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  1. Hi @Felix Wilkie I just did what you instructed. Saved files still not showing.
  2. Like the title says, the game cannot read or detect my saved games. I've tried already with two different saves with different databases and its still the same.
  3. You guys are lucky. I can't even get the game to start. I just get a black screen, tried all the fixed I can think of
  4. I've been switching up the midfield partnership depending on how the other team plays. Like in the photos above, I always use a DLP on Defend and a Box-to-Box or a BWM. Right now I'm trying to tinker with a Regista and BWM but I've found that I have to use a BPD to stopper than cover since the Regista seems to like to roam a lot and I've conceded weird goals because the back three were left exposed on the counter. I would also try a 3-1-3-2-1 with a DLD on D, a BWM S, and AML A with IFR A it would look like this
  5. Did another game. Bournemouth vs Southampton Pretty consistent with the possession and getting fouls [/img]
  6. Hope this is okay. Number 8 and 23 are my central mids Losing Possession [/img] Tracking back to defense [/img] Winning the ball back [/img]
  7. Sure, let me load up my laptop real quick before my boss arrives. I only have FM 15 in my work computer. Will upload in 10 minutes
  8. For anyone wondering, this is the same tactic(change being auba replaced by barbosa as CFA) Match Dortmund vs Leverkusen [/img] one thing that was evident in this match. The diamon passing lane that I was trying to achieve was used the whole game. [/img]
  9. Here are some match stats. Ill do more when I get home from work later. Gotta make a living mid table bpl team Hull vs Bournemouth top4 bpl team Man Utd vs Bournemouth One thing I noticed about this tactic is the high amount of fouls the other team is getting. It feels like cheating
  10. I use a CF attack. He drops deep to receive a pass and create. I sold auba to make room for a complete forward Sorry for the wrong info above. [/img]
  11. At first I thought it would be but the problem I found without the clear ball to flanks is. The wide guys are not getting enough of the ball, when they do, not fast enough. I guess my thought process was retain possession but exploit if there is space? Same tactic, different team [/img] Again, exploiting the space created by the IFs. Red line for pass. Yellow for movement. Green is for enemy movement to close down ball. Granted this is a stronger team. I have the ideal players for the roles. Instead of the Ball Winning Mid, I use a box-to-box for my main save.
  12. I got bored with my main save and decided to sim Dortmund for 1 year and sold the players that would not fit this tactic. Auba went out, as for many others for quick cash. The main players I decided to retain are obvious. Reus, Gundogan, and Hummels(lucky they were not sold), and bought a new line up of CBs and some midfielders, and a new striker/strikers(pending since Lukaku is still considering my contract) Here is the tactic 3-4-2-1 using inside forwards(please ignore auba since I sold him days after that game) I'm using Barbosa as a complete forward as rotation hoping to get Lukaku accept Here are some pictures of ball movement Here is a 3d picture of how most attacks will happen from the middle to the 3rd As you can see here, Reus the LIF will cut and have 4 options to pass the ball to. Main pass goes to the CF, or Long pass it to the RDW, short pass it to the LDW, or simply lob it to the RIF. The end result being Auba balled it to Yarmolenko for an easy finish. Your second source of chances will come from the DWs as you can see here. Young Passlack crossing it for an easy finish So why not just 3-4-3 like the usual? or a 3-4-1-2 Well, I thought about a tactic where one player will always have a minimum of 3 passing options from defense-midfield-attack to make a successful control tactic. The problem with the 4-3-3 is that the RF and the LF cannot be bothered to drop deep sometimes and be a passing option except when nearing the Box. So I decided to test out wing poachers to some success but found them too limited, so I used the IFs and it was more successful. Here is an illustration of, in a perfect world,how the 3-4-2-1 diamond passing lane should work Here is some game footage with the Diamond passing lane put to work. The question mark is Hummels being out of Position. I thin I put him in BPD instead of BPC thats why Defense to midfield Attacking. You can see the inside forwards making the defenders busy. This will make space for the DWs to make a run at goal or cross. The fullbacks will try to close down but too late because this will open space for the LW or RW to attack. Lol AI _________________________________________________ Player instructions Inside forwards - sit narrower Defensive wingers - stay wider, run wide with the ball as for PPMs, I still dont know. This tactic is a work in progress but basically any ppm that works well with the assigned role and tactic. Will update with match stats soon
  13. So this guy is complaining for more first team soccer.... look at the date..Jeezzzzuzzz
  14. dude Dybala is like Aguero's heir. This is him AI managed in my Spurs save. Been trying to get him but Juve wont budge. Basically Juve is doing a good job getting as much for Morata as he looks average next to him. beast
  15. got him when he was 16, already better than my 3rd choice left back. So played him every game as a sub.
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