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  1. I've uninstalled the game completely. I've reinstalled 16.3.1 from scratch, with no mods and have attempted to load my save game. Same happens. Start screen, load game, then nothing. It takes me back to the start screen. This was the very first try of a fresh install. It suggests it is the save game or the drivers surely?
  2. Thanks again. Okay, cache folder has been zipped up. I didn't know where to stick it so I put a copy under the game-crash folder. It is called pdstanbridge.7zip
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I was waiting to see if 16.3 helped, and although at first it was running fine it has once again started to freeze. I'm not sure I understand when you say upload my cache. What is the cache as such?
  4. I have played the game almost religiously since the beta, and not really experienced these kind of freezes since post 16.1. Windows updates are automatically installed. The game will not freeze during play. It will only freeze during loading. Ie, I select load game, game load bar appears, runs to 100%, screen flickers as if it is about to load the game up for me, but instead it takes me back to the start screen. At this point the game has frozen. I have to task manager out of it, shut it down, restart it, change to different mode and then the save game will work. For what its worth I've done some tinkering. If i clear the cache directly after a freeze the game seems to load without me having to change the full resolution/windowed borderless mode. Does that point to a problem with something in the graphics folder?
  5. Thanks Neil. Reverted back to those drivers. At first I had no freezes and thought it had worked but this morning it came back. So no joy unfortunately. :-(
  6. There are lots of things I'd like to see improved but one issue I have with the game that has been ongoing is with the sound. If you play a BPL game you may expect lots of cheering/chants/jeers etc. But for lower league matches where there are hardly any spectators you would not expect much noise at all. However, from the BPL to the lower leagues the sound remains the same. I had a match with less than 50 spectators apparently, yet the sound for that match was exactly the same as it was in a 30,000 spectator match.
  7. That's not that surprising. The crash dump was a one off and I can't remember when it occurred because I hadn't saved the game. It was probably around August 2024. The freeze is slightly more disconcerting for me as it happens regularly.
  8. I've done a bit of testing. With the original problem the ONLY way I can get back into my save is by changing to windowed borderless mode. Then the game will once again work. If that then refuses to load next time I then change the mode BACK to full screen, and it works again. This is the only way I am able to play the game at the moment.
  9. Hi Duncan. This is one of the first crash dumps using 16.2. This particular crash was weird - it was at a point when I was in discussion with my board about an affiliate link up. I heard the tell tale ping in the background, even though the game for all intents and purposes was still running. The game had crashed and I had to task manager/end task to get out of it.
  10. I've just experienced a crash dump, so I've uploaded the file. It's called philstanbridge.dmp
  11. No, that's right. I am using a Asus ROG laptop which in essence is a desktop replacement. I tend to run off the mains most of the time for high performance. But it copes admirably off the battery too. I get about an hour or so out of it in FM.
  12. It's not an integrated card as such Neil. It's a fully fledged Nvidia GTX 980m with the latest drivers. Just had another 'freeze' after loading the save game. I might start a new save and see if I run into the same problems.
  13. Hmm well I am a stickler for house keeping. I suppose there is the chance I deleted those files myself but I must admit I don't remember doing it. The current folder is located under Documents/Sports Interactive. I guess that is the default path. But there isn't any crash dump folder within.
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