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  1. Hello mate! Dropped you a little sub, always nice finding new creators, will keep an eye on your progress. Goodluck!
  2. Each to there own i guess, i find its the reason i can pick up wins when the teams is struggling Dude! Thank you so much! Love doing the AC Milan save! Look out for tomorrows episode, its a big one!
  3. Okay, a possible reason is the simple fact that he may not have any support around him, so just shoots as its the only option, what roles are you CMs on?
  4. My best advice, keep everything very very simple! Especially tactically!
  5. Okay, final question, what system are you playing? As in 4231 422 etc
  6. Okay, so they will be naturally more attacking minded straight away, do you have any individual instructions on them? (excuse the questions, your helping me figure this one out too
  7. Short freekicks certainly help, picked up a sweet one in my last Milan upload, but playing with it still, near post certainly is the way to go from what I have seen!
  8. PPMs can be so useful and so destructive! What role is the player in question playing on? I have a few suggestions once I know.
  9. Interesting! Will see what I can cook up ..roles have a BIG influence on this though! And i suck at roles haha Ha, thanks man, you'll love the game, honestly. I believe I mentioned in the Managers Style video that I didn't feel happy giving out solutions, because each game is individual to itself and the answer will be within it, basically, there is no standard response, there all individualistic! Did I just repeat myself?
  10. Thank you Cleon! Thanks man, I naturally speak quick, and there have been a couple of occasions ive looked back a few days later and have been unhappy with the speed, trying to change a habit of a life time but ill do it =D..I love reading the game and tweaking it, so much fun, have you watched my Milan series? Ive pulled off some excellent victories from minor changes before and during the game, the episode that drops to day is an interesting one! Truthfully im rubbish at role selecting, an area this year i want to improve. Im glad you have identified a pattern in the videos, you've brought something to my attention. All my prozone videos are based around my style and tactic, something i'd over looked, maybe I can look into prozone with a different mentality, ie Attacking etc, umm, interesting, thank you. Hey bro! When you say how long stuff takes, do you mean how often i check? Sorry if i missed your comment!
  11. Honestly, I didnt know you could multi quote, if I did I would have saved myself the hassle of quoting everyone, i have nothing to gain from my post count going up lol..thanks for the kind words regarding the content anyway!
  12. I'm not spamming I just don't know how to use this thing, sorry
  13. I think ive replied to all, just wanted to say thanks for some awesome comments about my yt, not the reason I started the thread, was interested in your opinions on prozone/analysis
  14. I found that originally, but the update did tidy it up a little, still some bugs
  15. More detail is good though, and if youve spent time trying to learn how to strip it back to find issues you are looking for it can be a massive tool for perfecting that nearly perfect tactic, or out smarting an opponent, and when that happens its wonderful!
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