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  1. in my save i remember one missed penality
  2. maybe You should be in main menu when you try to upload something i don't know...
  3. Anybody knows the answer for my question?? i'm just promoted to the top division and I want to build new stadium
  4. I see in this forum some threads about 'new stadium bug'...http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/379145-The-new-stadium-bug-has-destoryed-the-game-for-me.-( is it happens always or it's just unluckly??
  5. when I read something like this, I'll start to think we're playing in the other game...
  6. trying to run FLUT14 skin and game stuck... i closed fm by ALT F4 and now i cant run fm, it stuck at black screen, please help me! i cleared chache.. Sorry my english
  7. why if PaulC told last week " we should have update live" now he should tell us how testing going it's simply... but i' have to be ok, i like ME this year but have problems with renew contract with players and i'm stuck in the game... sorry my english
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