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  1. FM base did the only right thing in this matter in my opinion: - Banned a member who did not abide by the rules we all agree to when joining. - How many good tactics someone creates does not and should not even come into it. - This fanboy-stuff on here now is getting embarrassing. - Good on FM base to act according to their own rules. - SI should do the same, if offenses on here are similar. It's a ban on a website, ffs. Not ww3. Let's get back on topic, shall we? Jeez
  2. To quote myself: do anyone of you nice fellow FM'ers have Knap's tweaked 442, and would you be so kind as to send it to me for testing? Been away from FM for a few years (registered here in 2000..), and would love to give it a whirl with West Ham to see if it can perform better than Pellegrini's approach IRL.
  3. Hi Knap, I have been a CM'r since the first edition back in the 90's. Have been a casual gamer at best for the last few years. Would be very interested to test your tweaked 442 if you don't mind. I'll make an effort to get into the game again after a few years away, and an effective good old 442 would certainly help me get going again. Cheers!
  4. GUYS, GUYS, GUYS! ZIP it ok? Just leave it! Don't ruin the poor blokes perfectly fuctioning thread. Let's get back to topic, allright? Set-pieces are absolutely crucial imo. A decent tactic can become a whopping tactic by paying attention to the defensive and offensive instructions when the ref has awarded something for someone Discuss!
  5. I'm no mod but have been around here more than long enough to strongly suggest that you ALL let it rest and don't take this any further. Put down the handbags and start discussing tactics which is what we all are here for. spencer and fuss said this and that, blah blah blah. Leave it and let the mods do what they think is appropriate. Don't you just hate the foreigners in the Premier Leagues who are trying to get another player booked? Thought so.
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