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  1. that would be awesome even if they did a one off for the march feb update with the results starting jan would be good constantly might be a bit much to ask but yea solid idea
  2. Press conferences - available to mod/new questions and a style barometer based on your answers which is then picked up on the social media forum page. Aka if you answer most questions calmly then it is addressed from the fans. Training - ability to choose specific drills/exercises and work on particular issues. Also having to choose between a more varied training programme making players happier but less improvement on each particular aspect aka balanced or a more specific regime but it is seen as more boring hence lower happiness from players. Have the social media forum page integrated into the news page underneath all the press conferences questions so you can read them both at the same time instead of clicking on a separate page making the game more stream-lined. Team chemistry this is already in the game with players who are struggling to fit in perhaps converting this aspect into a team chemistry maximisation? so player transfers and clashing personalities have a negative impact while keeping the same squad has a positive impact. Winning a competition - news/social media / visuals are terrible for this, same generic post year in year out, difference in post based on reputation more than there is, but even if it all has to be the same something has to change very very dull. Being able to have one on one conversations with youngsters who you hope to break into the first-team be able to tell them things like I'm watching you impress me or something like that. Having more interaction with the youth system as well get asked to control a match (rather than the default of doing so which no one does!) A Media prediction page lowdown at the start of each season and a comparison at the end. Each team has a media prediction anyway why not make that into a feature even something generic aka this team is predicted to come this place because of the strengths here and there and a lowdown on the manager. AI managers need to be more distinguished based on comments in media and what about bigger focus on who was manager of the season and best managers in the world within the game based on 'fans'. It's impossible to gauge yourself against other people on the hall of fame point system but in game should be doable starting from the bottom and working your way to the top would be much more meaningful. Getting sacked interaction not being so harsh after many seasons we are glad to see the back of you how bad is that after years of service! Transfer fee's aren't high enough in general and less transfers between premier league rival clubs especially at the top end the transfers between the top 6 are too frequent especially 1st team players. Getting asked to appear on match of the day or getting interviewed by the fans! Being able to set club merchandise and ticket prices and of course reaction to that. Pre-season promote the club or more training? Getting hired by a different club/league should have a different feel the club colours should come through more on the pages. Visually FM is terrible even for a simulator dull, bland and dreary along with the desperate need for the official badges manager profile pictures, player pictures etc (I know there are mods but still). A desperate revamp is needed. Even being able differentiate between your office and your ground. Speaking off being able to allocate your time between office and pitch might be nice. Challenges and scenarios match challenges would be good rather than months aka your 1-0 down 45 mins to go can you motivate the players to win the match? Something like that. Team talks instead of having to click on the style and then see the options for that particular style and revamp it to the options all appearing at once and then only having to click on the style and then the speech rather than the current system. Also, different team talks and again allow the fans allow to mod them. Job value doesn't seem to high enough upon signing a new contract always seems low regardless. Ranking system for who makes the most money in your league I know you cant do anything with it but at least it would be more of an incentive to gain a higher wage achievement become the highest paid in the world for example a benefit of hiring former players aside from their stats maybe a boost to morale from the youngsters? + social media impact. Fan confidence needs to play a bigger impact being able to meet the fan chairman of the supporters club like you can with the chairman would be cool. being able to see the opposition manager and being able to see a resemblance to the real manager in real life on match day. cheers
  3. Love the game but yea so much work to do be done alright here goes nothing: Visuals: Ok so I get that football manager is not a visually stimulating game but some improvement has got to be made in this area haven’t spent a colossal amount of time on FM any changes would be welcome but here’s my proposed list. So press conferences how about a little picture for example you could have a picture of say a silhouette of a manager blanked out with the advertising boards behind it (realism and revenue) and microphone’s pointed at you with the questions asked below as normal. Also on that note press conferences when selecting a tone option can it stick to that option it’s a pain having to click on passionate or anything other than calm for every single question. Or have a option of a default setting so you can select what it starts on? Kits, Club badges, competition badges all of that desperately needs the official images brought in. Managing any club feels the same. Same layout, same look regardless of division, nature or size how about we see the YNWA sign when managing Liverpool or pictures of the stadium or training ground of that club. Even generic ones of a poor stadium facilities to world class or maybe a backdrop of the city just something to differentiate the cultures of the clubs. Matches: Handshakes of the players?, Spoken aloud commentary would be great I don’t think I have ever played a FM game that hasn’t been in mute or sounds of crowds. Being able to see the training ground or at least a default picture dependent on class of facilities. Press Conferences: probably the worst thing in the game lads, these are a chore and are so predictable for long term users first off add more questions and make them more relevant even allow users to make their own and mod the game with it that would be great. Training needs a new overhaul arguably the most important thing as a coach its all so generic I mean you stick it on balance and then that’s pretty much it! Needs individual regimes and sessions to personalise and choose from. Bigger emphasis on improving current players would be good, seems to have little impact regardless on if you have the best coaches in the division and world class training facilities it’s hard to develop young players or just improve current. Squad chemistry constantly told by scouts that so and so is struggling to fit in yet his morale is the same as others plays the same and never turns up unhappy what difference does it actually make? Team talks need an overhaul seems to be that only show me something else in the second half is the best thing you can say by a mile regardless of tone really generic. You cant talk to players on national duty anymore whats that about? Way too many goals conceded immediately after someone scores and too many in the last minute of a game. End of board meeting isn’t even a meeting! Its just a message how about another board meeting where it takes you to the actual page and gives you a proper review and asks questions like where can you improve what can we do differently etc Scout reports aren’t very detailed and the star system makes it feel very gamey way too easy to find players that will improve your squad with it. Transfers why when negotiating with a club do they always want monthly instalments and bonuses aka after 10 games receive x amount compared to money upfront which is what I was offering I mean you can offer 30m upfront say they will say they want 20m upfront and 20m over months and after goals/apperances then you offer 31m upfront and they take it bizarre and the other way why do clubs make an offer non-negotiable in the first round of negotiation which I will reject only to then offer another non-negotiable offer. It would be good if we could personalise the manager’s history more aka pick former position caps goals and former teams. Fans need a bigger role in the game practically non-existent Winning a trophy needs to have more about it often you get one extra message and that’s it even a simply animation confetti screen would be good. Tactics make a simple adjustment and familiarity takes such a massive hit also for international despite playing the same system for 6 years with 80% of the same players their familiarity was still barely competent how long should it take! Co-op games it would be good if they made a bigger deal about it talk about the rivalry comparison stats etc How are leader board calculated seems a bit off
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