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  1. I stuggle to get my stiker to score well anybody for that matter, i dominate the game, and lose 1-0 with the attack formation i go 2-0 up then end up drawing 2-2 or losing 3-2
  2. Have you not got pictures of the other teams you have tried it with?
  3. I used a tactic that Knap sent me Via pm today to try out, and although it is set as Control, i dropped it to either Standard or Counter depending on who i was playing. I was in a relegation battle and i looked doomed, this would have been the second relegation from the Prem with Chorley Town. I was heading to being labelled a yo-yo club but thanks to this Tactic. these were the results i managed to put togeather. I had 9 games left and i basically asked my assistant to do the OI's.
  4. Yeah but Man u have not had that issue all season. there have been times when man u should have maybe said lets risk it. but hey im not paid as much as lvg. i agree with the swansea comment. It really up to the manager and the players u have if im honest. If your winning a game i would want to keep the ball. this forces the other team to come looking for it. leaving gaps
  5. u guys only need to look at leicester irl they never dominate posession. but man u do. so that tells us leicester may only have 38 percent but they use it wisely. Man u have 60 to 70 percent and do nothing with it.
  6. Do you have the Download link for them pal, if you don't want to put them in here feel free to Pm them too me.
  7. I've not tried Dam Busters as of yet but i'm thinking about giving it ago, how do i show you the star Rating again i've forgot
  8. Yeah I have found a few decent players for down in the lower leagues, 1)Maddison i very good keeper 2)Ryan Yates CM from Nottingham Forest 3)Otim a striker from Notts Forest. 4) Cory Francis is another new player i signed for this season and he is doing very well for me. 5) I have singed a lot of players but a lot of them are not for my first team at this point in time. 6)There is a leftback called Sunderman i have on loan from Aston Villa, i've just loaned the same players year after year when the teams don't resign them i take them on a free. I pretty much have been looking to the youth players that get let go, and take them, I am pretty much using the same sqaud as i did last season but with a few changes that i had to make as i lost one player. Anybody can feel free to PM me if they want a recommendation for a certain position.
  9. Knap here is an update of me using this tactic, newly promoted to Sky Bet league 2.
  10. Hi Guy's I gave this Tactic a try and for most of the season it worked very well, What i did was use counter attack at home and then standard away from home, i hit a rough spell then changed to Knap's stargazing tactic. But here are a few screen shots of my results and final league standings
  11. I am using this tactic and it was going well until half way through the season. is there any reason why this happens and what can i do to get back on track?
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