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  1. Shame to say I've resigned from Liverpool, after acquiring Aguero we started incredibly but I decided it wasn't as enjoyable as it had been and It was time to leave for a new club. Thus I resigned, and have taken the job at 16th placed West Ham, with a £21m transfer budget, and I hope to move oversees after that and then maybe one day return. Good luck in your careers, maybe I'll be back, who knows, Rafa replaced me as well lol. Cya
  2. Personally I gave Carroll 2 years to impress me and I think he's completely useless on the game. A few very costly red cards, very few goals, and last season loaned out to Sunderland for a fee, where he played 22 league games and scored 2 times. Now worth 4.5m and teams aren't even interested at 1m.... Dunno what to do with that so may just use as a 5th choice behind Rossi, Aguero, Suarez and Wickham.
  3. Ended up with just the league title and the FA Cup. We went out to Barca, as I said we lost 4-1 at Camp Neu and we started very well at home, took a 1-0 lead, only for an own goal to stop our domination, from gerrard of all people, and after going all out Messi scored on the break. In the summer we have sold N'Gog, Aquilani, Carragher left on a free, Fowler has come in as a coach, Ayala and Isaksson were also sold, Viviano and Astori came in to reinforce the squad as frees, Jovanovic's contract was terminated for 28k, and Aaron Ramsey has been signed for £4m. We have a lot of cash left, and after Hazard chose Chelsea over us, and after Lionel Messi refused to talk to us after a 36m bid was offered, (noticed his squad status was 'backup', lol) we are in talks with signings Angel Di Maria for 16.75m and Aguero for 39m. May be selling Giovinco to fund the Di Maria move.
  4. Just won my first League Cup with a 2-0 win over Man Utd. Suarez with the first and a fabulous Rossi lob finished it. We remain just top of the league only a little ahead of Utd, and sadly the Champions League dream is fading after admittedly a demolition at Camp Neu. They were just far better, a wonderful passage of play ended with Iniesta making it 1-0, then Messi beat my full back and crossed in for Villa to head home, who then scored another header via a corner, and Gerard Pique struck a brilliant goal in to make it 4-0 from range. Thankfully our only good performer on the day, Captain Fantastic, Steven Gerrard, got a consolation to give a little bit of hope for the return leg at Anfield.
  5. Came top of my Champions League group but have drawn Barcelona in the next round anyway... Anyhow in a 2 way fight for the title with Man Utd.
  6. Had rivals nzganster but nothing as ongoing or eventful as that lol Good luck Sparey I've not got a great deal of advice as I started off with a u20 english signings only rule, which stopped me from spending until signing C Wickham in january. Kaka just got off and running against Lyon away in the Champions League, 2 goals, one being a brilliant dribble and finish. G Rossi has superb up front with Suarez, including a hat trick for Rossi at Stamford Bridge in a 3-0 win. Making it 6 goals in 4 games and Suarez has 3 in 4. James Rodriguez just scored a great goal against Lyon for his first goal as well.
  7. Some more signings means my squad for next year looks like: P Reina, A Isaksson (free), Johnson, Carragher, Caceres (free), Agger, Wilson, P Jones (16m), Insua, Dominguez (6.75m), Jack Robinson, Sami Khedira (14m), Fernandinho (free), Lucas, Steven Gerrard, Kaka (4.4m), Sebastian Giovinco (7.5m), Milan Jovanovic (no one would take him), Suso, Jonjo Shelvey, James Rodriguez (15m + 4mil over 48months) Luis Suarez, G Rossi (20m) and Connor Wickham (3.3m) Wage bill and finances remain fine, the money was there, I wanted an overhaul to win trophies next year, and that's what I did. (Note, every buy but Phil Jones and Wickham was done this year, although technically Khedira, Kaka and Giovinco's deals were paid for with money left from last season's budget)
  8. Kaka's getting 180k a week for me I believe, he wanted 240k. But my wages and general finances are superb, mainly as I've only bought Phil Jones and Connor Wickham as stated before in two years. So here's the clearout: Skrtel, Aquilani, Carroll, Meireles, Gulacsi, Maxi, Kuyt, Poulsen and a lot of frees. The following have already signed: Kaka, Sami Khedira, Sebastian Giovinco, and there will be more to come, no doubt. (they were signed with last year's budget - just been given 45.5m for new season )
  9. gd signings stevie g, Hazard is amazing on fm. nice job dan and hey bjoggi. My season ended in disappointing fashion, 2nd spot to Chelsea. I've now officially given up on the English u20 signings only, not enough players with potential imo that are English. Phil Jones and Wickham have been good for me but I am now signing whoever I like, starting with transfer listed Kaka for 4.4m, well I'm making the bid anyhow.
