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  1. Yes, exactly! Appearently this issue has been raised before last year around 7 times. UI staff is aware of the problem, but is unable to find the cause unfortunately. I created a new treat with a summary of previous treats about this problem with some new information from my side.
  2. @MrPompey, im not seeking for tactical advise, the selected roles and duties for the players in the provided pictures are random, dont mind them. Also it should not matter if a role has only 1 or several duties, there should be a suitability circle visible. Language is Dutch. Below the picture as before in English this time.
  3. Hi guys! Yes, this was the first thing I also thought of and tried immediately. Sorry for not mentioning. Unfortunately same issue(see picture, left 1st squad tactic screen-right u23). But many thanks in thinking with me! If there are more suggestions/ideas, they are very welcome
  4. Hi MrPompey, Thank you for your response. it's not 1 player, its all of the players. The left picture is from the first team tactics screen, there you see the circle with the suitability of the players role. At my u23 and u18 team tactics screen they are missing at every player(right picture). I think its a UI problem rather than it has something to do with the selected role. Thats why i reached out to the forum, to see if this is normal or that I am missing something
  5. @moderator, Is it allowed to bump questions like this until a conclusion has been formed?
  6. Would be interesting to see some main leagues like PL, BL, LL, Serie A and Eredivisie. Lots of surprises?
  7. Hi Guys, Just a quick question, as you can see in the picture I am missing the role/duty circle in the tactic screen. It is only missing at my u23 and u18 squad's tactic screen. I have an assistant manager, but I have not selected him in the responsibilities screen to be in charge of my u23 and u18 squad, I am myself. Now I have to go to their profile every time to see their suitability, quite annoying. Any ideas?
  8. I like to contribute to your question. First of all, (as with many things in FM) there are a lot of factors that determine if a non-league player can reach the level of championship or even PL. To name a few: Potential talent, the right fysical and mental capacity, level of (youth) facilities to reach his potential, quality of training, playtime and the level of opposition when playing matches. In reallity it happends not that often, in FM I think it can happen more then in RL, because of the quick promotions you can achieve and with this increased training, facilities etc. I have 2 FM exa
  9. Dont consider myself a LLM veteran, but I always play with Stockport and try to get them as high as possible(I like 'former big clubs' that dropped at least 3/4 levels). First season 2nd VNN, second season 1st VNN, third season 1st VNL, fourth season 1st L2(didnt expected this one though, was more aiming to avoid relegation), fifth season 7th L1, sixth season 1st L1. * Started with 4-4-2, short passing and wide play from the beginning. Still on the same tactic. Only using sometimes a counter version. Only little tweaking during match. * Last 3 season I had always one of the lowest salary e
  10. Promotion to the championship will give you a great increase of financial resources, what means you can probably upgrade a facility, hire better coaches, scout more future stars etc. This all benefits your players progress, so I would definitely say go for it!
  11. Thanks a lot Seb! This clarifies a lot! At least for me, but I hope others will benefit from this to. Indeed I recently secured a triple promotion from the 6th to the 3th tire. At the end of my 2nd season in League1 now, just secured promotion. My reputation is only 2,5 stars, so it will definitely be the (to low) reputation that is getting in the way here. So yet to discover foreign affiliates, makes sense that L1 clubs wont be very active in RL. Just sold one of these Brazilians for 1,5 mil. Great for me, only a shame of the wasted potential because they only trained at the club for almos
  12. Hey Seb Wassell, thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate! Great you agree and thanks for picking this up! If this changes, this will benefit the gameplay experience for sure! Any thoughts about the factors? If this has to stay secret or will take time to inquire thats no problem, just any reaction would be really appreciated !
  13. Hey Olive Branch, Thx a lot for your reply. I'm disappointed by this as wel, I was hoping to get more interaction with SI on this thread. They have build a strong and active community here. The downside in this general discussion forum is that there is no difference in thread/questions, so the thread will drop down the page very quickly. SI does a great job to reply very fast and a lot.(most of the times), but they indeed seem to be selective in where they answer, and relative easy questions seem to have an advantage here. In my opinion this is a thread that matters, because a good answer wil
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