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  1. I'm struggling to find a working tactic for my Athletic Bilbao save. I tried to deploy the same set up (below) as i did on my Arsenal save (which brought me a lot of success) but i can't manage to win games. Now i understand that the players and quality is completely different and i'm not expecting the same level of results from my Arsenal save but the profiles of the players i have are all similar. What tactic would work for me with this different group of players? I'm still very new to the PC version of FM. -------- AF - Att ---------- W - Su ------------ AP -Su - BBM - Su -- DLP - Su -
  2. I'm new to FM and i'd like to know whether these set-ups will be successful, which would be the best and what could i alter to make them better. All 3 have been hit and miss so far through pre-season in my Espanyol save. I would also like to know what instructions would be most suitable, so far i've been switching between a more direct, high-tempo set-up and a slower, more possession based set-up. Thanks. CF-At/DLF-Su W-Att/B2B-Su/CM-De/WM-Su FB-Au/CB-D/CB-D/FB-At GK ----------------------------------------------- CF-At IF-At/AP-Su/W-At B2B-Su/CM-De FB-Au/CB-D/CB-D/FB-Au GK --------
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