  10. Well out of the FA Cup to Spurs in extra time and Shakhtar knocked me out of the Champions League QF... Pretty poor but we are top of the league by goal difference at least, and considering early on in the season we found ourselves 11 points off Chelsea that's pretty good. So naturally our aim is the title, nothing more, nothing less.
  11. Yeah I've been very happy with N'Gog, 17 goals last year with another 12 so far this year, but with a lot less appearances this time due to injury Very unlucky in that cup game, hate it when that happens. Interesting about Utd manager favoured personnel, how you doing in the league? Gerrard got 2 for me just against Newcastle, good to have him fit, and firing hopefully for the end of the season to give me hope of the premiership and possibly the FA Cup and Champions League, too.
  12. Well done bjoggi, should have that title wrapped up, and same to tehnellie N'Gog is on fire. Scored a hat trick against Villa in a 5-0 thumping in the league and then in the FA Cup we had Blackburn where Wickham netted twice, to be subbed off for N'Gog, who casually grabbed a consecutive hat trick. Superb. Didn't think he had it in him but that is now 11 goals in 11 (8) appearances from him, impressive. Maybe if I wasn't playing with the limit of u20 englishmen signings only he wouldn't have been given his chances. But has taken his chances very well. Key member of squad.
  13. Suarez has seen his goals dry up a little, usually meaning big trouble, but Wickham has become fairly useful with a few goals (last minute winner at Swansea), N'Gog is on very good form and Carroll, for the first time under me, has started playing very well. We were about 11 points off at one stage, but some brilliant late form (5-0 win over Aston villa, 2-0 win at Tottenham, 1-0 win at Bolton, etc.) and a collapse of Chelsea, sees us now 3rd on 57 points, a mere 3 points behind Chelsea and United in joint first! Delighted with that, 11 games left. All to play for. A highlight was seeing Danny Wilso, Phil Jones and Connor Wickham take each spot in the young player of the month awards. So FA Cup, Champions League and Premier League are all possible. Could end up with nothing, but much better than the hope of just FA Cup and top 4 I had at one stage.
  14. Shelvey looks a good player there glenn, tbh i haven't played as much as maybe I would've if I thought he could become great, may start playing him a bit more. We have struggled quite a bit this season, with the 'only buy u20 englishmen' rule in place making things very tough. We did get the FA Cup and league first year but in the second we've just arrived in January and we're 4th. We did progress in the Champions League and will face Napoli. The problem has been injury problems, Suarez and Gerrard, our best two players have been out most of the season, Carroll has been dire with a few red cards to his name and one goal in 11 (6) appearances and now my strike order is: suarez, n'gog, wickham, carroll. Anyhow I've decided I'd take top 4, and I'll challenge for the FA Cup and Champions League.
  15. Carroll has been dreadful for me as well, not to mention plenty of damaging red cards. Start to season has been poor, with plenty of injuries not helping, but with Luis Suarez back to fitness, even with Gerrard once again out for a long time, we may have turned it around with a 4-1 win at Derby, Luis getting a hat trick. 5th November, 11 games in, 8 points off Man Utd in top and we're 4th. Far from over yet.
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