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    Up north where it's cold.


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  1. Playing a flat 4-4-2 good so far won my first 6 league games and forrest is on fire with winger attack.
  2. Did anyone get straight into europa league group stage first season?Thought it was strange when i did not have to qualify.
  3. Not seen that before how did the squad react?
  4. I think i know what you mean happend to me a few times the budget changes?I might be wrong though.
  5. Rangers and most english clubs.
  6. Alex ferguson recomended tommy burns to celtic when they asked him about mark mcghee.Not sure if that's the same idea though.
  7. mcgougan 33 wat role did u play jo in?Aint the tic but can't get him 2 play good cheers.
  8. A cant stop him from scoring lol.
  9. Carllton cole has been rank this season lol not been the same since his broken foot last season.
  10. For mcdonald in the league last season 28 goals in 27 league apps way roatation.
  11. How is ur other striker playing mcgougan?
  12. It was some sort of possesion middlesbrough tactic but a tweaked it with a quick tempo and ure right cb scores alot.
  13. The tactic a got was superb after a tweaked it and played with a quick tempo.
  14. A mean vidic and pirlo gettin sold to lesser clubs and real buyin players they dont play like ozil.