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  1. I started from scratch and deleted everything. I might have had the txt files in the folder instead of the xml, and I think it works now! Thanks for leading me to realize that I was definitely doing something wrong.
  2. Thanks for responding. I downloaded the Real Fixtures that this thread is all about. Then put them in the editor data. Tried to start a new career, I have 19.1.0 database selected. FMI Data Update - December selected. Click advanced setup and add my leagues that I want. Select start of 2018/2019 season. Here is where I would expect to have fixture options. It sets up my league, and I go to the calendar, and yet again, I have fake fixtures, Arsenal starting vs. Everton. I have to be missing a step.
  3. You guys are having way more luck than I am even getting to some of these errors. I have about exhausted everything I can think of. The instructions are: "2) Open the editor file in the database which modifies the nation which you wish to import the leagues for" I have no idea what this means. I have done this in previous games, but I can't get real fixtures in about 10 attempts now. I have the in-game editor enabled. Whenever I try to start a new career using 19.1 I can select leagues, but nowhere do I get the ability to use real fixtures. It constantly just goes to the start page of the career and a fake fixture list. Thanks so much for any patience anyone can give. I feel like a newb.
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