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  1. Agree on this. Started (unemployed) in Colombia and won the Apertura with just-promoted Deportivo Pereira. Then cruised the Argentianian Premier with Rosario Central in my next season, finishing on 107 points and no losses, despite having zero cash to spend, a shocking squad and having only brought two young players in on loan. Either that or I really am a tactical genius.
  2. Agree on this. I’m 2 seasons in and I don’t think I’ve had a single red card, despite having ‘get stuck in’ on. Don’t mind it obviously, but just a little unrealistic.
  3. Not able to access Development Centre (sidebar) without an immediate crash. Can right click to access other tabs within, but the landing page crashes.
  4. Hi Kyle, I seem to be up and running again. I’m unsure what the specific solution was however. I basically cleared out a load of my files (deleted dead tactics, saves etc). I don’t whether this was the catalyst for everything working again, but there may be a correlation between that and the ‘too many files open’ error? Not too techy, so could be wrong. All my custom graphics back in now and working fine. IMG_4623.MOV
  5. In exactly the same boat with a very similar setup. It seems to me that this isn’t an issue which isn’t particularly understood, or we’d have had a solution like you say. Odd how it’s so sudden for most. It’d just be nice for it to be looked into properly or merely acknowledged in some cases. Being dealt with really poorly, if at all. Driving me up the wall.
  6. Apologies - it wasn’t particularly clear that. See attached. The is how my game files are setup game. It crashes on launch every time when these files are in place. If I remove all of these files and launch, there’s no issues and it boots fine. That’s obviously no good as I cannot access my saved data. I did have some custom graphics in there but they’re removed. Nothing out of the ordinary (logo packs, small face packs which have been there for months). Anything else within those files are FM built (tactics, saves etc). Anything custom/non-native to FM isn’t present. As yo
  7. As stated in my post (and others’ posts), any addons have been removed entirely. All the generic troubleshooting tips have been tried multiple times. They don’t solve the issue. What do we need to do to be able to play the game?
  8. Any chance of a response? There are a lot of users with the same issue all and no adequate response to any as of yet. Many being ignored or just palmed off. Can we get a solution? The copy and paste solutions which everyone is receiving back do not work.
  9. Hi Flecha. Was anybody able to solve this issue for you or have you figured it out? I seem to be experiencing an identical one and nobody’s getting back on my post with a response or solution (no shock there).
  10. I cannot launch the (full) game. It shuts down within 1-2 seconds of the SI logo displaying. My game crashed last night when reloading my skin (after adding a facepack - since removed, along with any other custom graphics). It has crashed a couple of times when doing this before, but not to an extent where I cannot open the game. I have troubleshooted using every bit of information I can find on here and elsewhere. Caches, preferences removed, verified files via Steam etc. Obvsiously rebooted, used other profiles etc too. Everything numerous times. I believe I've done the lot. I
  11. Done that twice and hasn’t worked. I’m stumped myself. Can’t figure it out whatsoever. Driving me up the wall. Thanks anyway matey.
  12. Yes, definitely. I’ve been through and tested the lot and they all seem to have the same issue. My game has crashed a couple of times when attempting to change resolution. Probably related in some way? Just seems to be affecting the attributes section only. Really odd.
  13. Yes, certain. It’s across the board. My default view is set to attributes and always has been. Not experiencing any other UI issues. I installed the facepack, reset cache, and the issue occurred. Now can’t find anyway to revert it back. Any ideas?
  14. I’ve had a sudden issue with the way my attributes are displaying. I added a small facepack (since removed from system) and upon clearing my cache and reloading my skin, this happened. The attributes now do not fit within the space and scrolling is required to view them all. Can anyone suggest a solution to get things back to normal? From what I can see, I don’t think that I’ve made any changes to resolution or anything. IMG_3908.MOV
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