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  1. Well the plot thickens... I bought and Argentinian winger whom has been exceptional for me over the last two seasons. He asks for a new contract which I humbly accept and he is refused a work permit! I've got a Spanish feeder - all my new South American imports will now go to this club for two years, which is excellent. But I'm totally stuffed with my Belgian feeder. I put 8 of them in this club which is lower tier until their permits were granted, hoping that they would qualify part way through. So far none of them have, and I'm over half way through with all of them. Some of them are now 2
  2. Well this is the thing. They've all had international games now, some have had several. But only one has had a permit granted. He was an Egyptian 18 year old and I got his permit before he was even loaned out to the feeder, which was a bit bizarre. The others are just idling away. I say that, they are playing for their clubs, one has done extremely well in fact, but it's painful to watch them and not be able to use them.
  3. I have just been promoted to the BPL after several seasons of torture in the Champs. In that time however I was anything but idle in the transfer market and purchased 11 youth players for my future first team. All these guys have been extremely well scouted and are likely to turn into great players. However, all of them require permits. Now I realise the permits business is realistic, but it isn't much fun. I have two feeders at present. One in Belgium and one in Spain. The players from South America are being fed to Spain and everyone else is going to Belgium. But Belgium is now 5 years. This
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