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  1. Hi again. I'd like 2 strikers and a 3 man midfield AND wingers so I need to compromise somewhere. All I dont want to do is switch between a back 3 and back 4. Think I need to stick to back 4 cos tc default.wI th back 3 causes all sorts of problems on the flanks. And I dont like.to adapt based on my opponent unless there's an obvious exploit, I dont.have the tactical nous.for that.
  2. Thanks. I guess 442 can be amended my big worry was about changing tgehe backline; but ive no real idea when to go 3 at the back and when four. Plus would then need a bigger squad. If I decide I'm going with a flat four I can adjust.the rest. Just have one player I'd like to play anchor protecting the back 4 but could always then play with two deep dms. Yep, thanks, this has clarified it for me;)
  3. Ive only just grasped the basics of a 442 and what.it.offers and the strengths.and.weaknesses. Personally I'd love to have an extra midfielder, anchor, but it.would mean playing 3 at the back or losing a striker. No way I'm playing a lone striker.wwith my squad and then ive tried.a back 3 and found dcs dont cover wide unless you totally make a mockery of the tc. So I'm stuck I reckon with 442 and wonder.if.there's any problem with this? No way I can switch between systems with the same players
  4. aha, plenty of interesting points there, thanks! still, if you use default settings of TC, say, in a 3-3-2-2 it's set for them to all stay central, so guess that;s the idea they had.
  5. thanks will give it a go. just upset the TC doesn't allow CBs to cover wide, is an oversight i reckon.
  6. guys i need inspiration. gonna keep clark as a midfielder and know that the only two midfielders i could possibly want are a ballwinner, diego rodriguez a uruguayan from defensor sporting, and vincent pajot, stade rennais, a dlp in my eyes. both of those will develop as will clark and are my midfield for the years to come. but i've experimented and experimented with a back three and it just doesn't work in the game; i want a DC to close down out wide yet all is left for the wingbacks, don't like that. can't play narrow cos i like albie. so that's a 2 man midfield. clark +1. which one would you choose and why? the ballwinner or the dlp?
  7. would really like to hear from someone who knows about these things. i'm trialling, sometimes, the 3322 because it suits what kind of midfield i want, but i'm frustrated that so many players stay central when there's a threat from the flanks. it would make perfect sense for a DC to close down out wide, because i already have at least 3 men protecting the box; an anchor, a dc and a sweeper.
  8. as far as i know setting dcs to "cover" simply lowers their closing down, but also reduces their mentality. hmmm.
  9. talking solely about a back 3; is it not the case that in real life a DC would go wide to close down wide players? because my ONE problem is that 3 defenders stay central and let wing backs/wide players close down. and in my case my wingbacks aren't great defensively. i'd like them to help, yes, but i want some help from the centre, too. 3 players staying central when the ball is wide is unnecessary.
  10. hi mate no problem losing that itch for it sometimes, maybe you'll find it again in the future. good luck with the new job!
  11. shouldn't need fixing though. a 3 man defence should have correct TC settings as they would IRL and no drastic action should be needed. i will perservere for a couple more games , and if not happy revert to a more comfortable back 4:(
  12. still struggling when i try a back 3. the three stay central and no-one moves wide to intercept wingers. this is not what i want, but it seems the natural order of things.
  13. i also give him higher CF to make game-changing decisions........ other than that don't mess with his settings.
  14. most definitely cm/d. he's brilliant. doesn't need to do too much but has the composure and intelligence just to sit there. would never consider him a ballwinner........
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