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  1. Yeah, don't worry about evidence. I've never seen a report of a pitch invasion by pink unicorns on Sky Sports News either. By your logic it doesn't mean that that doesn't goes on either.
  2. I really don't care if a player is gay or straight or otherwise. It's a shame that IRL footballers evidently do, however.
  3. I find 2D less stressful to watch. Much of the time in 3D I'm left scratching my head as to why the players are acting as they do. 2D makes it easier to make excuses for the times the ME goes haywire. The slow, on the spot, revolving of players in 2D continues to do my head in - it's been years and yet it's still in the game.
  4. I realise it's just a computer game and out of the 7.6 billion people in the world, I am the only one who cares about my save. So I carry on regardless.
  5. The OP wasnt asking if the game was value for money, they were asking why the large % increase in price.
  6. People never seem to learn; preorder at your peril. It's lamentable enough doing so when you actually know what you are getting, let alone when they are refusing to divulge any details whatsoever! I'll be awaiting the reviews before deciding whether to make a purchase as there is every chance FM18 could turn out to be just another glorified data update. Anyone pre ordering should automatically lose their right to make any complaints they may have about the game on release. You bought it sight unseen, you're the mug.
  7. Average. Simply not enough refinement or new useful features to really set it aside from any other installment of the past few years. A series now seemingly happy to rest firmly on its laurels .
  8. This is a constant problem in the Italian leagues. The ludicrous decision to to schedule first team and U20 matches on the same day means a large amount of micromanaging is needed in order to get a squad anywhere near being fit. The issue of the AI routinely ignoring your instructions regarding who to play and for how long does not help either.
  9. Where are you getting that figure from? Its not just worse stats though is it. It's more often than not one side utterly steam rollering another.
  10. I love how people point out the once per season something like think happens IRL as a justification for it happening weekly in FM.
  11. No thanks. It really winds me up to have to read "Sent via tappytalk" every 10 seconds.
  12. I don't really care whether they are separate games, that's just obfuscating the point. The fact remains that the bug was present in several versions of FM across a number of years and was seemingly only finally addressed in this version. That remains to be seen! Your memory does a disservice however, as I had the issue numerous times without ever having edited the database in any way.
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