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  1. Super simple. Sometimes if you have some lag or whatever you hit the spacebar too many time and suddenly you're in the middle of an important match and you said nothing to your players. Just a simple warning if you click through a team talk without selecting an option.
  2. Four things: 1) Player exchange is still completely unusable - I don't even understand how it's supposed to work. The AI seems to completely ignore any part exchanged player when bidding for one of theirs. But if you suggest a part exchange player for one of yours they recognise it? Mystifying. 2) Switching from one tactic to another and then back completely ruins the player positions STILL - it's unbearably frustrating. 3) I like how once a clause is set in a bid, it stays there for future bids - more realistic, great! However, if a loan back clause is put in and the player doesn't want to be loaned back, it's impossible to then make a deal happen. 4) The stats and analysis stuff is exquisite. I have a good feeling the full release is gonna be incredible, very excited.
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