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  1. Design a Son Unlockable

    Its pretty stupid that " a player must play for you for this entire time, then retire at your club. " is not part of the text in the achievement I have played 15 seasons now, but I dont have one player that have played there for long, as I didnt think that was necersary and I might as well start over If text space is a problem then make 2-3 achivements, 1: Play 20 years and retire at a club 2: Have a player join you and retire after 20 years 3: Unlock Design a son, complete Achivement 1 and 2
  2. In many of the bids the incentives and money where exactly the same, but then I have another example I have multiple players that I have set a "asking price" of 500+ million, but because I play in Iceland they are only valued at around 50-100 million even though they are world class players, and therefore the other clubs keeps bidding week in and out on several of my players, bidding 10-20% of what I am asking, and no matter how many times I decline with "too low" or indespenceble, they keep on bidding This player, 680 million in asking, all low bids, and they are spamming me all the time with bids, its making the game so annoying, and each bid is in the same 10-20% of asking price Its extra anyoing that 1 season ago I was offered 500-600 million with incentives, but now they are just low all the time, and I have no idear why, but it might be because he is close to full potential (Which is very good) and cant develop any futher
  3. Design a son not activated

    Maybe look ONE post beneath yours? The exact same is mentioned there
  4. So this happens pretty often, a computer controlled club bids some amount, then a few days later they bid the same amount or even lower after the first is rejected Its fair enough they try to bid the same again or lower IF its much later on the timezone (Less time on contract, player is older or player stats decreased) but this example here I provided screenshots of just seems stupid I got the same offer 3 times, 15, 19 and 23 of september At least in this example the bid got higher, but thats not always the case Edit: And on the 27. sep, Dortmund made the exact same bid again Edit2: And now on less than a week later they bid 55 million dkk less (Last attached screenshot) Edit3: Added 2 screenshots of another player which is even worse, going from 355 (6xx potential) to 90m within a relative short timespan
  5. Design a Son Unlockable

    You used holiday I suppose Not sure if you can just keep playing that game and that it just calculates the game time that YOU have been manager and not your assistant manager (He gets the manager of the month when your on holiday) Also not sure if there is a place you can see the time you have been manager
  6. I have 455 million, but the chart shows 5.01 billion on the top end, and if you look at now on the chart I am at about 4 billion, which is very wrong This seems to be the case in every game I play
  7. Cant seem to sign free agent

    Hmm somehow it was entering Existing contract on all players I entered
  8. Not sure how I am supposed to sign this guy, the onl active button is walk away, changing my budget so I have loads in supplus for wages dont do anything Have tried 3 free agents, all the same
  9. If I have a save where I have used holiday at some point, does that completely invalidate the "Design a son" unlock, or are those days just not counted towards the 20 years?
  10. Sure but I have progressed a bit since. Uploading on dropbox as the file limit on the forum is too small for savegames https://www.dropbox.com/s/96prcu0db7t0g97/United2.fmt?dl=0
  11. I think it was like this in FM17, the spinner was at the current day? The current one is a bit confusing as its hard to tell what day it is right now, so I would suggest just moving the spinner onto "today"
  12. He just got injured, says 6-8 month in the top and 5-8 months in the summery in the bottem I would presume those should have the same value
  13. I dont use autosave so on quit (to go from my desktop to laptop) I selected "United2" and it instead saved in my "CreateClubMonaco" The same happened with another save when going from my laptop to desktop, the one I clicked on was unchanged
  14. When creating a club it would be nice to be able to place players on the B team, and not just available for reserves x minutes. Often you buy a 17 year old talent that is not good enough for first team, and they take space on your player list if you have a lot
  15. Year I know, but I end up pressing between the 2 screens to see where the player is on the pitch and what condition he is at