -----------------Pogba----Tielemans--------------------- -----Barbosa--------Eriksen----------Depay--------- ---------------------Dybala------------------------------ I will be looking for a backup for Darmian though since I also decided to sell Sime Vrsaljko. I think my depth for most other positions is fine with Meyer, Zivkovic, Martial and Januzaj as possible attacking midfield options (and Rooney I guess as well since I can't get rid of him). I have 2 good regens for central defence in the future so for now I'll have to do with Rojo, Smalling and Mammana as backups. I still wish Man city wouldn't have beaten me to Stones though.....
  8. Ever since I changed from 4-4-2 to 4-5-1 I'm doing amazing. I had a very good season in my first season after getting lucky and winning the CL as well as the title. Now in season 2 my team is slowly starting to look like a powerhouse, especially with the addition of Dybala (just a pitty he can't play in the CL since I brought him in during the january transfer window). I Dominated the league this year, last few games didn't go to well but I was pretty much rotating heavily to give my u21 players a chance to get some experience in as well since I already clinched the tittle in round 33. Also won the world cup for club teams ofcourse even though I think Rooney missed 2 penalties in the finals (Rooney really in this game for me and I can't seem to get rid of him either). Also reached the finals of the FA cup (only had to play 2 prem teams so lucky draws again) but unfortunatly lost after penalties to man city. Results in the prem: FA cup: Did lose in the capital one cup but couldn't care less about that cup. Uefa super Cup and Community shield I also won but Don't really care about those two either. Had a somewhat hard group draw in the CL. Legia Warshaw, FC Barcelona and Internazionale. Managed to go through by winning both games against Legia and getting a draw and win against Inter although I lost both games to Barca. Ended up 2nd in the group wich gave me a great draw against Leverkussen who I beat once and a draw in the other game. Then played PSG, lost 1-2 away but won 1-0 at home to go through because of away goals (way to close for comfort). On the sidenote the transfers this season by PSG seem to be a lot more sensible then I remember from last years game at least, I still remember them buying 5 left backs in one season in one of my saves for no apparant reason, at least this time they seem to spend money on positions that they needed to reinforce. Then a lucky draw again, I could have gone up against Bayern or Man City but managed to draw arsenal for the semi's who I easily beat (3-2 and 3-0). Also glad Barca got knocked out early wich I didn't expect since I lost both games to them. Had 3 English teams in the Semi finals of the CL wich was quite a suprise. In the finals I was up against Bayern wich I concidered a sort of clash of titans but managed to win 2-1 after going down 0-1.
  9. Trying to sell Rooney and Rojo this season but for some reason no one wants Rojo and Rooney is rejecting every team that offers him a contract guess I'm stuck with them another season. On a bright note though I did get Oliver in and Dybala (Dybala cost me 73m but in 4 games he already scored 13 times included 3 in a 5-0 win vs arsenal so can't complain). Do notice I seem to lack some depth in defence and central midfield. So far my most dominating result against a top team, Phil Jones did end up getting send off in the 51st minute after wich I changed my tactics a bit and managed to score 4 more goals. Also happy I sold Blind to Arsenal since he was their worst player on the field So far I think Dybala, Depay and Martial can be beasts in this game. Haven't gotten Rooney who I'm still stuck with to perform and decided to loan out Wilson since he wasen't very consistent for me.
  10. Just finished my first season. I have enabled every nation in my save as playable, however made the mistake that I forgot to switch the game start date wich meant I started 19/12/2014 (Argentina) and had to sim through a lot of months doing not much at all. Did lead to a higher transfer budget though (about 200+ mil wich was kind of huge). Sold the following players: Then Brought in Pogba and Marquinhos as my only big transfers (Marquinhos was quite dissapointing though) with two mid tier transfers in Maximilian Meyer (who was injured for half the season) and Barbosa Did pick up a few nice bargains though: Zivkovic 3.8m Andres Cubas 6.2m Bonazzoli 1.5m Dragowski 7m Then later on decided to get some more dept at LB and RB and picked these up (Jorge was amazing after Shaw was out for 4-6 months and the other one just a backup that can play on both sides): Tried just before the deadline to convice to board to increase my transfer funds wich they did and got Eric Dier who helped me win quite a few games. Also since my game started at the end of 2014 I got 2 regen dates although I only got one nice player in those two dates unfortunatly: Ended up winning the league 1 point ahead of Man City: Plus won the Champions League quite unexpected: So far my plans for the second season are to bring Eriksen and sell Rooney and Carrick
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