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  1. Not sure anyone care too much about these kits anymore but I finally found sometime and decided to finish them up. So here you go, the Wakandan Challenge League kits! Just like before, extract into your graphics folder and replace anything related to Wakanda. 👍 Wakanda.rar I've been posting the kits I've created in higher detail over on my instagram if you'd be interested in checking them out? A follow is always appreciated, thanks! @mockup_fc Challenge League.rar
  2. Been a little busy with other stuff atm so not too sure when I'll have the time but I'll hope to get them done.
  3. Seems like there wasn't any interest in these, think I'll leave the rest of the kits if they won't actually be used. Sorry people
  4. First lot of kits are here! This pack contains all the kits made for the Wakandan Premier League. I'm hoping they'll look good in-game. Decided to make them more simple and as close to the base kits as possible to avoid way too much work. Just extract the folder into the current 'Wakanda' folder sitting where your graphics are. So anyway, enjoy! Kits1.rar Happy New Year!
  5. Thanks! The original looked to have an Ibis, figured I'd just stick with that. Included a Spurs inspired alternative in the alt folder.
  6. The Challenge League is here! The rar file includes all the previous logos so just overwrite and all should be good. Hope you like 'em! Wakanda.rar The kits will probably be available sometime after the holiday...
  7. This is taking longer than expected so I'll probably upload the graphics in packs. So first up, the Wakandan Premier League. Also featuring some comp logos and nation logo/flag (which you'll have to override the Sudan logo/flag to use). Not entirely happy with all of these but anyway, here you go! Wakanda.rar
  8. Haven't tried out this database just yet but I love the attention to detail you've put in, great job! I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to the graphics I use, and while yours are good for what you had available, I was inspired by your work to try my hand at whipping up a few alternatives of my own. Hope you don't mind if I post what I've got so far. Hoping to eventually get all the logos and kits done.
  9. Doesn't seem to be making any kind of difference, unfortunately. Are the Scotland rules unable to be altered or something? Am I wrong in thinking that there should be existing figures there to change? There's nothing in the rules but in-game the league has set prize money.
  10. Yeah, advanced rules and then money.
  11. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, looking for some help. Changed the TV and prize money for the SPL (Scotland) but when loading up the game I see the original prize money awarded hasn't changed in the rules section. I haven't checked the TV money but I assume those changes didn't work either. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance for the help.
  12. This is exactly what I'm after! Great work, bud. Would you be alright with providing a link, please?
  13. Can I get a screenshot of your skin? Would be interested in you sharing it, if it's similar to what I'm looking for.
  14. Kinda lost with this stuff, never really messed around with the skinning side of the community. Any help would be appreciated. Smaller text Smaller text Flags above country Name plate colour fixed to inside of box Fix cutoff text Reduced height Smaller boxes/bigger trophies I think the stadium panel may look better contained in a box like the rest of the panels as well, instead of the floating title/info. Thanks!
  15. 20+ leagues and top division players loaded from every continent - I think. Tonali is a real person heh. Although he does look like a regen with a hair pack tbf.
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