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  1. Thanks buddy. Some good points there. Will certainly give those a go.
  2. Yes, I typically use Griezmann there. Brilliant off the ball (18), anticipation (15) and decisions (15). Starting to realise that this is probably due to my reputation more than anything. There may be a tweak or two required tactically but certain that it shouldn’t be underperforming as much as it is. Didn’t even get through the weakest CL group in history. My computer’s on the verge of going out the window.
  3. Regarding the lot of players in wide areas too - it’s been an intention to create a overload. Particularly on the left obviously.
  4. Not at my computer at the moment buddy, but I’ll fire over later. Did start with a F9 but couldn’t get him firing. Him being Messi. Barely scored or assisted so changed to a trequartista. There was plenty of movement around him but barely contributed as at F9. Found trequartista to be far more effective for him. Do prefer F9 myself but taking what I can at the moment. 😄 CWB wise - I do actually have the left one as a WB on support now. Screenshot attached has changed slightly but it’s the general idea. Namely on IW (R) and WB (R) roles. Player instructions pretty straightforward
  5. That’s what I had initially matey and couldn’t get it to work for the life of me. Doing that has always been a favourite front 3 of mine on FM, but not having a lot of success doing it on this version for some reason. Changed them to IWs and both positions perform better. Particularly so on left. Might try IF on the right again. Can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t click. Sending me insane. 😄
  6. I’m not at my computer at the moment but I’ll ping over some screenshots later. The attached is loosely how I’m playing. Keep tweaking bits but it’s the general idea. Overlaps on where/when appropriate. Messi is trequartista and drops deep. Positive mentality, shorter passing, standard tempo, high line and press.
  7. Yes, that is usually the way I go; typically long saves along those lines. May well be something due to reputation, but I am trying to play in a traditional Barca way in a system which suits the players. (4123, Postive, shorter passing, high block, expressive etc). It’s nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever and suits the individual and collective skillset(s). Would be very similar to how most experienced players would set up with Barca. Just want to play good football. Struggling with putting the ball in the net, consistently underperforming to bottom half sides (not winning those
  8. Is anybody else having pretty sudden issues with their performances on the game? Particularly tactically. I’m a very experienced player and know the game inside out. On two previous FM21 saves I’ve won the Libetadores with Rosario Central and Serie A with Catania within 5 seasons. Had great success on previous versions of the game and tactically astute. I consider myself to be very good at the game. Given the recent ME/ratings issues, I started a save with Barca for a bit of fun/to see if better players made a difference to the tactical issues. I can’t string 2 wins together, I’
  9. Don’t know what’s going on but the game is absolutely on its arse. Gone from the most promising FM in years to one which is unplayable. Can’t enjoy it at all.
  10. Can anyone help with this please? I simply want to adjust the purple background on the left (within green box) so I can match it with the rest of the colour scheme which I have created. I want the club colour graphic to remain. The right hand side is masked to a (modified) gradient supplied with the 21Base file. I can change the colour value for that in the config. That is the colour I'd like the left hand side to be. I can't find the left hand side for the life of me. Is it even set in the config? Or is it a solid object somewhere else? Thanks.
  11. Hi all. I'm just exploring skinning for the first time and I'm struggling to locate part of the skin in the XML. I'm creating a subtler, softer skin and am trying to tone down the purple to achieve the grey tone on the right of the image. I can't seem to find what I need to change the left hand side to match it to the right. Believe it's the core background(?). Any clues?
  12. Not able to access Development Centre (sidebar) without an immediate crash. Can right click to access other tabs within, but the landing page crashes.
  13. Hi Kyle, I seem to be up and running again. I’m unsure what the specific solution was however. I basically cleared out a load of my files (deleted dead tactics, saves etc). I don’t whether this was the catalyst for everything working again, but there may be a correlation between that and the ‘too many files open’ error? Not too techy, so could be wrong. All my custom graphics back in now and working fine. IMG_4623.MOV
  14. In exactly the same boat with a very similar setup. It seems to me that this isn’t an issue which isn’t particularly understood, or we’d have had a solution like you say. Odd how it’s so sudden for most. It’d just be nice for it to be looked into properly or merely acknowledged in some cases. Being dealt with really poorly, if at all. Driving me up the wall.
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