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  1. Gave up with it and started playing the updated cm 01/02 Waste of money
  2. Would be very interested to know how you done this when its a bug in the game that you cannot view match stats This is PC
  3. Its a game breaking bug in the game. A stats based management simulator that you cannot view any stats in. You cannot view the stats of any game Check out the bug forum where its listed
  4. Can anyone actually see match reports from schedule or results screens?
  5. You cant view a match report due to a bug so the same bug wont let you watch the highlights again Check the bugs forun
  6. If you instant result the match or want to check back on a match report or want to see any match report from another game in your league how do you do this? It says click for match report but nothing happens?
  7. So i assume even though you say you have a fix you wont release it till someone provides a save? Are we as paying customers not entitled to it to make the broken game perform as advertised?
  8. Why would you need a game save? Its not an error to individual users...its an issue for anyone playing touch on PC!! Im pretty sure you could load up any touch game on pc, save it and look into it at your end...would take all of 8 minutes Another attempt to buy time im afraid, could understand if it was only certain users this bug was the case for, but its EVERYONE! The game is broken. Embarrassing even asking for a save IMO.
  9. Im in exactly the same place as you...bought the game tried it and this made it totally unplayable for me. I still dont know how you are expected to play a stats based management simulator without being able to see any of the stats? Asked many times in here and twitter etc and keep getting the same reply...i fear i will keep getting the same reply till i get bored asking.
  10. Dint thi k any bugs have been sorted...game is broken and shouldbt have been released
  11. Has any bug reportes in the forum been sorted? Shamblea to release a game tbis broken but we should all have expected it
  12. Where do you see a match report from any game? Says click for match report and nithing happens. If you use the instant resukt buttin you cant even view what happened...ratings etc Reported weeks ago and nothing done, and this is tip of iceberg in terms of bugs Game is broken, woukd advise people to read bugs forum before going anywhere near touch
  13. Touch PC is a bug ridden unplayable game If you use instant result after the match you cant view the match report making the instant result button useless. Further to that you cant view any matvh report from your fixtures screen...or indeed any match report from any game from any club...rivals win 2-0 and you want to check who scored etc simply not possible 🙈 was reported weeks ago and no updates This is a gamebreaker for me but its not the only big bug PLEASE READ THE PC TOUCH BUGS FORUM BEFORE YOU THINK ABOUT BUYING THIS GANE
  14. Can we look at match reports yet? Or is tbis game breaker still not been fixed
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