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  1. I signed a scout in 2018 and now he's gone from my staff list in 2020. On his profile it says he's a free agent, but there's no option for "approach to sign" or offer contract. In his staff history career milestones tab, his time at my club is still open ended with no date that he left. He is 72 yrs old, but no mention that he's retired. This is very weird. Is it possible staff might request a leave of absence that I didn't notice?
  2. You can just imagine the opposition players yelling and aggressively trying to "help" him to his feet.
  3. Had a similar thing a few weeks ago. I forget where, but somewhere in here there is a setting that fixed it. Somewhere in these links:
  4. Funny how they never played Hudson-Odoi until Bayern came calling. "Oh wait a second, Bayern want the lad? Well then he must have some talent. Blimey, he's been under our noses all this time!"
  5. Looks more like a wide player to me. 13 off the ball is not great for a shadow striker. Honestly though would really come down to performance. Plenty of players perform well in positions they're not suited for
  6. Such is life at Ajax. The unfortunate reality is that no ambitious and highly talented player can reach their goals at Ajax. Like others have said I have found with small clubs that it's best to take the first good offer. Otherwise you get trapped in bargaining on a price with the player and it's always extremely less than what you're hoping for.
  7. That didn't really cover his question though. I have seen the same thing, a player taking a much lower contract offer after he'd rebuffed my much better contract. That is simply not logical. I could see if the lower offer was from one of his favored clubs, but it wasn't. I could even understand if he had favored personnel on that club, but still wasn't the case. The only way to explain it is that there's a lower bar for negotiations between AI clubs and players. This is a flaw. In OP's case, why on earth would the player take City's offer if much lower and not as much recent success, and also no favored personnel to speak of? There is no other criteria (or at least not transparent criteria) that would explain it.
  8. Just a guess, but could be tied to your club's reputation which I'm sure is very low if you're non-league.
  9. I lost 8-2 as Arsenal against Man Utd. A pitiful FM version of the same scoreline from a a few years ago.
  10. Ahh yes, the dance of the sugar plum fairy! A rare SI Easter egg. Lucky you!
  11. Last season Marco Asensio missed a game because of an ingrown hair from shaving his legs. It got infected and prevented him from pulling up his socks. ---- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and holy cow man, no one needs to see that!!! A simple "yes, blisters can be bad" would've sufficed.
  12. When I first played FM in FM15 in my first season I took Arsenal to the CL finals against Barcelona and lost 3-0. I haven't replayed a game since (I realized there's no point as it ruins a save), but that one time I did replay it. It took me less than 10 times to get a win against them. The original loss I was absolutely outclassed. It had that feel of some FM games where there's nothing you can do. The opposition is just too good. That's just one example that completely disproves your argument. This was a game I had no business of winning. And still I managed to squeak a win past Barca in I think 5 or 6 tries. What is your response to that?
  13. Geubbels is an absolute monster on FM. On FM 18 I bought him despite being a bit leery of his attributes. Very low bravery and not the best mentals in general, but holy cow the guy is a goal machine.
  14. There is a glitch that I noticed last year. It was an EFL Cup game and in regular time I'd used all 3 of my subs (still had my 4th for extra time). Towards end of regular time one player got injured and had to be removed, leaving me with 10 men until extra time. At the start of extra time though I was unable to use the extra sub to fill the "vacant" spot of the injured player. Just a warning that it may be good to still hold your 3rd sub until extra time.
  15. But the question is, why reload the first time? I'm not judging, everyone can play how they want, but that first reload is the death knell for a save. What I've always done is saved immediately after a game and continued. Or else just save and shut the game off. Probably Man United were running the perfect tactic to counter yours. Another factor could be if you gave a bad team talk or team meeting before you saved for the reload. I think that could be coming into play a little bit too?
  16. Have noticed this as well. Really top staff members, whether it be scouts or coaches, seem to more often stay with their current club rather than move. It used to be on the first day of a save I'd offer contracts to a dozen or so staff, and 9/10 would accept quickly. Now there are always at least 2-3 that stick with their current club. I quite like it, it at least gives the feeling of club loyalty among staff. Even if that's not exactly the mechanism that's at work.
  17. How many times have we heard players tearfully admitting that their bodies can't keep up with their minds any longer on the pitch? So many players regretfully retire in their early to mid 30's once they realize they're not up to par anymore. I always get a good mix of older players opting for MLS or lesser Euro leagues. Then some will just retire, and others are content to be a dressing room presence and play 8 odd matches a season. I find it a good mix and have zero issues with retiring players.
  18. I'm constantly contributing some of the player's wages to the buying club. It's part of my new strategy for selling unwanted players. I don't mess about trying to extract as much value any more, I find it an exercise in frustration management. Now I transfer list them for cheap and also offer out to clubs with me contributing 30 odd percent of their wages. ESPECIALLY if they're in the last year of their contract. I get instant offers and get the sale done quickly. Instead of countless "there are no offers for this player" emails and incrementally lowering their price. Waste of time IMO when I'm never going to get their value anyway. This was doubly true for a youth player who I thought I was offering 2,500 a week. I didn't realize until about a month later that I'd accidentally put him on 250k a week! Needless to say I was contributing the lion's share of his wages when I finally moved him on!
  19. I haven't found this to be the case. When playing relegation fodder at home, it's always a challenge to break down their 100% defensive tactics. It's true that once you get a goal, things open up more, but I've been "FM'd" a lot by very poor teams who keep 10 men behind the ball.
  20. In my experience the role suitability is almost meaningless. I've consistently used players with an orange or even slightly red suitability rating, and they perform very well. I think actual attributes for that role are weighted much more heavily. If they have good attributes for the role that's pretty much all I look at.
  21. On a similar note, I've always wondered about the player interaction attribute. Mine only ever says "rarely interacts with players". While I'm not constantly doing player interactions, I always respond personally to specific issues, and am quick to praise players for training. Or to encourage loaned players to improve their performances, etc. What would it take to get the status of "door always open to players". Does that mean constant player interactions through the first and youth teams?
  22. I don't even bother anymore with trying to maximize the fee I get for unused players. For example, I'm managing Arsenal. I decided to sell Ozil. I didn't even attempt to get the 40 odd million he was worth. I simply listed, him set his price at half his value. Same thing with Mustafi, same thing with Calum Chambers. All 3 went for between 10-20 million. The difficulty level of getting in a decent fee for an unused player is simply not realistic. Of course IRL an out of favor player (i.e. Ross Barkley) won't go for a fortune. But there's plenty of examples of out of favor players still going for very decent money simply based on their reputation.
  23. That is very good. I didn't play FM13, but that's the most photo-realistic regen picture I've seen yet. Why they got away from that is a mystery.
  24. I don't doubt they will improve over time. I think I remember reading that they outsource regens too. And from FM16 to FM17 they went with a new studio. Not sure if they've changed it again. If so, not sure why they wouldn't stick with a winning formula. Onwards and upwards I guess.
  25. I agree with this, but I don't think anyone's clamoring for FIFA-realistic regens. In FM 16 the regens were very decent. It has less to do with quality of graphics and more to do with art style. At first blush I didn't mind this year's regens, but after seeing more of them they really are far too cartoonish. Look at this from FM 16. It's not going to blow anyone away, but it's a perfectly acceptable style which I think most people were fans of. Compare that to last year when it was players changing ethnicities every game (I know they all go to Fiji or wherever for vacation, but they can't get THAT tan!). The year before it was 16 year old orange eyed hellspawn with the hairline of Count Dracula. I really don't think it's too much to ask for something approaching FM 16's regens.
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