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  1. And people still argue that this game is not simified and scripted for you to win easily 🙈🙈😂😂
  2. With, to date, only 22k posts on the touch community forum, compared to the 105k for mobile and the 1.7 million for the full version. There are also very few if any youtubers doing career reviews on it...is anyone playing this and is there a future for the touch version of Football Manager
  3. So at the end of all this...you agree that fmt is considerably easier than the full version? Glad we got there in the end 😁
  4. Please show your working? Or are you just another fanboy with your blinkered view? FMT is a simplified and streamlined version of the full game?? What part of that dont you understand I play both and me and everyone else who does can tell you touch is an easier game..thats how it is marketed and designed? Not a critisism but a fact
  5. Same. Show me like for like careers on both and look at the results...FMT is clearly easier and its supposed to be! I understand the fanboys making out lile the games are comparable but they are really not in a difficulty sense. FMT is a stremlined fun game rather than a simulation like the full version...thats just a fact and the way it is marketed and designed. Think about it...that make a game with less options and decisions and make it run faster but charge half the price? 🤣🤣 why would anyine buybthe full versiom if the ganes were idetical
  6. The AI isnt the same 🙈 im a fan of FMT but to say the difficulty is the same as fulk is way off the mark
  7. FMT is no where near as difficult, and is scripted that way....youtubers etc dont make videos of it because its so easy and they win leagues easily.
  8. It is not even close to the AI used in the full version 🤣🤣 why is the speed of touch so fast in comparison then? Touch is a quick and easy (dumbed down) version and is alot easier.. The mobile version is even easier ( guys scoring 65 goals a season and winning everything in 2 seasons)
  9. Match engine visually maybe but the game is scripted to be easier, which it is!
  10. Its built into and scripted in the game, usually January you have the slump
  11. Still no consistancy and its really a flip of a coin who wins games...very poor
  12. The idea of touch is good but the whole match engine just feels like a toss of a coin who wins, its really easy compared to full game and it cant be updated with latest transfers or moves etc
  13. So there will be no January transfer update released by si? Since the game starts in june/july? People just want to play an uo to date game and be treated the same as players of the full version
  14. Ah so it will change in November? And we wont be getting the January transfer update from SI this year then?? Since all games start in June/July? 🙈🙈
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