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  1. I got Abel Hernandez, he was a legend for me in FM12. One season after buying him I let the Jellyfish go as Hernandez was better!!!
  2. I cant quite put my finger on it, but Mirallas is annoyng me so I sold him in Jan for 7.75Mil to Citeh! I think I noticed him dribbling into dead ends too much, but when I make a concious effort to spot it he stops doing it! Anyway, I needed money and lower wages and this will give more game time to others
  3. Evertonbloke

    Would Gerrard leave Liverpool?

    Not just moving on. I took him to Everton in one game just so I could let him rot in the reserves!!! Mwah hahahaha!!!
  4. I would just like to issue a formal apology to Magaye Gueye. I always shiped you out as I couldnt get the best out of you, I now realise that was my failing, not yours. Perhaps if had realised this sooner I would not be on my THIRD attempt at managing the legendary Toffees! I decided to keep most players this time round and have two for each position, then started bringing in players BEFORE selling others. Gueye was given the second choice Poacher birth in my squad. Bristol Rovers came up in the second round of the League Cup so I rotate the whole squad. Gueye gets a hat trick. Bit harsh to leave him out for the next game, league match at home to Wigan, Gueye scores the only goal to give us a 1-0 win. Might as well leave him in as hes doing well. league match away to Newcastle, different formation this time, after 90 mins we're 2 up and Gueye has the highest rating although no goals, but wait, hes on the ball, and...... Goal. He was already man of the match but he wanted to keep the goal run going! Think its fair to say I am likely to have a miserable Jelavic to deal with soon!!!
  5. Evertonbloke

    FM13: Abel Hernández - La Joya

    He was a legend in my FM12 game got me 80 odd goals one season, although that could be down to Brobs17 amazing tactics! This year I am forcing myself not to download tactics (and enjoying it more because of it) so have been afraid to sign him as I dont want him to "flop" Just loaded up at work to see what hes up to half way though season 3! Looks like I missed my chance, hes gone to porto and worth £18.25mil. One of my favourite players
  6. Evertonbloke

    Enzo Zidane?

    I had a look after you started the thread, I cant see him making it in the Prem. I considered getting him just to see what I could do with him, but then decided my tutors would be better used on players I thought had higher potential. I think he could be good at League 1 level, not sure what that is for Spain though.
  7. Evertonbloke

    Keeping older players going

    The Tutoring was the cherry on top.
  8. Evertonbloke

    Keeping older players going

    Cheers for that, I'm planning on starting him in every second game, rotating with Gibson. Hopefully 20+ games will keep him good enough for this season, and then reassess next season. Ta
  9. I just picked up Lampard on a free aged 36 at the start of the 3rd season. Going to rotate him as a starter with Gibbo, which has allowed me to send Lorenzo Tassi out on loan to my feeder in the championship. Has anyone got any ideas how I can keep him playing longer as I want to get a couple of year use out of him! Training? Playing time? Playing role? Currently hes a CM on attack mentality. First game he set up the Jellyfish for the only goal in a 1-0 win over United at Old Trafford
  10. I've just signed a 36 year old Frank Lampard for my Everton team, hes still good enough to make a contribution and I like him as a player too. (I would also be having the same problem with Pienaar and Jags shortly) So what I want to know is whats the best way to keep him going for longer? In FM12 he played to age 39 in Serie A so I think I can get a couple more years out of him if I have the right training schedule. Has anyone got some pointers on what area to focus on? Or what intensity to use? Cheers all
  11. Sweet, I was gutted when I thuoght this had gone under! Good work fella
  12. At the end of season 2 and we missed out on Europe by goal difference to Man U! Gutted. Especially as I thought 6th place wasnt going to get Europe this year so with 10 minutes to go of my last match I pushed forward for a win, conceded on a counter and lost 1-0 when a 0-0 draw would have been enough! Duffy has been great for me this year, he started on the bench, but Vlaar got injured so he played a lot and had some great games. This season my centre backs will be Duffman and Jags. Towards the end of the season I needed to use Lorenzo Tassi, a youth player I nicked from Inter, and he is looking very good, this season he will be rotated in my first XI with Gibbo, and probably be ahead of Gibbo by season 4. Also had a regen who only 16 make a few appearances due to injuries. Djouya is a DC naturally, but also accomplished as a DR so gave him a few games as a fullback on defend (usually my full backs are attacking, but he cant dribble or cross for ****!) he did amazingly for a 16 year old and didnt look out of place, the first team games would have done him a world of good and can see him replacing Jags in a few more years. Although Boyatta might have other ideas! I'm also finding it really easy to sign good quality youth players, I'm concerned my scouts are rating everyone too highly! Next season we must qualify for Europe
  13. Same for me, I dont give him a lot of responsibilty, just like the legend in my team!
  14. Evertonbloke

    Nice Touch to FM13 I just realised!

    I noticed this in my first game, now, in my second game I know theres no point getting a belgian feeder (3 years for nationality) when I can wait a season and get a croatian feeder (2 years for nationality) the following season.
  15. Got Sacked after season 2 last night! It was obviously going to happen but I was allowed to finish off the season before they gave me the old heave-ho! Last 8 games all draws! Didnt matter who we played. Away to City? draw. Home to already relegated Brighton? Draw! Start of the season I messed up, going crazy on the freebies, theres some good quality back ups available for nothing so I signed a bunch and let a few others go. Got to squad registration and I had only 4 Home grown players left! so a squad of 21, with too many back up players! I even got Beneyoun and couldnt register him so ended paying him a years salary and he only got 2 LC games for his trouble! Also signed Senderos just to help with the home grown players and forgot to click the confirm button to register him! Then got injuries to Howard and Mucha so had to bring back Richard Wright on a free so I had a keeper with any kind of experience! I have no idea what I was doing, but I had a shocker and no mistake. Anyway, immediately restarted........